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Clean Devil with dirt Dirt / dust Homework
Housework Lessen expense Lighten labour Palace
Sparkling Sucker for dust Sucker Switched on / Switch off

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Blitz / Ritz Electronic / Bionic
Expense / Commonsense  

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The Goblin Rio provides power beyond its size ...
The Rio Grand motor with a dynamic thrust, makes it a devil with dirt and a sucker for dust
It really opens your eyes, the housework time just flies, and now I 'Rio'lise there simply is no compromise
Because for sucking up the dust it always wins a prize
I'd make my home a Hoover home because ...
Twixt dishes and floor I'd have time galore
After a Hoover Blitz, my home would rival the Ritz!
To lighten Labour and lessen expense - Hoover buying is common sense
Washing up and brush and pan, went out with the bogey-man
I'd get a sparkling joint without the aching limbs
Turning my semi into a Palace, no more 'Brookside' now it's 'Dallas'
The Hoover helps a shrimp like me, do a whale of a lot
They're automatic, electronic - it makes this housewife seem bionic
I'd make my home a Hoover home because...
When they're switched on, I can 'switch off'
It gives me time on my hands, not on my knees
Hoover changes a 'workhorse' into a leisure centre
Only Hoover could 'Hammer' this house of horrors
Sparkling performance second to none, shows their homework has been done
You can't outmanoeuvre a Hoover
It would transform my humble abode to a Chateau 'a la mode'!
The work they share leaves me time to spare
Only Hoover's clever inventor could make my 'workhorse' a leisure centre!
Hoover's designers have used their brain, housework's done, no need to strain
There's no better life improver than an appliance made by a Hoover
Giving Hoover a twirl, changes this Mrs Mop to Wonder Girl!
Give Hoover a plug and it's top of the cleaning charts
In my 'Tomorrow's World' I could enjoy 'Play for Today'
The quality which delighted Gran has been improved for modern man
When I need to dish out power, Hoover's there whatever hour
My housework took the booby prize, till Hoover opened up my eyes
Safeway has everything I look for in a store because...
Whatever the weather wet or dry can't find better how hard I try
Gliding along your floor I can pick up the best from your store
I can clean up and leave the store cheered up
Their prices never take me to the cleaners
Dry or wet Safeway's my bet
Every household need - they stock it - to punish germs but spare your pocket
There's a "Vacuum" in my life only Safeway can fill
Safeway always look Aqua Vac'd clean and fresh and value packed
I'm no wet when it comes to voting for the best
Like the Aqua Vac when put to the test it's clearly the best
Aqua-lity store and a whole lot more needs a vacuum other stores deplore
I've looked I've seen I've bought I've been all I need is an Aqua clean

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