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Aroma Breeze Crease free Dry
Dryer Drying's a breeze Ex-static Fragrant
Fresh Heaven scent Incredibly soft Meadow sweet
Never crease Non iron Smooth Spring air

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Crease / cease Drier / higher / hire / buyer / fire / inspire / flyer / friar / sire / supplier / occupier / dire / liar / wire / mire / admire / umpire / spire / inspire / conspire / respire / desire / retire / attire / inquire / acquire / require

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I would like to win a Credo Eco Series tumble drier at Safeway because...
Both are models of success, making life more fun, so less stressed
Both make perfect sense to me, avoiding hassle for 13p
Breaths of spring and summer softly blowing, pleasing pockets and your clothing
By counteracting winter rain, this super prize will keep me sane
Come hail, rain, sleet, snow, through my washing summer breezes blow
Every wash day wet or fine, outdoor freshness would be fine
Bounce and Sainsbury's are a winning combo because...
A breath of spring air from every tumble, quality products who could grumble
Bounce and Creda are perfect partners because…
A breath of Spring from every tumble, quality products who could grumble
Both are leaders in their class, together nothing can surpass
Bounce freshness is elite, and Creda's quality can't be beat
Creda know how and Bounce's flair, bring country freshness to all your wear
Creda technology by far the best, this caring pair outclass the rest
Each sheet has a silver lining, thanks to Creda's quality designing
Experts perfect them, connoisseurs select them
Fragrant clothes for thirteen pence. Bounce and Creda make good sense
Freshened laundry and drying flair, are the hallmark of this trusted pair
Plug it in, watch it tumble, crease free clothes without a crumple
Rainy day, no need for despair. Bounce and Creda for drying care
Summer Meadow freshness with every tumble, latest technology means hardly a rumble
They are pros not beginners, fast fragrant favourites and always clean winners
They tumble together to create the perfect finish to my wash
They've found the formula to succeed, fresh dry washing is guaranteed
Washing days become less traumatic, with dry fragrant laundry and no static
When freshness and efficiency are essentials, these two have the right credentials

With Creda's service and Bounce's care, quite honestly they're the ultimate pair

Bounce and Tesco are a winning combination because…
Both ‘duet’ with expertise, shopping’s a pleasure, drying’s a breeze
Both take pride in the freshness inside
Bounce and Tesco rose to fame, by putting quality behind their name
Bounce and Tesco stand supreme, setting standards seldom seen
Bounce and Tesco, Monday to Sunday, freshness available to all and sun-dry
Bounce keeps clothes in fresh fragrant condition, helped by reliable Tesco tradition
Dry fresh laundry, incredibly inventive, Bounce from Tesco gives more incentive
For quality and value and a caring tradition, they’re sheets ahead of competition
Fragrantly fresh with softness abundant, this fabulous pair makes clothes lines redundant
If the weather’s looking grim, use Bounce and bring the outside in
Quality matters freshness counts, that’s what you get with Tesco and Bounce
Queue free Tesco saves my legs, line free Bounce -freshness without pegs
Soft, fragrant, no more clinging, now my skirts are really swinging
Tesco shopping done with ease, like Bounce for drying - just a breeze

Tesco’s quality will never diminish, with Bounce supplying the ultimate finish

Tesco’s set the quality race, Bounce is there keeping the pace
Together they hold the keys to success, enjoy shopping or washing without stress
Two great outfits working together, for fresh dry clothes whatever the weather
Ultimate freshness you need never renounce, for produce - Tesco for washing - Bounce
Unhassled shopping, every housewife’s dream, plus supersoft washing, makes an invincible team
Washday blues and queues decreasing, Bounce and Tesco takes some beating
Whatever the season, whatever the weather, Tesco and Bounce are spinning together
With Tesco and Bounce come rain or shine, you’re guaranteed freshness every time
Bounce and Kwik Save are a winning combination because…
Capturing beautiful scents, and saving valuable pence, definitely makes economical sense
Flat dweller with no outside joy, has fragrant wash budget buy
Fragrant washing less to pay, I'm saving for a rainy day
Incredibly fragrant, used with ease, they Kwikly make my washday a breeze
Laundry is scented and pockets contented, thank goodness these two were invented
Loads of bargains, cheap to buy, loads of washing cheap to dry
Money savings automatic, with this product I'm ex-static
Priceless quality is their intent, but rainy days are heaven ‘scent'
Store and sheet, are right up my street
Their expertise, makes washdays a breeze
Their fabric and customer care, make them a complimentary pair
They are the first choice pair. to give you perfect fabric care
They’ve found the formula to succeed, more per pound is guaranteed
What used to take hours, can be done between showers, and still smell of flowers
You can't buy cheaper, and you can't dry sweeter
Servis recommend Bounce because…
Both spring into action at touch of a button
Bounce freshness is beyond compare, fragrant – not just hot air
Bounce has freshness in every sheet, makes messy liquids obsolete
Bounce opens the door to softness and fresh air fragrance
Daz whites smell spring fresh, Servis dried with Bounce
Hello softness, goodbye static, the choice here was automatic
It adds that tumbled-in fresh air fragrance to washday
It gives a softer springy feel to the wash
It gives summer freshness to clothes all the year round
It provides the freshness of air without wear and tear
It smells fresh and clean, pops easily into my machine
It takes out static tangles, leaves Servis with a smile
It's the perfect partnership without clinging
Laundry freshness is sheer bliss with Bounce at your Servis
Like a good game of tennis, good service, good bounce
Like little and large they make a great double act
Soft touch, fresh smell, clothes dried dazzlingly well
That extra bounce gives the finishing touch to good Servis
This neat sheet of square meters out garden fresh air!
Together they give a full service and reliability
Together turning washday blues, to soft sweet smelling brighter hues
Washings fragrant, soft, no static, Servis choice was automatic
Winter blues, what's that? It's spring with Bounce - beat that
I buy Bounce at Dales because…

I bring home the freshness of the real Dales into my drying

I buy Bounce at Asda because…
'ln-creda-ble' product - sensible pricing - this 'fresh air freak' finds them exciting
Asda low prices amazes - Bounce gets clothes as fresh As-daisies
Bought at Asda, 'Bounce'd in Credas, spring freshness from the market leaders
Breathing fresh air into every fibre, Asda make me a Bounce subscriber
Excellent value, money well spent, extra savings, heaven scent
Fragrant washing, soft, no static and buying Asda was automatic
Inferior products Asda renounce, but always they sell line fresh Bounce
My laundry ends up 'fresh air' style - inexpensively from an Asda aisle
My washing team beyond compare, is Asda value and Bounce 'fresh air'

Things never feel 'flat', Bounce and Asda see to that

Bounce and Savacentre are a winning team because…
Both are quality brands, with more change in my hands
Bouncy value is their common theme, what a duo, what a team
Busy housewives demand the best, these trusted names ensure success
Economies from every tumble, and Bounce freshness -who could grumble
Fabrics dry fresh as meadow breezes, and Savacentre value always pleases
Laundry freshness, prices that please, Bounce and Savacentre make life a breeze
ln'creda'ble savings from this store, leaves you bouncing back for more
My washing team beyond compare, is Savacentre value and Bounce fresh air
Savacentre care has price appeal, whilst Bounce gives clothes an outdoor feel.
Savacentre has the best selection, while Bounce's freshness is perfection
I buy Bounce/Ultra Lenor at Gateway/Somerfield because…
I like the fresh air in my clothes, not my purse
In'creda'bly fragrant - beyond compare, Bounce and Lenor - a breath of fresh air
Lenor adds that finishing touch, at Somerfield it doesn't cost much
Like Pisa's famous tower, they're always on the list
Their freshness so applaudable, is always so affordable
You can TAP the secret to softness the water-gate way
I buy Bounce at Tesco because…
A breath of Spring softly blows, pleasing my pocket and my clothes
Both give freshness and value and leave me ex-static
Clothes are fresh as a mountain breeze, outdoor freshness with indoor ease
Crinkles vanish, so does static, no more ironing'. I'm ex--static
Easy to use, fresh every' time, smells like the country, simply divine
Every Spring and Summer sheet, makes clothes smell fresh and meadow sweet
For in’creda’ble freshness buy the sheet, clothes will smell meadow sweet
I get value in my buying and fragrant freshness in my drying
It brings the outdoor freshness in leaving my clothes smelling of Spring
Its reputation is well deserved, clothes stay soft with freshness preserved
Just pop in a sheet and your washing smells sweet
Meadow fresh, static free, my washday blues are filled with glee
My washing becomes anti-static, and pleasingly aromatic
Outdoor fragrance fresh appeal, and tumbling prices for a better deal
Outdoor freshness comes inside, when my laundry is tumble dried
Quality companies work well together, for fresh smelling clothes whatever the weather
Quality products, a reasonable price, and fresh smelling laundry twice as nice
Scented sheets and shopping sense, outdoor freshness less expense
Softness to please no static tease, bouncing fill' of fresh summer breeze
Springtime freshness, value too, I've tumbled the secret -how about you?
Summer fresh fragrance, static free, clothes lineup for it, naturally
The softness laundry used to lack, now just keeps on bouncing back
Well stocked shelves means availability, of the fragranced sheets with softening ability

When everything seems dull and grey, they bring springtime freshness my way

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