Welsh Lamb is my choice because ...
 The fertile, rich and luscious land, makes Welsh lamb taste really grand
 Tender freshness from Welsh Hills, is nicely priced at Co-op tills
 Delicious, delectable, full of flavour, it's the taste the family savour
 Welsh lamb tastes test because…
 Never one to mince my words - Welsh Lamb is superb
 Welsh sheep know the secret but they won't grass
 It's the lamb of my fathers
 It gets my vote - the Welsh again have hit top note
 The flavours pasture wildest dreams
 Welsh lamb tastes best because…
 It's the star attraction for knife and fork action.
 Welsh lamb comes out on top, best neck on the shopping block
 It's a grill's best friend
It's fresh as a 'Dai See' 
 It outroasts the opposition
 If it's not Welsh then it’s a Wolf in sheeps clothing
 It's sheer perfection
 It's a baa'gain that puts a smile on your chops
 It's always the shoulder to rely on
 Always wolfed down, ain't no mutton, Welsh lamb turns us into gluttons
 They 'baa' all the mutton dressed as lamb
 The beauty of Wales, puts a wag in their tales
 It is far from the madding cows
 Even the aroma deserves a diploma
 Lamb reared and prepared by master prevents 'Lamb on Table' disaster
 I would like to win a weekend at a Welsh country cottage because…
 I could enjoy Sainsbury's wonderful cuisine, in a country cottage of my dreams
 Welsh Lamb tastes best because…
 Welsh Lamb comes out on top, best neck on the shopping block
 It outroasts the opposition
 It's a grill's best friend
 It's the star attraction, for knife and fork action
 It's as fresh as a 'Dai see'
 Welsh Lamb is the natural choice because...
 Old and young and 'in between', find Welsh Lamb appetising, succulent and lean
 Tasty tender lamb for dinner, guarantees a mealtime winner
 Beautifully tender, sweet and lean, for 'shear' good taste Welsh reigns supreme
 It's raised with natural care, and is deliciously succulent and quick to prepare
Welsh lambs graze on good green grass 
 Mouth-watering flavour, essential to savour, only from Wales, Welsh Lamb prevails
 Mountain reared, valley grazed, delicious flavour, I always praised
 Produced in the perfect location, it makes us a healthier nation
 Dicky birds scrap over the scraps more ferociously than any other food I put out
If it hails from Wales we're sure to want more
Fresh from farm to table, the taste and quality is assured with Co-op label
The flavour sings out the tradition of sheep raised naturally in Welsh valleys
It is fed on good natural pastureland and has led a natural life
Roasted and praised from Rhyl to Rhonda, delicious tender we grow ever fonder
Versatile, nutritious, tasty, lean, simply delicious, prices keen
Flavour outstanding, dinners are divine, Welsh on the lamb, the pleasure's mine
It lives in its own natural country
It's obvious our mum says lamb is a winner, and economical for dinner
Welsh lamb tastes supreme baa-gain prices succulent and lean
Bred in freedom on Welsh hills, tender lamb with taste that thrills
Fresh green pastures, pure Welsh air, develops the lamb with natural care
Breathtaking scenery, breath taking flavour
The tasty Welsh Lamb is raised with natural care, delicious, nutritious and quick to prepare
Welsh experience and expertise, means tender lamb that's sure to please
It's no 'gambol' there's no better bet, Welsh Lamb from Co-op, the best 'Ewell' get
From lushest pastures and purest air, it's the tastiest lamb beyond compare.
Like 'lamb of our fathers', tasty and tender, versatile value suits Co-op careful spender
It has the versatility and unique Welsh flavour, every lamb lover longs to savour
I'm 'Clwyd' up and know a 'baa-gain' when I see one
Tasty, tender, why drag-on? Lamb is best with a Welsh tag on
Lamb of my fathers, succulent, tender baa-gain value when Co-op's the vendor
It's mouth-wateringly economical, lean, succulent Welsh lamb
It’s succulent, tasty flavour, makes ones taste buds quaver
Welsh green pastures and mountain air, make the flavour beyond compare
Red dragons are no longer feared, they bring us tender Welsh lamb sought after - revered
I buy Welsh lamb with confidence, natural and tasty there's no pretence
Rosemary's choice, mint it a baa-gain
It is so sweet, succulent and economical
It's sweet, tender and full of flavour
Contented sheep grazing over fertile hills and dales, produce unrivalled tender lamb
No wasting or basting, just wonderful tasting
Naturally fresh, it's the 'moist' succulent, delicious versatile, money well spent
It's expertly reared for taste perfection - the Co-ops unsurpassed selection
It's a flavour to 'Dai' for
It's fresh, local, tasty and versatile
Beyond the Anglo Welsh border, lamb always tops the Co-op shopping order
Naturally fed, taste increased, satisfied Co-op shoppers never fleeced
Tasty, roasted, marinated, with distinct value label, this prince of Welsh fare crowns any table
It always brings a smile to my chops
It's the choicest natural product
With its tender sweet succulent flavour, it has a taste to savour
Lovingly reared and Co-op fresh, it's lean and tender and tastes the best
Delicious fresh lamb, succulent and lean, tastes supreme, whether be-becued or steamed
Unbeatable value, lean and nutritious, the family favourite - and purely delicious
No where else in the world has the hills on which lambs can graze
From the land of my fathers, it's delicious and tender for my family
Reared in Wales on grass so green, it's naturally delicious and lean
The air is fresher, the grass greener, together they make a healthier dinner
Welsh lamb is the leader of the packs, for dinners and snacks

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