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Ad-lib   Amateur dramatics  Artiste  Auditorium
 Backcloth  Backdrop  Backstage  Balcony
Bard   Behind the scenes  Boards  Box
 Box office  Break a leg  Broadway  Burlesque
 Cameo  Cast  Circle  Circus
 Curtain  Curtain call  Drama  Dramatis personae
 Dress circle  Dressing room  Encore  First night nerves
 Foyer  Fringe  Front of house  Front rows
 Gallery  Gods  Green room  Hamming it up
 Hero  Heroine  Hippodrome  Houselights
 Kitchen sink drama  Leading role  Limelight  Merry widow
 Mummer  No business like show business  Pantomime  Pavilion
 Performer  Playhouse  Principal boy / girl  Raise the curtain
 Repertoire  Repertory  Role  Scenario
 Scenery  Script  Seating  Set
 Show  Spotlight  Stadium  Stage
 Stage door  Stage door johnnie  Stage fright  Stage manage
 Stage set  Stagy  Stalls  Standing ovation
 Standing room only  Star of stage and screen  Tableau  Theatrical
 Thespian  Tread the boards Variety show   Vaudeville
 Vignette  West End  Wings  

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I discovered the world of taste at Safeway when I...
Raised the curtain on their exciting show, it was five star quality and taste buds glow! 
Ample ideas from many cultures, exciting and new for my family of vultures
Became an armchair traveller last night, transported with every bite
Found affordable luxuries, flavours divine, plus fruits of the world in this hometown of mine
Found the exotic in reach of my pocket 
Gave my tastebuds a lingering lesson, my aspect of love for their delicatessen 
Tried a papaya and a kebab, without needing a visa or jab! 
Unpacked my shopping on the kitchen table, I'd been around the world with Safeway labels 
Saw the touch of theatre in their splendid presentation which set my tastebuds tingling in gourmet anticipation
 If you were to write a play or musical about Uncle Bens, what would you call it…
Annie Get Your Chopsticks
Ben Is From Heaven
One Night in Ben' swok
Pillau Talk
Stir Rice Express
Stirway to Heaven
The Fried A'Stir Story
Uncle Ben's lli"Sauciety"
Uncle Ben's; Licence to Fill
Wok On
Piper-Heidsieck and showbiz make a great piece because…
Piper Heidsieck's sparkling fun, is a star turn second to none 
They both have vitality and star quality 
They both sparkle with star quality 
My ideal occasion for drinking Aberlour would be... 
Theatre - it makes a dram-ah out of a crisis! 
My ideal occasion for Drinking Laphroaig would be… 
At the theatre- Laphroig means a great wee 'dram'a 
Going to a show in London's West End is an extraordinary break because…
Stuck in the house with the daily "dramatics", here's just not the time for those wonderful classics!
Show business is like "Low" business - unbeatable
Musical entertainment so elite, thanks to Lows I'll have the best seat
Curtain up, action, lights, I'd break a leg to see the sights
Comedy at the Garrick or musicals at the Lyric, add that starlight that makes a weekend idyllic
I like Christmas pantomimes because…
A comical dame, the villain that's scary, please wave your wand, oh Cadbury's fairy
All kids at heart, we guzzle chox, wishing the genie would refill the box
Baddies to boo, goodies to eat, Cadbury's and panto - a spectacular treat
Cadbury's chocs, a seat front stalls. I'm kept inspired till the curtain falls
Cadbury's kids and my number one fella, make me feel like Cinderella
Each magical assortment takes centre stage, appealing to kids of every age
Hotfoot to Woolworths for Cadbury’s chocs - Frank Bruno's playing Goldilocks
Pantos are fun, roses are yummy, with two ugly sisters, daddy and mummy
They are like Cadbury's - great box office at stocking-up time!
This British tradition, unique to these isles, like roses, brings happiness, laughter and smiles
Cockburn's special reserve port is always special because…
Unreservedly without exception, it's Cockburns, whodunit perfection.
I would like to investigate a mysterious murder with Kestrel & McEwans export because…
A good head with plenty of body always gets results!
Elementary, my dear McEwan - I always detect when something is brewing!
Even Poirot's intellect couldn't detect company more select or more refreshing!
Having tackled my first "case", I could murder another!
It's thirsty work being a super sleuth
My wife would kill me if I bought another brand of beer
These two brews provide the clues to beat those murderous mystery blues
They're taste thrillers and thirst killers
Who's guilty - William, Harold, Oliver, Delia, Una, Neale, Iris, Terry? Guess
With murderous intent my thirst is well spent
I'd like to solve a Mindtrap murder mystery because...
Challenges of lateral thinking, stops my brain from slowly shrinking
Like Sherlock -I'm fed up with Watson telly!
MindTrap encourages lateral thinking, instead of forth-winking!
Playing Morse the Chief Inspector, I might apprehend Dee Septor
Unlike Agatha Christie, I'd celebrate with Kwik Save's whisky

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