Its neat to party at 40,000 feet with Smirnoff vodka if ...
The Smirnoff's ready, so you can Jet Set and Go
Your music is quadrophonic, the trip is supersonic served with vodka and tonic
A Virgin case of Smirnoff is all you have on take-off
It's all plane sailing with Smirnoff
You enjoy Smirnoff's supertonic with a Virgin supersonic
My friends agree, it's a one-off spree, and the spirit's free
You mix this cocktail, it's pure seven-forty-seventh heaven
Smirnoff's Magical Ingredient Rewards Nobly Our Finest Fantasies
Smirnoff is on the menu, it will be a really great venue
On cloud eight, rising nine, you're with Smirnoff and doing fine
The flight is as smooth as the Smirnoff
Your vodka and tonic is supersonic
The music's hot, the booze free there's a Virgin stewardess on my knee
I've always wanted to visit Russia because ...
Love the dolls, 'red' the book, worn the mules, want the look
James Bond's next assignment should be… 
Decoding the secret of Smirnoff's liquid treasure,giving Bond undiluted pleasure 
From 'Russia with Love' again, like Smirnoff, we never mind repeats 
Inviting me (it seems absurd) to share his Smirnoff - shaken not stirred 
Joining me for thrills 'Galore', with the 'Bond' who needs 'Moore'! 
Pushing my trolley to Safeway's till, it's wonky - licensed to kill! 
Smirnoff and Tonic (great double bill) - the Russian connection, licensed to thrill. 
Take a secret peak, as to why Smirnoff tastes unique 
To catch a Black Russian, Smirnoff's the name, blending the game 
To find who sent the Smirnoff from 'Russia with Love' 
To rid the world of unpure spirits 
Try leaving a bottle of Smirnoff unopened - mission impossible! 
James Bond's next assignment should be… 
Ensuring Smirnoff vodka's reputation isn't 'Shaken or Stirred' by imitation 

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