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Alexander Graham Bell Bell Bill BT
Button Cable & Wireless Call Call me
Cellnet Dial Dial M for Murder Engaged
ET phone home Give me a bell Handset Itemised bill
Its good to talk Mobile One 2 One Phone
Phone box Receiver Ring Set
STD Telecommunications Telephone Vodafone

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Call / all / ball / bawl / fall / gall / haul / mall / small / squall/ brawl / crawl / drawl / sprall / tall / stall / wall / eyeball Phone / cone / hone / crone / throne / stone / bone / tone / alone / flown / known / drone / groan / zone / own / loan / moan / thrown

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There's always a call for Rowntrees jelly because...
Jelly-communications is the direct line to party success
Party line set to please - clearest answer from Rowntrees
Hey Presto! another fruity favourite on the party line
Sweet? Treat? Party line? A Rowntree's number springs to mind
If you could have a telephone conversation with a famous person, who would it be, and why?
Will Carling - I am also Di-ing for Quavers thrill, settled household and phone bill, Will
Liz Hurley - I was talking to Hugh Grant and he says your new lips look simply Divine
Andrew Lloyd Webber - On a crisp note, nothing beats a Quaver
Bart Simpson - Your street wise bunch suit a street cred crunch
Sir Walter Raleigh - Do you remember those spuds you imported? Walkers have got them well and truly sorted!
Damon Hill - When you need a 'brake', race for a Quaver because Walkers Shu-mak-er flavour to savour
I'm going to have a great time this Christmas thanks to BT because…
Hark the Freestyles gentle ring; Heralds calls for answering; Never moving from the chair; Press a button, calls right there
A cordless phone means the kids won't moan, now they can walk and talk instead of war and jaw
All next year I know this much, My forgetful son will keep in touch
Although my family's far away, it's cheap to phone on Christmas day
Although the love of my heart is apart, we can still keep in touch, without costing much
Anywhere worldwide - London to Perth, Telecom's services prove their worth
Away from home, that BT tone, melts the miles away.
Basted Turkey, Bright Tinsel, Brimming Tankards, Brandy-filled Tarts, Bath Talcs, Being Thoughtful, Bristling Tree, Bringing Together, British Telecom
Beside him in the chair, husband will have the phone, no fighting ‘twix us pair, to answer not a moan
Better than baubles, Tinsel, Bells, Trees, Bears, Toys, Bras, Teddies, Brandy', Toddies, BT Bridging Traditions, Breeding Thoughtfulness. Bringing Togetherness
Brother ‘Relates's to Doris, sister 'Duet's with Boris, the family 'Freelances's Christmas cheer - a 'Prelude' to 'ringing' Happy New Year!
BT cordless sets help to take calls, BT memories help to make calls, BT technologies help to make it easier
BT is very much like ET - out of this world. Except prices are very much down to Earth
BT’s a winner, improving so much, I'm so well connected and always in touch
BT's DF100 is intelligent and it shows, and if you faxed it, you would even say it knows!
Cheaper calls, all to share, nothing missed, Falcon flair, with the Freelance anywhere, to roam the house without a care
Christmas finds me reminiscing; Family friends that I’m missing; Seconds later I'm in touch; Now the hurt's not hurting much
Ding Dung merrily on high - it's heaven the bells are ringing 
Dring! Dring! merrily on high; My telephone hell is singing; With my answering machine; I always know who's ringing
For quality and value BT is no Scrooge, with their cornucopia of technology and the chance to win a cruise
Forget partridges and geese, British Telecom's exceeds these, with the happiness it brings, when my true love gives five rings
Grandchildren dialling Christmas cheer: the miles between us disappear
I can hide from the kitchen, kids, the dog, my husband and natter as long as l like

I can invite friends from all over the world into my home -without even going to the door!

I can send my seasonal greetings without delay and keep in touch on Christmas Day

I can talk to friends rather than using pens, I can keep in touch and it doesn't cost much

I dial my selection, for instant selection, to banish dejection with some aural affection

I hold the telephone to my earlobe, then dial right round the globe, and it's jingle bells all the way

I suffered hang ups every Christmas, enduring many a silent night, since I sent BT phonecards, telephone's Brrring delight

I'll phone greetings to relations, slog at slogan combinations, then await congratulations, with BT communications

I'll have piece of mind knowing my mum's just a call away, and though she’s blind, she can call us each day

If hubby's in the pub, I'll bleep him for Christmas grub, He'll soon be on his way, THIS Christmas Day

If you can't he with those who matter, at least you can have a festive chatter

Last minute party? No need for dismay, forget slow Christmas post BT saves the day

Miles don't matter, when you can have a cheap chatter

My mother-in-law is now just a phone call away, so we will be having a turkey for Christmas instead of her!

Oh what joy it brings; When I hear five gold rings

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love sends to me -Five gold rings - cheap rate of course!

Perfect gift now is made, as a mobile phone BT Jade
Relations and friends; Home or away; Come that bit nearer; The BT way
Resplendent on my dresser it sits: I am absolutely thrilled to bits!
Ringing long distance makes the heart grow - 'Phone-der'
Santa heard my plea: An answerphone from thee

Satellite viewing, phoning or faxing, BT products make communicating more relaxing

Telephones ring - are you listening? O'er the world - faces glistening.' Beautiful sound - beaming around, Talking in a BT wonderland

The rates are down, the lines are clear, I'll speak to all, my near and dear

The voice tells you the time of day: Your friends will know you're out to play: There's always time to have your say: B. Telecom will find a way

Their phone-tastic gifts give me the perfect reason, to wish one and all British Telecom’pliments of the season

There's goodwill all along the line, from Christmas Eve to Auld Lang Syne
There's one bill that we're able to peg - phoning won't cost an arm or a leg
They B-ring the very best to you
They make my nearest and dearest, nearer but no dearer

They'll he no more partridges, geese, turtledoves, french hens, drummers, maids or lords... only lots of rings

This elegant phone gives me the leads, it's dependable, reliable and 'answers' my needs

Unto us a child is born, at Christmas time rejoice, with BT's cordless telephone this wise man heard his voice

What better way can you be given a gift, when that way is the gift of talking

When Christmas cards I overlook, BT helps get me off the hook Seasonal greetings yule express, BTs a phone-nomenal success!

When Gold is expensive, Frrankincense sold out and Myrrh not stocked, Wise Men give someone special a ring for Christmas

While Santa delivers Christmas cheer, BT brings our dearest near

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