What would you call a video you made of your trip… 
A Luxury Train of Events 
My Express Date with After Eight 
Orient Expressions 
Take me to Vienna After Eight 
Von Bryans Express 
Paris is… 
Le cure for le blues, kwickly raising spirits for romantic moods 
Nearer than you think, when you take the Chunnel link! 
The most mystical, magical city by far, yet very near with Eurostar 
Step aboard the Orient Express and... 
Travel in luxury, elegance, style, cosmopolitan atmosphere, mile after mile 
Be transported to bygone days, of comfortable, luxurious stylish ways 
Lose ‘track’ of time on this most romantic line 
A journey on the Venice Simplon Orient Express is my fantasy trip because… 
This fabulous rail-Rhodes transcontinental, tracking sweet tastes European to Oriental 
'Dreams' 'Christie-lise' in style, pudding on the 'Tate & Lyle' 
A 'dream' travelling in style, 'magic' provided by Tate & Lyle. 
A classical venue, is reward for classical Tate & Lyle menu. 
Absolute bliss, like Tate & Lyle - too fine to miss 
All aboard with Tate & Lyle sweet dream every mile 
Being transported to bygone days, travelling in elegant stylish ways 
Breathtaking scenery, exotic cuisine, Tate & Lyle fuffils the dream 
Breathtaking scenery, luxurious style, just desserts from Tate & Lyle 
Caster abroad fantasy style, this sweetest train courtesy of Lyle 
Caster spell, make me smile, express'ly trained in luxurious style 
Casterway in yester-years' style, express to Tate & Lyle 
Champagne, caviar, luxury style, sweet dreams fulfilled with every mile 
Classic journey, VIP style, savouring sweetness in each golden mile 
Comfort, luxury, mile after mile, sweet escape in classic style 
Dining in Victorian style, sweet memories from Tate & Lyle 
Elegant luxury every mile, Tate & Lyle gives travelling style 
Enjoying the sweet taste of success, splendour style in excess 
Every single nostalgic mile would 'caster' Tate & Lyle smile 
Expressed simply, traditional style, luxury reserved by' Tate & Lyle 
Fairy godmother T and L, would have 'caster' magic spell 
Famous places, fabulous sights, moments to treasure, with sweet delights 
First class refinement 'Lyle' after 'Lyle', guaranteed to 'caster' smile 
Gary's puddings so famously divine, they're devoured in 'express' time 
Glamorous, luxurious charismatic - like Gary's pudding, truely classic 
Hubby hearing my express success, will 'caster' spell of happiness 
It’s glamorous travel, full of mystique, luxurious experience, timeless, unique 
Journey on the sweetness trail, dreams fulfilled by famous rail 
Like Tate & Lyle sugar - it's a stirring experience 
Like Tate & Lyle, life would be murder without it
Living in exotic style, perfect guests of Tate & Lyle 
Luxurious nostalgia every mile, steaming ahead like Tate & Lyle 
Luxurious travel, elegant style, with gourmet's delights to 'caster' smile.
Luxury in 1st class style, naturally with Tate & Lyle
Luxury travel every mile, sweet sensations with Tate & Lyle
Luxury travel, elegance, style - cosmopolitan atmosphere 'smile' after 'smile'
Luxury travel, magnificent train' 'golden' value -it's Lyle's again
Luxury, leisurely paced, like Tate & Lyle, expresses good taste
Lyle travel to Austria express'ing taste that is five star
Magical memories, Orient Express, elegant and stylish, spell sweetest success
Make me smile, Tate & Lyle, classic train, classic style
Orient Express - Tate & Lyle - first class connection - fantasy file
Orient Express with Tate & Lyle - sweet success, refined smile
Perfect refinement Tate & Style - appropriately with Tate & Lyle
Refined elegance, classic style, pure delight - like Tate & Lyle
Rumbling wheels and un-beet-able meals -knowing how a millionaire feels.
Sheer indulgence, so refined, makes memories of the sweetest kind
Silver service, luxury on wheels, has bags of appeal
Smooth running, refined line, Tate & Lyle treat, simply divine
Stylish travel delightful destination, with Tate & Lyle winning combination
Such luxury - like Tate & Lyle's sweetness, is my weakness
Sweet dreams, Tate & Lyle smiles, forever mile after mile
The train's a classic - like the taste of Tate & Lyle
There'd be miles of smiles, with Rhodes and Lyles
Those who choose Tate & Lyle, appreciate truly impeccable style
Timeless elegance ageless style, travelling Europe with Tate & Lyle
Victorian elegance and style, most refined like Tate & Lyle
Welcoming people, classical sights, hot sunny days, warm romantic nights
Wine dine and smile, in Tate & Lyle style
Wonderfully elegant, the perfect treat, unsurpassed luxury impossible to beat
A weekend trip to France on Le Shuttle would be the ideal break because…
Eiffel in love with delight at the end of the tunnel
A 7 Up on Intercity puts me in 7th heaven because...
7Up takes me to other ‘planes’, but always via Intercity trains
After the traffic chaos, the ideal swap is Intercity and 7UP pop
Just like a trip on Eurostar, it’s zesty, sparkling and ooh la la!
Pulling the ring, unleashing the zing, completing the sparkle of Parisian fling
Relaxing with 7UP my sparkling selection, Intercity speeds me to perfection
The subtle taste of lemon and lime, transports me to exotic climes
These famous names are unique, heaven sent and magnifique
Rough Guides and Inter Rail are a formidable combination because…
For facts and tips nothing else can compare - this well know ‘Deux Sans Frontieres’!
For information and travel they’re first rate, the globetrotters best mate
Rough Guide in hand and ticket in pocket, I’ve the key to Europe and the means to unlock it
Streetwise and pennywise, they satisfy the smarter guys
The frontiers have opened, the time is right, the books are great and the pass is light
They provide unbeatable stimulation, motivation and liberation
They stoked up my fantasies, a head full of steam, a whistle stop adventure, a Rough Guide to my dreams
They’re the guiding force for my continental drift
Whatever the longitude, they give you more latitude
Working together, each top of its class, exciting journeys one cannot surpass
Budgens Beef, The Orient Express and Concorde make great partners because...  
All three are superstars in Europe's team of quality and excellence 
A taste of luxury is their theme, combining quality with haute cuisine 
Barriers are broken for succulent taste, luxury travel and exhilarating haste 
Each regularly passes quality tests, maintaining traditions of absolute best 
It's no mystery they are all thrillers 
Teamwork combines style and efficiency with value, class and tradition 
They all combine 1st class pleasure, sheer indulgence and times to treasure 
They all travel well 
They are the best in tradition and quality; yesterday today and tomorrow 
They are traditional, classic and supersonic 
They each represent quality and the best in their class 

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