Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Advance technology All pegged out Automatic Automatic choice
Automatic winner Awash with Banish washday blues Black
Bleach Bright and breezy Bright white Bright
Brilliant Brilliantly clean Caring Challenge
Clean finish Clean sweep Clean up Clean out pockets
Clean Cleanest Cleaning power Cleans up on
Cleanse Clear Clear action Clothes
Colour fast Concentrated Condition Convenient
Cool degrees Country fresh Crease Dazzling
Deep down cleaning Detergent(s) Dirty Disinfectant
Drum Dry Dryer Drying's a breeze
Dust Ease Easy to use Effective
Efficient feature Environmentally green Ex-static Feel
Fibres Fresh Freshness Filth
Flat Fragrant Fresh air Gentle
Germs Get clean away Gleam Glowing in the wind
Grease Green Grime Grime doesn't pay
Hang Heaven scent Improved action In the pink
Incredibly soft Ingrained dirt Iron Large family washes
Laundry Leave / Lever Leaves no marks Lightness
Lines Liquid Load Loads of bargains
Luxury Mangle Material things Meadow sweet
Micro powered Muck Muddy No waste
Non iron Odour Outdoor feel Outdoor fresh
Packet Pegs Perfect Pong
Powder Price pegging Program Programmed to
Pure Put to the test Quick on the mark Rainy days
Reliable Removes soil Results Rinse
Rubbish Run Satisfaction Scour
Scrub Sheen Sheets ahead Shifts dirt
Shine Showers Smell Smells sweet
Sniff Soak Soap Soft soap
Soiled Solution to Sparkle Sparkling clean
Spin Spotless Spring freshness Spruce
Squirt Stain free Stain Static prices
Steep Stink Summer all year Take to the cleaners
Technology Tickled pink Tidy Tough on dirt
Tumble Unblemished United in whiteness Value on every line
Vanish Vanishing action Warmth Wash
Washday a breeze Washday blues Washday Washer
Washing machine Waste Water Weather it be
White (s) Whiteness Whiter shade of pale Whiter than white
Winning line      

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Action / satisfaction Aroma / roamer / coma / diploma
Attempt / dispensed Bleach / each / reach / leech / speech / breach / teach / preach / beach / peach / screech
Bright / light / might / right / tight / height / sight / slight / plight / fight / delight / flight / night / fright / bite / mite / ignite / satellite / kite / white / polite / dynamite / unite spite / write / site / quite Clean / gleam / team / lean / bean / glean / mean / wean / been / seen / green / keen / mean / preen / screen / sheen / queen / teen / between / umpteen
Dirt / flirt / shirt / hurt / skirt / convert / desert / expert / squirt / spurt / divert / avert / assert / insert / expert / cert / concert / alert Drier / higher / hire / buyer / fire / inspire / flyer / friar / sire / supplier / occupier / dire / liar / wire / mire / admire / umpire / spire / inspire / conspire / respire / desire / retire / attire / inquire / acquire / require /
Fresh / refresh / afresh / mesh / flesh Grime / crime / shine
Odour / soda / decoder / loader / pagoda Pure / boar / bore / adore / ore / oar / four / lure / cure / secure / obscure / score / sure / insure / mature / encore / more / galore / before / pour / store / core / fore / chore / shore / implore / snore / pore /soar / sore / tore / tour / roar / your / floor / door / moor
Scrub / rub / drub / tub / snub / dub / cub / hub / pub / club / grub / stub / sub / cherub Shine / fine / line / vine / combine / refine / design / sign / mine / dine / shrine / decline / recline / pine / spine /twine / swine / wine
Smell / quell / shell / well / fell / sell / tell /hell / bell / spell / dwell / swell / yell / gel Stain / chain / pain / strain / brain / Seine / sane / gain / complain / main / rain / drain / grain / sprain / train / detain / contain / plane / lane / cane / dane / mane / insane

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Safeway has everything I look for in a store because...
Their service sparkles, prices gleam, friendliness shines, everything clean: what a team
They "Lever" nothing to chance all can be found at merely a glance
I can clean up and leave the store cheered up
Their prices never take me to the cleaners
Safeway's courteous staff work like beavers to help and sell ace brands like Levers
You're always guaranteed the best at Safeway's because...
With freshness and choice quite dramatic, Safeway means value automatic
On their reputation there is no stain so it's automatic that shoppers don't complain
I would like to vanish away in a VW polo because ...
I'm tickled pink with this vanishing action, no apologies for my complete satisfaction
The Team England needs Ariel because…
This combination takes some beating, against them there's no competing
When paired together we'll go hell for leather
Against pros or beginners they're automatic winners
It helps them clean up at the back and sparkle at the front
Like all winners it has a strong, clean finish
The cleaner the strip the longer the trip
Their goals are both the same, a clean sweep their main aim
It always gets a brilliant result
You can't match it and you won't beat it
With spotless kit we never get beat, always keeping a clean sheet
One dazzling performance deserves another
Supporters get the perfect view of team colours bright and true
It will tackle dirt and grime, without the need for extra time
Clean strip would be vital, when we strip Brazil of the title
It sets standards rivals can't follow
Both have line-ups unsurpassed, and all opposition is outclassed
They are pros not beginners, fast favourites, clean winners
They ensure the red, white and blue, last all summer through
Whatever the challenge, whatever the grime, spotless results time after time
Both have one goal in mind to leave opponents way behind
When put to the test it beats the rest
With innovation, economy and flair, they achieve striking results beyond compare
Football fanatics across the land are united supporters of this winning brand
A wash with efficiency gives striking proficiency
Their world beating blitz needs the smartest of kits
I would use the new Rollerball for deep down cleaning because…
Applied before putting into machine, laundry comes out spotlessly clean
Concentrated powder applied with ease, no hard scrubbing or fabric tease
Easy to use, no waste, no spills, outstanding performance with rollerball's skills
In one easy stroke it dissolves the need to scrub and soak
It's the one ball that guarantees this goalkeeper a clean sheet
A ball to roll means more control and deeper cleaning overall
A simple solution, handy and neat, makes rubbing and scrubbing obsolete
Cleaning power evenly dispensed means spotless clothes at the first attempt
Push a button, roll the ball, clean white washing will enthrall
Rolling on liquid where required means scrubbing brush is now retired
Ariel Futur Liquid and Mothercare are a winning combination because…
Time after time in the machine, Liz's designs are still looking pristine
Daz adds power to my wash because...
It adds ohm to the foam, lowering what grime resistance remains
I would like to win a Seat Cordoba car because...
Car of the future - awash with technology - ‘A-riel’ ‘Giant’ in driving ecology
Stylish, handsome, safe and true - if only Seat made men too!
Superb performance, designed with style, my ‘Future’s’ bright mile after mile
I would like to Vanish away in a VW Polo because….
I’m tickled pink with this vanishing action, no apologies for my complete satisfaction
I'm in the pink with Vanish because…
I'm driving the car of the future today, as Vanish drives those stains away
Like Lady Macbeth, I cursed that damn spot, added some Vanish, it shifted the lot
Since Vanish became my 'partner in grime', we've made 'clean getaways' every time
'Motor’vated by the claim, I KAnnot resist letting Vanish take the strain
'Spotting' the difference, KA'nt be ignored, stains all Vanish while colour's restored
A powerful 'pink' me up, hard to beat, Vanish puts me in the driving seat
A safe stain remover for my clothing collection, Vanish - the very pink of perfection
Applying 'car’ful attention to dirt, stains, pollution, Vanish and KA 'appear' the perfect solution
As the 'driving force' in my washing machine, it removes stains and keeps clothes clean
Be it pink or white, heavy or light, Vanish In-Wash gets it bright
Concentrated power forces the grime to retreat, renders scrubbing brush obsolete
Either colours or whites, if there's a stain to banish, think pink- think Vanish
EureKA, what a find, Vanish has taken a load off my mind
Everything's looking rosy with a KAleidscope of Spotless colours and pink KAmations for me
Flushed with success and a spotless reputation, at affordable prices Vanish wins an ovation
For a guaranteed winning line, forget the lottery; it's Vanish each time
For stain removal second to none, Vanish it and it's going, going, gone
For stained coloured or white, whatever my plight, Vanish is my washday pink knight
For stains and marks the best by far- did it remove the R from Kar?
Forget the jewellery chocolates and mink, this gentle giant frees me from the sink
High and low I searched in vain, yes it's gone, there is no
I 'car'n’t afford to scrub my gear 'tyre’lessly
I Banish stains and ground in dirt, with this new In ­Wash - a snow white shirt
I blush with pride knowing stubborn stains just KAn't hide
I can see clearly now the stains are gone
I get stain release, without elbow grease
I let vanish take the strain, sorry stain
I live alone in a Vanish packet, please send me a KA, bouquet and straight jacket!
I'm shocked pinker than any flower, by Vanish's stain removal power
It 'drives' stains out, keeps colours true its disappearing act is af'ford'able too
It 'wheelie' does spruce up your gear, clothes come up roses when Vanish is near
It drives out stubborn stains without delay; leaving me free for a clean get-away
It makes all our colours pure, Vanish surely is the cure
It removes stains as if by magic, knowing it's safe on delicate fabric
It's ingrained in my brain, it's the best for stains
It's not harsh or abrasive, just softly persuasive
It's strong, unbeatable, reliable and true, if only Vanish made men too!
It's the pink of perfection for wash- selection
It's the truth without a doubt, there's no stain it KAnt get out
Its rosy glow malts my laundry so bright, no more rewashing, just spotless delights
Its safe cleaning power makes clothes look new, so on your weight!
Kids and ketchup, hubby and oil, feet up, no more toil
Life's looking rosy with clothes stain-free, Vanish makes washing loads easier for me
Like Barbara KArtland, romance queen, Vanish keeps me squeaky clean
Motorvated by stains and grime, Vanish works wonders time after time
New Vanish has got the formula cracked, the rest can't do the disappearing act
No more frantic scrubbing in sink, with Vanish in-wash products, I'm tickled pink
No prewash, rewash, fuss or mess, gentle and easy it does the job best
Performance and value mean a great deal, but the KA would be a stainless steal
Pink is the colour; Vanish is the flame, my washing's spotless, stain busting is its game
Pink is the colour; Vanish is the name, winning stain removal, I'm in the game
Powder and liquid attack ground-in grime, stains get Karried away every time
Quality, economy, power and precision, makes washday with Vanish an easy decision
Responsive to lifestyles and stains of today Vanish is super-efficient in every way
Seldom seen clothes so clean, until I put Vanish in my machine
Stains all gone, I'm blushing with pride, more leisure time to go for a ride
Stains and marks get clean away when I put wheels in motion the Vanish way
Stains are 'driven'out, grime – not a trace, I rest my case
Stains are banished, washing's clean, life for me is such a dream
Stains did a disappearing act, Vanish had tile magic others lacked
Stains disappear with a little immersion, I'm pink with pleasure, not red with exertion
Stubborn stains dramatically disappear, but whites remain bright and colours clear
Stubborn stains KAnt 'make me blue
Super Vanish and the superb Ford KA - could even knock spots off a Jaguar
Superb results achieved with ease, thanks to Vanish expertise
The big pink grime buster, saves my shirt from being a duster
The family 'KA'hoots and cheers, 'cos with stain free clothes they're in 'The Gear'
The stain-removing in-KA-nation, guarantees transformation, 
effortless shifting grime, my gentle giant at washing time
The stains have gone, my whites are white, the washing's done clean, fresh and bright
The washing's done, life looks rosy, disappearing in the KA, oh so posey
The whites are bright, the colours glow, Sainsbury's keep the prices low
There's no illusion when stains disappear, my Vanish is magic, that's perfectly clear
There's no stain left unturned at the scene of the grime.
Those stubborn stains that made me feel miffed, like Ford's nippy KA, Vanish can shift
Two little children - all that grime, trust Vanish to make it disappear every time
Vanish does the dirty time after time, showing the red KArd to stains and grime
Vanish drives out stains every day while me and my KA get dean away
Vanish drives out stains made every day while Ford's KA gets clean away
Vanish has zero tolerance for grime and any stain, they lose, I gain
Vanish is affordable, fast, flowery; fresh, stains are KA-put, first time success
Vanish miraculously gets into gear, accelerating making stains disappear
Vanish performance second to none, just like the KA, my number one
Vanish quickly made me a fan, washing everything 'spick' in a really short 'span'
Vanish shifts like no other can, keeps my laundry 'spink and span'
Washday blues are a thing of the past, a bright new future is forKAst
Washday blues just disappear - AbraKAdabra
Washday blues no longer exist, now Vanish is top of my shopping list
Whatever my gear, stains disappear- just like the KA, it's superior by far
Whatever the challenge, if soiling remains, with my Vanishing treatment, it's kaput stains
Whatever the challenge, whatever the grime, it’s the perfect finish every time
Whatever the challenge, whatever the grime, that stain just Vanishes every time
When driving my KA, the cares of the day, like my stains melt away
When stubborn stains threaten your KA-ma, a touch of Vanish makes light of the drama
Whichever Vanish product I choose, it's tough on stains but easy to me
Whites are whiter, colours are brighter, just adding vanish makes my wash load lighter
Whites are whiter, colours blazing, the difference with Vanish is truly amazing
Whites look phenomenal, staining has gone, outlay is nominal, colours live on
With brilliant whites in my spinner, I'm motorvated to drive a winner
With no more stains to worry about, we enjoy our life getting out and about
With stain removal that KAn't be beat, Vanish puts me in the driving seat
You KAn't go wrong - even on colours, effortless cleaning, less work for us mothers
Ariel and Smart car go together because…
No pollution, no washday blues, this pair are easy to use
Smoothly into spaces others fear, I can confidently alight in spotless gear
I would like to win a Creda washing machine in Somerfield/Gateway because…
A Creda washer cuts energy bills, Somerfield savings are at the tills
A wash with economy and Creda efficiency, Ariel cleaning with 'dazzling' proficiency
Creda's brilliant cascading innovation, compliments of Somerfield, a magic combination
Saving energy, saving pence. Gateway and Creda make common sense

Somerfield teamed with Creda technology, saves on cash, supports ecology

I would like to win a Tricity Bendix washing machine with Somerfield because…
Awash with great qualities, this outstanding pair, clean up on consumer care
Choice, reliability and efficiency, add up to overall proficiency
Chores turn to applause, once you open their doors
From dolly tub and mangle, no denying the experience would be electrifying
I could shop till I drop, while it launders the lot
I know buying top league names, they'll be no penalties
It has the power to excel, with the powder they sell
No longer a laborious chore, plenty of time for favourite store
Streamlined for performance and flair, none can compare with this caring pair
They're the automatic winner, for this newly wed beginner
I would like to own a Zanussi Jetsystem RS washing machine because…
Cleaner clothes and efficiency striven, the answer is jet power driven
Encompassing excellent and outstanding cleaning, economy and ecology have real meaning
Energy saving, it's very 'green', my clothes and conscience would be clean
Faced with such a mighty foe, stubborn stains give up and go
I need a supreme service for family washdays coupled with fabric care
I want the cleanest possible wash, at the lowest possible cost
It protects the things I treasure, turning achore into a pleasure
It senses the needs of my frills, whilst reducing on energy fuels
It would be just the job, for my dirty mob
It would fly my wash from take-off to hanger without turbulence
It's a wash with advanced technology
It's environmentally friendly, so own one and be trendy
It's hard on dirt, and soft on your purse
Its clear action, brings clean satisfaction
Its many cost-efficient features, are ideal for small and large family washes
Jet systems action and sense, cuts unnecessary extravagance allowing me a little decadence
My bills would shrink automatically not my wash - A-riel money spinner
Power and gentle action combine to lighten - and whiten - my load
Programmes for economy every time, giving perfect results right down the line
Put to the test, they're an automatic winner
That extra special ultra reaction, only comes from Jet system action
Whatever the challenge, whatever the grime, sparkling clean every time
With the features it's got, it will clean the lot

Your well thought out design means that a quick clean wash is mine

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