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Away from it all, but still feel at home Good light entertainment (Blackpool) Bonus, the dog comes too Britain in blocks of stone
Britain’s treasures Bulldog safari By gum By Royal Appointment
‘Conkering’ heroes Detained by our customs Easy as a B&B Eros beckons
Feel at home Flat out for fun (Norfolk Broads) For the Broad Minded For the red white and blue
Foreign hotels however ~, never serve our favourite ~ Forget the French Connection, I prefer a British… Gift of the past, to generations of the future Great British….
Green and pleasant land Heritage at first hand Home advantage Home of heritage
Isles for smiles Midsummer night’s dream Moor the merrier Much ado for next to nothing
National pride National trust Near buy No sharks, just larks
No stranger in paradise Old friend to resort to Royal welcome Scot free
Sherlock’s homes Sterling value The Kingdom is United in… The strawberry cream
Tour on our own Village green Village you know, not the villa you don’t Wales of a time
Within range of the Archers Why pound away at a loss

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B&B / Easy Country air / beyond compare / farm fresh air
Larks / parks / Marks Jollies / follies / lollies
Scillies / teas / please UK / OK / stay  / may / way / day / fray / grey / pay / neigh

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I buy Grandways premium quality sausages because…
Other makes for all our sakes are in a "No Glow Area"!
Finest quality, taste and nutrition, link Grandways chain to this tradition
Whichever Shire you choose, they are the top links
Co-op thick pork sausages are my favourite variety because…
I have discovered who seasons best, these Co-op porkies sizzle with zest
They're standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
Like holidays with Hoseasons, they delight for a whole host of reasons
I wouldn't give anything else a second butchers!
For many, mighty meaty reasons, they're the sausage for all seasons
For holiday meals be wise, buy British because they get first prize
I'd like to breakaway with Highlife and Liqorsave because...
Gloomy nights, recession bites - taste of ‘Highlife’ sees me right
Weekend away, posh hotel, trust Liquorsave to serve me well
Our anniversary would be romantic, without the bill being gigantic
Highlife sports, a bargain brew, hassles nil, enjoyment two!
Mother of four is no joke, jaded, harassed constantly broke!
I'd like a summer holiday at Butlin's because…
Fun, entertainment, a different pace - Kwik save us a place!
Should English weather cause despair, they’re guaranteed enjoyment there
Total choice gives total pleasure, children fun and parents leisure
Spirits low, finances chronic, Butlin’s is the perfect tonic
Marston and Flowers provide the perfect break because…
They are like velvet, creamy smooth, sure gets you into the groove
For the instant relaxation you favour, this flavour you must savour
Feet up - Marston in hand - no need to roam - nowhere like home
They're the 'inn-signia' for home inn-joyment
Break with tradition; 'bunches of flowers', keep my husband happy for hours
I would like to return to Devon because…
Its unspoilt beauty and charm is the reason, whatever the weather, whatever the season
I'd like to visit Butlins because…
Like Barratt and Asda, bags of fun and satisfaction for everyone
Asda prices, Barratt's treat, Butlin's holiday, life is sweet
Should English weather cause despair, there's guaranteed enjoyment there
Barratt's, Butlin's perfect team, quality together, Asda be a dream
It's reputation entices, like Barratt's sweets at Asda prices
I would like to celebrate the chronicle of Britain and win a Marriott weekend break because…
Quality, value, equally shared, Chronicle and Marriott perfectly paired
A Kit Kat Weekend at Center Parcs is an extraordinary break because…
There's water frolics and fun galore all at a constant eighty four
Undercover down Sherwood way, is merrier now than Robin's Day
T'would set brave Robin's bow a'quiver, to see us bathe where he did shiver
I went to Butlins this year enough said!
I just like to confuse my body from time to time
You can enjoy the greenhouse effect before your descendants
It gets you to the Tropics without the Tropics getting to you
A break at this subtropical starlet made Marion merry and Will scarlet
It's better than staying in "half bored"
Even if the weather's chronic you can enjoy a swim and a tonic
A Kit Kat Weekend in York is an extraordinary break because…
York and Rowntree's chocolate, no better in the land
To amble down the Shambles, a Kit Kat in my hand
It's "ousting" with pleasures, be it shops, Minster or treasures
Where Vikings raped and pillaged, Rowntree have their village
York will give us a clue, to what Vikings used to do, Museums, Minster, Castle too, don't forget the races Phew!
By snapping my fingers I can visit the past
Likings for Vikings and ambles round Shambles, there's plenty to choose round the Ouze
The Shambles isn't a shamble, the Minster is divine, to wine and dine with history, a great break anytime
By enjoying a Kit Kat and using my brains, I'm hoping for Jorvic, Minter and Trains
You don't have to be a Dick Turpin to enjoy the "booty" of it!
It supplies wall to wall culture for this Kit Kat vulture
I like the taste of traditional hams because…
Prime specialities carefully carved, mean flavour is doubled and wastage is halved
Country slice, to the manor drawn, like Safeway quality, British born
The connoisseurs pride of Britain is cured to perfection, carved from tradition
Of five great flavours, protein-rich, only problem is deciding which!
Versatile, varied, fresh and tender slices, made doubly delicious by Safeway’s lean prices
Smoked, honey roast, or on the bone, Safeway’s rich hams stand alone
Walls Sausages are simply scrumptious because…
Succulent sausages, a choice selection, Scotland and Hall’s combined perfection
Hall’s expertise - Tesco pricing – make prime Scottish sausages unbeatably enticing
A favourite snack, a favourite dinner, Hall’s from Tesco always a winner.
They are satisfyingly succulent, bangers perfected, sizzlingly Scottish, quality selected
Nestle confectionery turns a leisure break into the best of breaks because…
On a Nestle leisure sortie, life begins at Forte
With Nestle, you always get a luxury 'suite'
Relaxation comes with one snap of my Kit Kat fingers
A whole lot of pleasure is something you can re-Lion
Hotel bars close, but chocolate bars can be opened anytime
I would like to win a quality break because…
Whatever weather, whatever season, comfort and quality - excellent reason
Kwality, Komfort, fantastic Kwisine, fancy a weekend being the Kween!
Star treatment, celebrity prize, pampered, relaxed, I'd be revitalised
I'd get prize fare when staying there
I need some quality time to relax in comfort -Kwik!
I'd love a Lakeland break because…
Whether young & old, energetic or not, the Damson Dene has got the lot
I would enjoy a Center Parcs short break because...
In the subtropical swimming pool paradise we would be one 'Abbey family'
Quality accommodation in a peaceful location, leisurely days ensure relaxation
Like the Abbey, you can bank on a good time
Being dose to nature in it's natural 'Abbey-Tat'
Citrice suits me because…
Opening the bottle unleashes the zing, lemony sparkle, capital fling
Going to a show in London's West End is an extraordinary break because…
Show business is like "Low" business - unbeatable
Stuck in the house with the daily "dramatics", here's just not the time for those wonderful classics!
Comedy at the Garrick or musicals at the Lyric, add that starlight that makes a weekend idyllic
Musical entertainment so elite, thanks to Lows I'll have the best seat
Curtain up, action, lights, I'd break a leg to see the sights

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