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A blend indeed ... Friend in need Aim for All Whyte on the night Amber
Appreciate Ask us not why, ask usquebaugh Bag your bird Barrel
Beat about the bush Best cellar Best in every case Birdie
Bird in the hand Blended Blend of the day Bottle
'Brace' of Grouse Breaking the ice Can't beat this grouse Cellar
Chaser Cheers the spirit Chink Clink
Class Classic Clear heads call for Content
De'canter' Delicious Discerning Di'still'inguished
Distill the best Distinctive Distinction Double
Double lion Double pleasure Down 'Down' the Grouse
Dram 'Dram'atic Drams / dreams Drop
Excellence Fame Famous Feathered friend
Feather in your cap Feather your nest Finest of the species Finger(s)
Fire water First over the bar Flight of fancy Friends
Gallop 'Game' bird, set and match Game for Glass
Glen Glorious Gold(en) Gold in the hills / stills
Golden heritage Golden glow Grain Gravity...another drop
Great masterpiece Grouse Grouse beaters Grouse season / glorious 13th
Guest quality Hatched Health Heritage
High flier Highland Highland dew Highland masterpiece
Holiday spirit Ice In the wings In the rough...the smooth
In the woods Intelligence north of the border Keep your 'stock' high Kept in bars, sold in ounces
Liquid gold Little bird told me Long Long and short of it
Long for Lowland Malt Man's best blend
Master Mature Maturity Measure
Measure of content Measure of perfection Measures up Mellow
Mellow as moonlight Mixed or neat, hard to beat Mixer fixer Monach of the glen
Moonshine Moor 'Moor'ish Mountain's dew anytime
Neat Neatly done North(ern) Nothing to add On continental shelf
On the rocks 'Open' season Optic'ally smooth Palate
Peat Pecking order Perfection Pour
Pure Purity Put others to flight Quality
Rare bird Rare species Real Real Mackay
Rising 'bar'ometer Scot Scotch Scotch mist
Scotch the opposition Scotland Scottish Set your sights
Short Short answer for Single Singular
Singular obsession Sink Sip Sip into something special
Skill Smooth Smooth as a swallow Soft
Spirited Spirit of Scotland/ the Highlands / the wild / the North Spirit away Still
'Still' the best Style Supreme Taste
The malt the merrier The right spirit Thirst class honours Toast
To the last drop Traditional Treasure in a measure Trip the Whyte fantastic
Tumbler Up with the lark / to bed with the Grouse Upholding Vaults
Warm(ing) Water of life Wed in the wood Welcome
Welcome spirit in the house Wet in cabinet We've Barley started Whyte up my street
Wild Wild spirit Winning spirit  

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Aged / guaged / assuaged Appeal / seal
Bar / par / star Bourbon / soon / gone
Brand / hand / grand Cheers / peers
Class / glass Cream / supreme
Creation / innovation Distinctive / instinctive
Double / trouble Downed / round / renowned
Drink / think Ecstatic / dramatic
Elusive / exclusive Glen / men
Good / wood / should Grain / again / men of Tain
Guessed / guest Haig / vague
Heather / whether / weather Hills / stills / skills / tills
Ice / paradise Ilk / silk
Interior / superior Laced / taste
Leisure / measure / pleasure / treasure Local / vocal
Malts / vaults Maturity / purity
Moor / more Name / game / fame
Neat / treat / complete / compete Nice / twice / ice
On-rocks / sunk Perfect (ion) / select (ion)
Preference / reference Rye / why / buy
Season / reason Spouse / grouse / house
Unhurried / unflurried Whisky / frisky / risky

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I prefer Isle of Skye because…
It's a taste of heaven that doesn't cost the earth
I want to sit on a fat-boy because…
It's America's finest, just like Jim Beam my bourbon - why settle on anything less
I think Baileys Irish Cream would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
One part whisky 'n' two parts Emerald Isle, add Baileys and pour out a smile
I think Bells 8 year old Scotch Whisky would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Family invasions or cosy liaisons, Bells is best for all occasions
I would like to be photographed with a bottle of Black Label Scotch Whisky in/at/on…
Toasting Black Bottle has no peers, still the finest whisky after a hundred years
My ideal occasion for drinking Bushmills Malt Whisky would be...
Romantic evenings, blissfully Bushmilling, relishing the results of triple distilling
My ideal occasion for drinking Co-op Malt Whisky would be...
The Tattoo - it cannot be 'beat', for a smooth retreat
I prefer to buy my Glenmorangie at Victoria Wine because...
Glenmorangie - the malt to treasure! Victoria's staff make its purchase a pleasure
With Whyte & Mackay breaking the ice, each schooner led to paradise
I trip the light fantastic when I try the real Mackay
Those two lions in each measure brought loud roars of double pleasure
White Horse Scotch whisky and racing go together like...
Derby and June
Champion Chasers
A Classic Double
Spirit and Dash
I would most like to visit …….distilllery….
It's a taste of heaven that doesn't cost the Earth
When it comes to whiskey, reach for the Skye
Smoothly rounded, slightly dry, wife loves it, so do I
My husband would enjoy being in his spiritual home
I enjoy its smokey flavour which would 'still' remain
It is set like a jewel in the Highland heart
It is the home of Islay's gentle giant
I would like to observe the distillation of perfection
It is highly situated - the malt is highly appreciated
Between Earth and Skye there isn't a better dram
It would be the honeyed highlight of a highland holiday
No bridge is too far, for a tot of Talisker

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