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Affiance  Alliance  Altar Anniversary 
Band of gold  Banns  Best man  Betrothal 
Blushing bride  Breakfast  Bride  Bridesmaid 
Church  Confetti  Conjugal knot  Disco 
Elope  Engagement  Feast  Fiance(e) 
For better, for thirst  For richer, for pourer  Getting hitched  Getting spliced 
Gretna Green  Groom  Happy ever after  Hen night 
Honeymoon  Horse driven carriage  Horseshoe  I do 
In laws  Joy  Maid of honour  Man and wife 
Marriage lines  Match  Matrimony  Matron 
Newlywed  Nuptials  Partnership  Plight ones troth 
Reception  Registry office  Repent at leisure  Ring 
Say ‘I do’  Shotgun wedding  Something blue  Something borrowed 
Something new   Something old  Speech  Stag night 
Sweep  Tie the knot  Till death us do part  Toast 
Train  Tying the knot  Union  Vows 
Walk down the aisle  Wedded bliss  Wedding bells  Wedding march 
Wedding ring  Wedlock  White wedding   

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Love / above / dove / glove  Marriage / carriage 
Reception / exception  Romance / dance / trance / chance / balance / france / guidance / abundance / elegance / glance / entrance / importance / fragrance 
 Toast / most  

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 Why have you chosen your wedding stationery from W.H.Smith…
Choosing your wedding invites isn't hard, with traditional, romantic and avant garde, take them home and select at leisure, Smiths make wedding plans a pleasure
 Why did you choose your personalised wedding stationery from the new WH Smith range?
 Sick little bridesmaid, ripped my train. Crying mother, down comes the rain. One thing is perfect, just right for me. My pretty, romantic Smith’s stationery
 Why would you like to win a romantic wedding in Savannah USA…
 Savannah for us has been out of reach, but please make my lady a Georgia peach! 
 I chose Collisons stationery for my wedding because…
Collinsons White Lace Stationery Collection has far superior range and selection
Each prestigious range is exclusively designed, with quality, style and value in mind
The style's unique, the range is new, just ‘write’ for us, to say "I do"!
Collinsons leave all other stationery, stationary
Collinsons provide a stylish way to put into words my special day
Decided on a highland wedding, traditionally 'Scottish' was the heading, nothing better than your 'Legends', telling folk we were pledgin
I found the neat carry home pack so easy to carry, with wonderful stylish designs for when I marry
I trust them to announce my special day, in their own tasteful and stylish way
Sophisticated Elegance and Romantic flair, just the right start for us, the perfect pair
I prefer the quality of BASF tapes because... 
After the wedding, and without exception, they guarantee the finest reception
Weddings and Mateus Rose are the perfect match because...
It's for richer, for pourer, for better, for thirst 
Bridegroom sparkling with pride, rose for the bridesmaids, white for the bride
Of the pearl bottle, the gold label and the diamond sparkle 

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