Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Ace Advantage Anyone for tennis? Ball
Ball's in your court Base line Call Cannot be faulted
Centre court Championship Clear winner Court
Courtship Deuce of a Deuced good Drop shot
First class service First service Fixture Game
Game, set and match Grand slam Grass Gut reaction
Just pipped Leaders in their glass Let Line
Love Match Net Net savings
New ball game Oh I say Open Outglass
Point taken Racket Rallying round Second service
Seed Serve a Serve Service
Set Slice Smash Smash hit
String String along Tie-break Top of the game
Top seed Top seeded Umpire Volley
What a racquet Wimbledon Win-bledon  

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Ball / fall / haul / maul / shawl / small / hall / tall / call / stall / pall / enthrall / befall / overhaul Beat / heat / sweet / neat / seat / cheat / defeat / feat / meat / repeat / treat / meet / sheet / feet / fleet / greet / street / eat / discreet / complete / deceit / petite / receipt
Court / caught Best / vest / west / quest / chest / rest / zest /test
Bionic / tonic / isotonic / demonic / electronic / platonic / sardonic Champ / scamp / camp / ramp / tramp / damp / cramp / lamp / clamp / stamp
Compete / elite / defeat / athlete / beat / heat / meet Fan / tan / man / ban / can / pan / ran / scan / plan / bran / flan / van / span
Match / patch / scratch / catch / latch / detach / batch / hatch / thatch / snatch / attach / batch Opposition / no competition
Pace / race Participate / spectate
Play / delay / way / stay / way / pay / gay / bay / lay / ray / decay / day / hay / spray / may / pray / stray / say / sway / clay Record / accord / discord / abroad
Score / bore / boar / adore / ore / oar / four / lure / cure / secure / obsure / pure / sure / insure / mature / encore / more / galore / before / pour / store / core / fore / chore / shore / implore / snore / pore / soar / sore / tore / tour / roar / your / floor / door / moor Set / wet / debt / get / net / sweat / threat / bet / whet / let / met / pet / regret / jet / yet / sunset / upset / brunetter / asset / upset
Sport / port / fort / caught / sort / resort / escort / support / court Team / dream / teem / esteem / cream / mean / scheme / scream / theme / supreme / seem / steam / beam / stream / deem / esteem
Tennis / menace / Venice / premise Win / din / grin / gin / sin / twin / cabin / fin / begin / thin / kin / skin / pin / spin / tin / violin / redskin / chin / bin / kitchen / origin
Winners / dinners / grinners  

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Robinsons Barley Water is the Champion refreshment because...
Singles, doubles, indoors or out, Robinsons wins without a doubt!
Robinsons tasty fruity zing, gives my racquet extra swing
Smashing taste, cool on court, Robinsons is ace for sport
Robinsons in my trolley, helps me serve, lob and volley
Robinsons is seeded number one, for people everywhere having fun
McEnroe shouts, umpires overrule, but Robinsons keeps everyone cool
Wimbledon without Robinsons? you cannot be serious!
Robinsons seeded number one, bottles opened and its gone
Whatever sport, whichever star, Robinsons made 'em what they are
Feeling refreshed, playing great, Robinsons is your best team mate
Playing tennis with all accessories, Robinsons' one of the necessities
Every serving down the line, Robinsons aces win every time
There is nothing bigger than Robinsons liquid vigour
Being unknown or seeded, Robinsons Barley Water is always needed
Tennis champions come and go, Robinsons keeps the status quo
Robinsons serve a refreshing ace, quenching thirst at sparkling pace
For Wimbledon, or just for fun, Robinsons is No 1
Robinsons and tennis a team, traditional as strawberries and cream
When parched with thirst, champions reach for Robinsons first
For seasoned pro, or a beginner, Robinsons' an instant winner
When Seles grunts, Agassi gasps, they down a Robinsons glass
When thirst is under attack, Robinsons wins game set and match
A Wimbledon champion continuously hears Robinsons groupies raising cheers
Full flavour takes the tennis seed, Robinsons is No 1 seed!
Robinsons on the label, means trophies on the table
Robinsons serve the perfect deuce, the ace winning liquid juice
When McEnroes's temper feels aflame, Robinsons restores a peaceful game
Whether rally, return or ace, Robinsons refreshes whatever the pace
Like Borg and Connors, Robinsons have earned the highest honours
What Wimbledon is to tennis, Robinsons is to squash
Monica grunts, Agassi grins, but Robinsons taste always wins
Every player tells the story, or Robinsons their best accessory
To play, or just observe, Robinsons' the best to serve
Even McEnroe agrees, refreshing Robinsons never fails to please
Prize ingredients in every glass, Robinsons Barley is World Class
Super taste, refreshingly mysterious, no Robinsons you cannot be serious
On merit, Robinsons seeded first, faultless service when quenching thirst
British finalists may be rare, but Robinsons is always there
Players come, players go, Tesco and Robinsons continue the show
Players of the highest grade, love their Robinsons thirst aid
With Robinsons' great drinks, even the opposition clutches at straws!
Robinsons has the finest flavours, Wimbledon tennis the greatest players
Steffi grins, Agassi may run, but Robinsons stays number one
In singles or mixed fours, success reigns when Robinsons pours
'A gassi' drink is no competition, compared to Robinsons' great tradition
Robinsons is on the ball, serving aces to us all
Back garden or centre court, Robinsons rewards games well fought
For Agassi or mere beginner, Robinsons always serves a winner
Victory signs up all around, means Robinsons is being downed
Robinsons always wins the thirst serve!
I need Dextrosol's extra energy because...
Playing tennis without it would be courting disaster
Always game for anything, Dextrosol gives me that extra spring
I've got too few 'amps' in my pants
Outmanoeuvring friend and foe necessitates the speed of Coe
Tennis racket, really whack it, not without a Dextro packet
Over 40 I need all the advantages I can get
Being a blood donor is a very draining experience
Nearing my alloted span, I pack in all I can
I'm at the age when my zip's gone zap
It gives me the advantage that nets the prize
Until Dextrosol came along I was well past sell-by date
It gives me the zip to fasten on to sport
Mum has to be good at 'serving' and rallying round
Whenever I reach 'break point' Dextrosol gives me the advantage
After going all out, I'm often all in
When playing basketball, I soon lose my bounce
Watching sports is my game, taking part is my aim
Being ambidextrous I need Dextrosol for my extra dexterity

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