Tango and Tigra are a match made in heaven because…
Both provoke a sparkling smile, litre after litre, mile after mile
Tango's tantalising taste sensation, Tigra's outstanding driving inspiration, truly a heavenly combination
Vauxhall motoring appeals, I've packed the Tango, please send me the wheels
Tango, zest, Tigra flair, taste and value, the perfect pair
When I'm football training I like to drink Tango because…
It's a fizzical attraction
A Tango a day keeps the Red Card away
Tango tickles your tasting tackle
It makes me burp
Fi, fa, fo, fum, other drinks nil - Tango won
Makes me 'fizzical' like Vinnie Jones - but I'm nicer to players bones
Tango has plenty of substitutes but no match
As goalie it's my excuse for having an open mouth
After mom's cooking it's the best drink to take away the taste
This football crazy Tango fan, gets fizzio therapy from its can
Tango's taste is undeniable - I wish my team were as reliable
Like Chelsea's players lifting the cup, Tango is the one to sup
After someone makes a lunge, it's better than the magic sponge
Other drinks taste 'foul'
With Tango in my belly I play as good as Pele
Describe an extravagant way to drink your cuppa tango...
In ir-RITZ-istible luxury, four poster bed - Thanks Morrisons, Tango and Mr Fayed!

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