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A case of Aged A grape night Ambrosia
Appellation A vine wine Beaune to pick Best cellars
Blanc Body Bottle Bottled sunshine
Bouquet Box clever Case Cask
Celebration Cellar C'est magnifique Chablis treated
Chateau Cheers Chill(ing) out Claret
Classic quality Clear Complete the course Complements
Connoisseur Cool and crisp Corked Cork(ing)
Cork pops out...friends pop in Corkscrew Crisp Crisp combination
Delicious tasting Dinner for two Drink Dry
Dry on the palate, sweet on the pocket Essential blend of Expertly blended Fine
Flavour Flavoursome Flowing France
French polish on the table Fresh Fruity Fruity flavour
Germany Grapes of distinction Grape value for money Guest quality
Harvest Heard on the grapevine Hock Label / best on table
In a glass of its own Intoxicating taste Labelled Label perfection
Launched a Long in the nose, plenty of body Magnificent Medium
Message in the bottle Nectar Nose for Nose what's best
Oak Once opened, unstoppable One swallow makes a summer / party On the Bordeaux line
On the grapevine Open Opening time Palate
Party Perfect bouquet Pick of the bunch Plonk
Popular Pour Pour anywhere Provence of the
Quality Quality seal Quaff Racks
Red Refreshing Reigns when it pours Reserved
Ripe Robust Romance Rose
Rose to the occasion Rouge Sangria Savour the flavour
Schooner Selection Setting the seal Sip
Special occasion Still Superb Sun
Sun drenched grapes Superior wine Sweet Tangy
Taste Taste de-vine Taste of heaven, doesn't cost the Earth Tastes a treat
Tasting The toast is cheers Thirst class honours Thirst aid box
Tipple Tippled pink Toast Transports of delight
Uncorking Undiluted pleasure Until the last drip has gone Vault
Vin de pays Vin de table Vine Vineyard
Vin ordinaire Vino a winner Vino pour favour Vintage
Vintner White Wine Merchant Wine snob

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Appeal / meal / deal Approve / smooth
Beau / Chateau Class / glass
Collection / selection Cork / talk / stalk / stork / fork / walk / chalk / pork / York
Course / endorse Dine / vine / wine / fine / divine
Distinctive / instinctive Dry / high / why / cry / fry / sky / buy / eye / by / fly / try / sigh / reply / supply / apply / July / spy / hi / pry / die / lie / my / pie / tie / why / shy / bye
Flowing / glowing Fruits / roots
Label / table Litre / beater
Liquid asset / appreciation Nose / knows
Offered / accepted Palate / pocket
Perfection / selection Piat d'Or / more / plat du jour / pour / store
Quality / jollity Richer / pourer
Refined / wined / dined Spanish / vanish
Toast / most Unique / magnifique
Vin ordinaire / flaire Wine / fine / vine / line / combine / refine / design / sign / mine / dine / shrine / decline / recline / pine / spine / twine / swine / shine

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A Colman's wine cask makes a great party because...
It's the liquid asset that earns capital appreciation
Parties without Colman's are like knickers without elastic - they fall flat
It's the only 'square' that makes a party swing
It takes the 'cant' out of decanting
Happiness always reigns where Colman's pours
Successful hosts always back it - thus ensuring a good binge and racket
It stays lively till the last drip has gone
This brilliant invention allows surplus retention not to mention its spillage prevention
It's a knock-out with its clever boxing
You just press the button if you want a lift
From the grapevine, you have a great wine on tap
It makes everyone happy, From the VAT man to the Co(a)lman
It's got taste with no waste, and to pour is no chore
Colman's wine on tap puts your party on the map
Right on tap, in handy pack, keeps those connoisseurs coming back
Who needs a lot of bottle, when they've got a lasting cask?
Any time, day or night, red or white
It's easy to store, easy to pour, economical, versatile, success for sure
It's so easy to pour when guests shout for more
My favourite AOC wine is ... because ...
Sauternes ... this luscious treat from noble rot, golden sweet pleasures bring a lot
Chablis ... Uncorking France's liquid treasures, is one of life's undiluted pleasures
Beaujolais ... Steak au Poive and French bread, compliments this wonderful red
Loire ... White and rose, dry and sweet, the Loire's reputation is complete
Rhone ... their complexities unfold upon the tongue, like a flower basking in the sun
Cites de Nuits ... Reasonably priced, for guaranteed quality, seriously fruity with a little frivolity
Cotes de Rhone ... I find it is Smooth Yet Rich And Harmonious on my plate
Beaujolais ... Lunch or formal dinner, light, smooth taste - a certain winner
Champagne ... Champagne's my romantic suggestion, to 'fizzically' help pop the question
Champagne ... Bubbles pop, taste buds flow, I always get that extra special glow
Bordeaux ... Family lunch or romantic liaison, these versatile wines enhance the occasion
I'd like to wine and dine in Beaujolais because…
That is all is required to make my husband 'Beau' and me 'Jolly'
Enchanting surroundings in which to discover, that one sip of Beaujolais leads to another
Fantastic food, wonderful wine, thanks to Tesco and La Bareille, these could be mine
Their traditional hospitality is number one - so roll out 'La Bareille' for incomparable fun
The miracle of the Gamay vine, Beaujolais mountains covered with pine, La Bareille, Fleurie, Chenas - divine
I like Club Royal because…
It's delicious to drink, fresh and fruity, like Andalucia's astounding beauty
I chose Janneau tradition because...
Like Cyrano de Bergerac, it has a great nose and plenty of panache!
I would recommend Buzet to be served with...
Steak au Poivre, served quite rare would compliment a wine so fair
I would recommend Somerfield Valpolicella to be served with...
Veneto sausage and Italian bread, compliment Somerfield's softest red
Rosemont Estate wines are natural winners because...
The grapes may be crushed, but the quality's never beaten!
ASDA and Domaine Boyar are a winning combination because...
Domaine reason to Boyar wine Asda be corking good value
Better vins, less du Pays
Perfect quality is superbly presented, leaving palates pleased and pockets contented
Varietal wines whose flavour entices: fragrantly fruity at Asda prices
Candlelit supper? Family Invasion? Asda's Domaine Boyar make the occasion!
Every opening ceremony is followed by a gold-medal performance
I drive to one and drink to the other
They let quality flow while keeping a cork on price
To be specific, they're both terrific
Romantic dinner, party invasion? This duo provide for every occasion
Savings at Asda's till means more Domaine Boyar to swill
When pressed, both admit to being 'pick of the bunch'
I would love to see the real Spain because…
In white-washed bars, with gypsy guitars, I'd sip Montilla, under the stars
My tasting note is for…
Stamps of Australia Shiraz Cabemet Sauvignon: A warm friendly wine, 
very fruity, smooth, well balanced with a lovely mouth feel - unbeatable value
Jacob's Creek is Australia's top selling wine because…
It knocks the competition into a ‘corked' hat!
It packs the right punch - it's a knock out!
They are the brightest red and white stars in the Southern sky
They nose a good wine when they see it
Grape expectations and Adelaide sun, have made Jacobs Creek number one
It's worlds apart, but its whirled our heart
Aussi 'grape' minds think 'I like'
Youthful exuberance, confident nose, oodles of black cherries, blackberries and sloes
I've tried others but 'dingo' much on them
No ‘pom'posity or pretence, just delicious wine for less expense
There is nothing Mickey Mouse about the wine from this Orlando
Australians don't have to dig deep to find berried treasure
When choosing wine from any batch, Jacob's Creek wins this test match
It's a ‘case' of the best, outshining the rest!
It is like a first love - to be indulged and never forgotten
Orlando wines always guarantee, the finest new world's ‘oz-pitality'
Jacobs is superior when viewed from any vintage point
From starters through to cheeses - it's ‘oz-pitality’ always pleases
It's the proof that Australian rules - O.K
From humble beginnings to household name, its quality still exceeds its fame
It has enchanted 'the gizzard of oz'
It can be savoured today or saved for tomorrow
A fab original in teutonic tradition, a classic vintage in honoured position
Even if you stand on your head, you can't beat Jacob's creek
Every pour is 'amor' and more
It wins the test, how's that? Because it always scores best
This is the true amber nectar
Who wants 'spring' water when you can have 'creek' water
Once sipped, Jacob's creek drinkers enjoy 'many happy returns'!
It's the brightest star in the cellar system
It's got the taste and flair - it's no vin ordinaire
Sainsbury's has age, Jacob's has youth, together top value, always the truth
Old Johann knew his 'grapes'
Barossa's vin extra-ordinaire has Matildas waltzing everywhere
White or red -it is so well bred!
Wine lovers have fallen for it - look, line and liquor
No wineing just good taste
Its clean bold taste wins ‘taste matches' all over the world!
It's acclaimed the winner by the whole 'wine' world!
Aussie wine lovers 'nose' best
We love it here, they love it there, it tastes sensational anywhere
Its exquisite flavour makes conversation just pour out
Anything else my koala can't beat it and my euclyptus leaves!
One taste opens up a whole new world
Its consistent quality and value, knocks the opposition into a corked hat!
Adelaide adores it, Victoria values it, Sydney swigs it, everyone favours it
The whole world drinks to the wine from the creek
Easy to remember the name - impossible to forget the wine!
Every tongue appreciates good taste
This bottled Aussie sun, is synonymous with fun
Discerning drinkers everywhere, keep up the call 'down the Jacob's Creek'!
It conjures up a big surprise - your taste buds singing 'sun arise'
Its flavour waltzes ma... tastebuds!
It's the brightest ‘star' in their 'cellar' system!
Easy price to swallow, with a beaut taste to follow!
Sip sip hooray Orlando's made my day
Their degree of success merit thirst glass honours
On sea or land, Oz's case turns into a liquid asset
Orlando estate cultivate, a top rate taste to 'cellarbrate'
Of all the wines that travel West, it is undoubtedly the best
A lovely wine - O what a beaut, 12% and full of fruit!
As the cork pops out.. your friends pop in
It's a prize winning quencher, remove the cork, release the adventure
Competitors are 'creeking' under the strains, of matching the quality Jacob's maintains
For this 'fair dinkum' cry blue, Adelaide down my boomerang and didgeridoo!
It's undeniably divine - JC works miracles with wine!
From Ayres rock to the MCG, Bruce and Sheila love the qual-i-ty
Uncorking this liquid treasure, gives undiluted pleasure
All wine drinkers like to sip into something special
A glass in the hand is worth two in the bush!
It travels well, especially downwards!
They serve a better grape in better shape
The top cabernet has the support of Australia
One swallow makes the summer
Vibrant whites - red with clout, friends pour in as Jacob's pours out
A world away from gRhone and gRhines, sip pure sunshine and unwind
A superb taste of sunny 'Oz' - 'wizard' wine if ever there was!
After one swallow, you know it sets standards for others to follow
Perfectionists 'follow the mellow rich nose' to the wonderful wizard of 'Oz'
In just two decades, the world has gone 'right up the creek'!
A harvest of quality and experience lies under the label
It qualifies for 'thirst glass' honours
Up the creek, down the hatch, Orlando wine is best of batch
I don't know - it's all creek to me
Kanga - you find me a better one?
Years of expertise put Jacob's Creek in a glass of its own
After the sheep dip, Aussies seek the unique 'creek' sip!
Jacob's Creek is the Ayres Rock of Australian wines - spectacularly outstanding
It sets the standard that never flags
The creek never dries up at Jacob's
Grape minds think ‘I like'!
Australia 'nose' the best
News flashes along the vine - struck gold in 'Jacob's Creek' - prospecting wine
What's better when the whole world's on top of you!
It's the one creek we love to run dry!
Sydney harbours it, case after case, Alice Springs eagerly to his place
When you've tasted the best, no other wine will didgeridoo
It has great 'secs' appeal
Every drop is right on song, perfect for a tiddley pom!
It never rains in Jacob's Creek, but it pours around the world
Delectable flavour, worth its salt's, how Matilda came to waltz!
It tastes wizard down yer gizzard!
Quality, range, superior taste, to Sainsbury's 'many happy returns'
When 'neighbours' call expecting a sip, Jacob' provides your wine upmanship
Aussie sun grows fruit so fine, producing this 'koala-ty' wine
Jacob's 'creek' until they're really 'well oiled'!
No self respecting boomerang would come back for anything else!
I heard it on the grapevine - 'the message is in! bottle'
It is born in Jacob's creek and raised in glasses everywhere
Celebrating or drinks off the cuff - one glass is not enough.
One good wine reserves another
It gives you a 'buzz' and makes the world look rosy
The Jacob's creek cru gives the kangar its OO!
It's an aussie corker to pop the tops!
It's not outback - it's in front!
By dingo, dis vine is fair dinkum
Sunshine travels so well in a bottle of Jacob's
It's more toothsome than a crocodile's mouth - Australians 'snap' it up!
It put the Waltz in Matilda
Thirst come - thirst served - thirst class!
It's turned up to be wines finest wonder, from down under
It's in front 'out back'!
The grapes may be crushed, but the quality’s never beaten
It's a 'case' of impeccably 'vine' wine!
As the sun comes up, Jacob's creek goes down
My favourite Hardy's wine is…..because…
Stamps of Australia Semillion Chardonnay – this delicious wine 'bears' the 'stamp'
I would recommend Somerfield Italian Valpolicella to be served with…
Bistecca alla fiorentina, moonlight and a signorina
Tesco Italian wines and the magic of Italy go hand in hand because…
For vintage holidays in classic style, Italian Magic wins by a mile
Wines of distinction within my means, and enchanting travel beyond my dreams
Perfect partners, favourites of mine - they conjure up tasteful holidays and wine
Both give fine flavour, for the discerning to savour
Each destination is a vintage sensation
Connoisseurs rely on their selection, raising glasses to perfection
I would recommend Somerfield Italian Valpolicella to be served with…
A saucy Italian lasagne sensation, together they deserve a standing ovation
I'd like to relax in Tuscany with Liquorsave because…
Vino, pizza, pasta, Pisa, make me smile like Mona Lisa
I would recommend Somerfield Valoplicella to be served with…
Veneto sausage and Italian bread, compliment Somerfield's softest red
A glass of Montilla wine would make my Spanish weekend because…
Madrid's attractions and authentic wine, together ensure a wonderful time
I would recommend Somerfield Rioja Tinto to be served with…
Arousing oles, a family fiesta, a perfect paella and a short siesta
I would love to see the real Spain because…
In white-washed bars, with gypsy guitars, I'd sip Montilla, under the stars
What I most enjoy about Californian Wines is…
It's Classical Aromatic, Lively, Invigorating, Fruity, Often Romantic, Never Insignificant, Always Nice
Tasting the results of a dream summer
It shows its class from the grave to the glass
By itself or with a meal, Californian wine has drink appeal
Old World quality with New World zing
Drinking the golden valley sunshine of California
The big sun taste from the big sun state
It tastes nice and sunny and is 'grape' value for money
From simple meals to festive treats, Californian wines cannot be beat
Every bottle brings its guarantee, a perfection of consistency
Californian wine so tasty and fine is delicious, desirable, divine
It makes every occasion a celebration
Its super sunny - fresh and fruity flavour
It is nectar based, sunshine laced, always appealing to my good taste.
With weather so stable, it's great on the table
It tastes like California itself bright, fresh, enjoyable - it makes everyone cheerful
Quality, variety, value, excellent fruit, buttery oak Chardonnays, spicy Zinfandels
The golden glow from the golden state
Its vibrant American warmth with no hint of brashness
The sunshine shows through in it's fruitiness
They combine sun, warmth, confidence and skill to give quality and value
You can taste the sunshine and the atmosphere
Good fruit, good nose, nice length, quiet doze
It's a wine that entices at irresistible prices
American fruits plus Californian sun, equals unique taste and star-spangled fun
Its flavour, character and sunshine zing
The sunshine taste in the bottle
The sunshine taste from the sunshine state
Its full bodied Fruity flavour which makes it a drink to savour
It tastes fresh and fruity, oozing sunshine and California's beauty
Its fruity full bodied flavour, good value I can often savour
A flavour to savour at a price that is nice.
Sun drenched grapes, straight from the vine, produce a wine so divine
It's the sunshine state that makes the wine so great
Consistent quality, vintage perfection, my choice at Sainsbury's without exception
With every sip the sun shines through
The taste of liquid sunshine in a glass
Its ripe berry taste - that's class in the glass
They are as bright and sunny as the Californian sunshine
California's Appealing Luscious Intoxicating Favours Of Real Note In All Nearby Sainsbury's
The wine from Monterey really makes my day
It tastes a treat, dry or sweet, at a price that's neat
It makes me feel great in this Californian state
Quaffing wines so much superior, they bring a glow to my interior
The brisk, fresh, taste reminiscent of the vitality of the golden state
The way it compliments each place and conjures up a golden state
It is the toast of the West Coast, mellowed in the sun
Rouge, rose or blanc - it's the sunniest plunk'
It puts one in a sunny state
You can taste the sunshine
Party time or romantic dinner it never fails to be a winner
The clean fresh fruit burst of sunshine in every lingering sip
Red or white, smooth and clean, surely it's the American dream
The flavour, that's it's forte - with a body that's decidedly naughty
One swallow makes a summer
It's divinely fresh, deliciously fruity and distinctly user-friendly
No pretension, no pomposity, just sheer taste generosity
The taste, the body, the sunshine - the Californian dream
It brings the taste of Californian sunshine to your glass
The quality taste of sunshine in a bottle
From the way out west, the taste and flavour is the best
Tasting this liquid sun, what pleasure, makes every bottle such a treasure
That fruity warmth of the west, so no need for your vest
It's Crisp, Appetising, Luscious, Innovative, Full-bodied, Outstanding, Rounded, Notable, Inviting and Avant garde
Party, lunch, formal dinner, rich smooth taste, certain winner
It pampers the palate, mellows the mood, and compliments almost any food
The combination of Old World promise with New World zest
It epitomises all the vitality glamour and sunshine of the New World
I can taste the fruit and the sunshine
Versatile wine, almost a steal, on its own or with any meal
You can taste the sunshine in every glass
Californian Sun grows fruit so fine, they produce the most superior wine
It puts you in the Sunshine State
Whether rose, white or red, tasting proves it's well bred
The golden state wine experience in every glass
Distinctive character rich in flavour and premium quality
Their distinctive fresh taste great flavours from a great state
Every mouthful glows as gold as California sunshine
Their quality, elegant balance and full fruit flavours and value for money
Full of flavour, sun and fun
The taste of bottled sunshine
The taste of sunshine
The new world verve and sunshine combining with traditional grape varieties
The golden sun shines through every delicious glassful
Fullness of flavour, a fruitiness to savour, from the sunshine state
With every glass the memory of the West Coast hospitality returns
Fragrant, delicate distinctive nose, but impossible to capture in short prose
The taste of liquid sunshine
It's Charming And Lively Invariably Fruity Or Robust, Nicely Inexpensive - Absolute Nectar
Golden sunshine and Pacific zest sparkle in every glass
The taste of liquid sunshine in every glass
The good value all American sunshine taste - second to none
Native Zinfandel - intense berry flavour, buttery Chardonnay, so perfect to savour
Forget Francais, Deutchland and Yugoslavia, the best value wines come from California
The West Coast flavour at a price to savour
The taste of the golden sunshine
It's Charming, Aromatic, Light, Innovative, Fruity, Original, Refreshing, Nectar, Inexpensive And News!
Sipping the sunshine
Weddings and Mateus Rose are the perfect match because...
It's for richer, for pourer, for better, for thirst 
Bridegroom sparkling with pride, rose for the bridesmaids, white for the bride
Of the pearl bottle, the gold label and the diamond sparkle 

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