I think it would be cool to win a camcorder the Tesco and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer hot shots competition...
Camcorders capture Jamaican spice, Tesco's canned cool runnings of life
Camcorder - memories - what fun, seeing me limbo under the Sun
Sizzling value - hottest brand - magic moments 'in the can'
By focusing on Tesco first, D&G's can quench my thirst
Drink with spice, Tesco price, zooming in on paradise
Big smiles alfresco, thanks to D&G at Tesco
This home movie maka moves her takes some of Old Jamaica
Tesco prices, Old Jamaica brew, every dudes dream cam true
I'd be cool, calm and projected
Samsung captures with cool precision, indulging in hot Jamaican tradition
Tesco select soups are the perfect winter warmer because ...
They're delicious, nutritious, conveniently canned, quick to serve, a quality brand
Souperlative range with quality abundant, 'taste'fully renders home'maid' redundant
Like my man, they're chunky, satisfying and worth coming home to
They make life richer for the pourer
Quality soups that nourish and pamper, can you put some in my hamper
Bowl after bowl and served piping hot, Tesco selects the best of the lot
Open their cans, release their flavour, delicious soups, ready to savour
I've supped on brands of lesser gruel, then chosen Tesco's soupa fuel
They are tasty, especially stylish and completely original
They are what I really want to 'spice' up this 'girls' winter nights!
Delicious ingredients, collected and canned, my favourite warmer for a winter wonderland
With warming flavours like these, who needs to striptease, to hear the words 'more please'
Winter is here, no barbecues now, time to 'heat in' and Tesco knows how
They're delicious, nutritious, conveniently canned, at heart-warming prices, for a quality brand
It feels like you've just had a big cuddle inside
Their tasty sensations have no limitations to our expectations
Even daddy can open it!
Now is the winter of our content, made glorious by soup that's heaven scent
They've taste and goodness beyond compare, central heating for the can-noisseur
Winter woolies are now not needed, thanks to Tesco, they're souperceeded
The new Virginia Andrews at Tesco is a hidden jewel because…
It's another facet to one-stop shopping
I want to be a Flagbearer at World Cup 98 because…
The World Cup excites me, Coca Cola delights me, Tesco please invite me
Tesco premium Wiltshire ham is the ideal choice because…
Top quality from the sty - Tesco and Wiltshire - good names to buy
Delicious hame from prime Wiltshire porkers, please the most discerning knives and forkers
Premium Wiltshire passes every test, Tesco value definitely the best
Other hams become a sham, once you've tasted Tesco's Premium Wiltshire Ham
Jersey Royal Potatoes are my favourite potatoes because…
Tesco's freshness and Jersey's sun make these Royals my number one
Coca-Cola and Schweppes always give me something to sing about at Tesco because...
While 'Shepherds watch' 'You Know Who' is stocking up!
Slimline Schweppes or Diet Coke brand, lead Tesco's healthy keep fit band
They are a classical pair and harmonise with other fare
Every be-bopping bubble bounces to the beat
Mix and mingle or straight and single they make me swingle
I saw three Schweppes Coke sailing by; tonic, coke and ginger dry!
Coke and Schweppes keep me young - and like Cliff, Tesco's number one
They're a cracking Christmas double, loadsa savings, loadsa bubble
Whenever people gather and mingle, Tesco and Schweppes provide the jingle
Party time is ticketyboo with Tesco, Coke and Schhh 'You Know Who'!
Eisberg is cool because…
Whatever food you choose to savour, a Tesco wine will enhance the flavour
Tesco display their A, B, Cs and 1,2,3s, making sure each partnership agrees
To wine and dine is just divine, with Tesco value every time 
The reason is quite elementary, their qualities are so complimentary 

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