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A beam on my face A display of Adjust volume Advertisements
All things bright and viewable Anna-Ford-Able Armchair comfort Audio visual
Auditioned the rest... Plays the part best Bad news without BBC Beam-in with pleasure
Beams across nation Best reception Best seat in the stadium Blank expression
Blur Box Bring 'Neighbours' in Cartoons
Cast in the role of Channel hopper Channel hopping Channel
Channelling to Clarity begins at home Clear Completes the picture
Conceived with reproduction in mind Copy Cross the channels Deck out with
Dig this channel tuner Digital versatile disc Dish Dish of the day
Dish up Don't break the bankety bank Drama Dull
DVD Family planning Family viewpoint Fast forward
Favourites Fine tuners / tunas Focus on Frequency
Future dimension Galaxy of Get a good reception Gets a great reception
Good news time Good reception Got it taped Highlights
Image of In the picture In tune In view of
In the picture ITV Latest bulletin Magic moments forever
Magnetic attraction Magnetic performance Memories stick fast Moving memories
My television is old and grey Needs no adjustment News Nicam
No critics On the same wavelength Open your eyes to Our view
PAL Panoramic view Perception Picture the
Play Plays for wide receivers Portable Programme
Programmed in quality Programmed Real to reel Receives great
Reception Record Remote control Repeat(s)
Replay Right wave length Satellite Saturday nights on Sunday morning
Scene Scene in Screen Screen out the
See Seen and not blurred Seen from any angle Serial
Setting the scene Sharp focus Sights Sights on
Sky Sky's the limit Sport Star buys
Star reception Stop, pause, rewind Sweet beams are made of this Switch on to
Switched on Tape Tape me to your leader Telly
Telly me one more time Time machine Time shifting Tube
Tuned for Tuned in TV Variety show
View Viewer Viewing opportunity Virtual reality
Vision Visual Volume Watch
Window to the World Works beautifully Zoom in on  

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Action replay / without delay Beats / repeats / defeats
Bored / scored / record Blurred / slurred / word
Boring / snoring / scoring Bright / satellite
Collections / recollections Lagers / sagas
Latest tech / smallest cheque Peek / peak / unique / seek
Picks / pix / pics Play / delay / way / stay / away / pay / gay / bay / lay / ray / decay / day / hay / spray / may / pray / stray / say / sway / portray / nay
Pocket / rocket Perception / reception / exception
Quality / reliability Satellite / light / bright / might / right / tight / height / sight / slight / plight / flight / fight / delight / night / fright / bite / mite / ignite / kite / white / polite / dynamite / unite / spite / write / site / quite
Selective / detective Sights / sites / delights
Sort / caught / sport / ought / nought / bought Telly / jelly / smelly / deli / belly
Tape / gape / escape / ape / scrape / shape / drape / cape View / renew / rescue / glue / debut / withdrew / crew / flew / grew / who / clue / new / rue / stew / chew / dew / due / loo / moo / knew / shoe / true / few / brew / do / too / sue / stew / through / queue / cue / value / review / menu / rendezvous

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I want to watch sport on a wide-screen TV from Comet because...
Racing, rugby, footie too, with wider screen so much to view
I want to watch Toy Story on Comet's home cinema TVs because…
It's a pro-logically surround sound investment of movie magic
I would love to waatch Euro '96 on TV after eating my Kellogg's cereal because...
Kelloggs in my tummy, England winning ball, so much excitement, I long for Ragdale Hall
Scotch Cassettes are a real gem because...
Moments you treasure give a lifetime of pleasure
They record and replay in a 'flawless' way
Their lifetime guarantee for recordings galore, outshines all others in the store
Their superior quality records every 'facet' plus a guarantee thats a 'clear cut' asset
I would watch .... On my pocket television because...
Chateauvallon because its about POCHE people
The Lone Ranger because I keep silver in my other pocket
Tom and Jerry because the full size version frightens my gerbil
Postman Pat because it was created for little ones
Blind Date because the less I see of it the better
Winning a TV and video with Princes at Kwik Save would be marvellous because...
Kwik Save prices make me richer, Princes taste completes the picture
Never need to channel hop, Princes standards never drop
Princes, Kwik Save, what a mixture, quality, value, get the picture!
No questions, 'Princely' prizes, family for-tunas at discount prices
While Sam-sung the tuna, I could play the recorder
Rental charges not applying, means much more Princes Tuna buying
Samsung TV, Princes for tea, another great Kwik Save oppor-tuna-ty
Princes 'network' and tuna 'selection', Kwikly gets the best reception
Princes quality, Kwik Save economy, leaves me watching Samsung technology
Samsung replay - pause then savour, Princes Tuna full of flavour
When we buy Princes tuna at Kwik Save we zoom into orbit because...
We go to Ma's for tea
Waistline friendly, little 'bread', Princes Kwik Save 'light' years ahead
Kwik Save empire strikes back, blasting prices off every pack
A 'star' buy from Kwik Save's aisles, 'dishy' Princes satellite smiles
Princes dishes without exception, always get a great reception
Together they proffer an Unbeatable Family Offer
It's a capsule of health from a store saving wealth
We know we'll come down to earth tuna or later
Princes tuna to our choppers - Kwikies programmed to save coppers
In a galaxy of tins, Princes always wins
Kwik, cheap, no waste satellite your sense of taste
They're light years ahead in the store wars
Princes tuna, Kwik and zippy - healthier than a Martian chippy
Sky's the limit, great selection, 'dishing up' Princes sheer perfection
No alien fish will we receive on our dish
Armstrong, first on lunar lands, Princes first for tuna brands
Kwik Save's Princes tuna dish'll taste heavenly, that's O-fish-all
Princes tuna, a tasty dish, Kwik Save prices every woman's wish
Such fishical pleasure in store, even Patrick asks for Moore!
Doritas movie premiers are great because...
Great movies tonight at eight - Doritas Premier Films, its a date
I'm the first to savour the premier flavour
They're cool, original, ideal, spicy, exciting and simply 'unreel'
Directors perfect them for film buff selection
They catch your attention, so then you watch them
From 'Casablanca' to 'Rio' every movie buff loves Doritas tasty trio
I always get my movie kicks with Doritas first time groovy flicks
Doritas tastefully carry the show - supported by Forbouys - always in the know
With a taste for the occasion, each opening's a celebration
Like Doritas munchy flavours, they put stars in your eyes
Lights, action - Doritas are the main attraction

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