I shop at Texaco because…
From garage to farm Walkers take the tube
I kill two birds with one stick, gas and groceries double quick
Filling my tank, indulging my fancies, never makes 'holes' in 'lite' finances
I found after searching high 'Henlow', convenience and choice means Texaco
I'm motor-vated by their bumper range, car-ismatic staff and Henlow Grange
Texaco, Tango and Walkers, the ideal partners because…
This favourite team with value, taste and service star-rated, keep this punter keen, fully fuelled and motor-vated
Champion snack and prize winning quencher - fill up right here for a sporting adventure
Shop up, pop up, top up and crunch, when 'Gary'ged together the best triple bunch
Top fuel, cool drinks and snacks supreme, my days action packed with this all star team
They're all stars - on Texaco rack - Tango's top of the pops - Walkers number one snack
The best things in life are three - Texaco, Tango and Walkers

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