I want to make a break for it with Virgin Cola because ...
Colditz here, warmitz there!
I'd be a fuel not to!
A refreshing break's emergin', thanks to Shell and Virgin
It's a hip sip on any trip
Virgin Lips is the coolest way to quench your thirst because…
The taste brings satisfaction, replacing thirst with five speed action
It's fruity and full of adventure
It's luscious, invigorating, provocative, and sensual
Serve Virgin Lips chilled to give me a thrill
It kisses your thirst goodbye
I've been seduced by the unreal taste of Virgin Cola because…
Virgin Cola, the refreshing quencher, replaces thirst with unreal adventure
Subtle style, tastebuds roar, Cola was never like this before
The taste once acquired is forever desired
Virgin Cola got it right, unreality out of sight
Its cool tastebud affection is 'Virgin' on perfection
The new Virgin Cola Pammy bottle is ultra seductive because…
Nothing else looks the same, ooh-la-la Pammy, je t'aime
The shape's a temptation for its inner sensation
Curvaceous, vivacious, audacious and more, pick up Pammy, 'pour' l'amour
The taste once acquired is forever desired
Sensuous curves, enticing grip, ooh-la-la every sip
Making the most of summer is easy if Virgin Cola will send me to Barbados because ...
'Isle' 'shore'-ly celebrate when Virgin and Sun 'cola'-borate

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