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Alpine / helping Alpine hand Another alping of Emmentally suitable
Finished your gnome work Mountains of Peak Second alping of
Slope off to

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Fondue / new / you / dew / few Gnome / home / roam
Swiss / miss / kiss

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I like cheeses from Switzerland because…
Cheese Has Essential Elements Specially Emmental from Switzerland
Whatever the venue Swiss cheese fits the menu
Pure ingredients and traditional care make Emmental and Gruyere
My mother Swiss, a childhood treat, a cheese fondue, the memory sweet
I know that the Alpine Horn Blower on the label means satisfaction around the table
Eaten alone or with bread or wine, Swiss cheeses are great, there's none so fine
They taste so delightful, meals are divine, Suisse on the label, the pleasure is mine
Emmental has "hole"some flavour, Gruyere spicy taste to savour delicious "two" in a Swiss fondue
They have wonderful taste, superb textures and are so versatile
Mountainous flavours, outstanding to eat, standard never wavers, a fresh alpine treat
It has the flavour my tastebuds love to savour
A connoisseur I love to savour, their unique and distinctive flavour
Rival products can't compare, Swiss cheeses are unique
Their taste is a mountainous experience, like a yodel in fresh air
I like to savour the flavour of an alpine fondue
It's irreswisstibly the taste for me
The Swiss symbol stands supreme and Safeway sets standards seldom seen
The Swiss symbol stands supreme and Safeway sets standards seldom seen
They are tasty, nutritious and simply delicious
Alpine meadows with clean fresh breeze produce a fuller flavoured cheese
They're always at the peak of perfection
Flavour outstanding, dinners are divine, Suisse on the label, the pleasure is mine
Cheese is only bliss when it's real Swiss
For taste and flavour no cheese can compare with nutty Emmental and matured Gruyere
As a mature student who enjoys delicious cheeses, Swiss are a Safeway of guaranteeing satisfaction
My palate is hard to please, I only eat the finest cheese
It's the Safeway to guarantee quality
I've tried the rest and I know what's best
They're a GRATE idea for any occasion, from fondue supper to a family invasion.
For lunchtime temptation or evening treat, tasty Swiss cheeses are hard to beat
Quality food, standards high, from Safeway the best place to buy
I buy Swiss Emmental at Safeway because…
Emmental excellence, Safeway flair, together they're a perfect pair
The best treasures are always kept in a Safeway
Safeway's expertise at keeping Swiss cheese, means superb flavour, sure to please
Flavour's delightful, taste divine, with the Emmental label, the pleasure is mine
It is wholly the finest place for cheese and service alike
It’s taste once acquired is forever desired
Their alpine selection makes fondue perfection
They both bring delight to the bored
This taste of Switzerland, superbly presented, leaves palates pleased and pockets contented
Close your eyes, smell and taste, Safeway's Emmental the delight of Switzerland
I am fond(ue) see of good quality
It's a gourmets invitation to forget inflation
Their Swiss cheese display draws me to it every day
Both are monuemmental in the spread of good taste
There's no mountains to climb in Safeway to find your dream
Alpine fresh, 'holesome' flavour, Emmental cheese is the taste to savour.
Quality counts, prices please, unique flavour, greatest cheese
King of cheeses, principal store, who could ask for anything more
Switzerland's across the sea, but Safeway is right next to me
Safeway sells singularly super Swiss cheese
For quality and selection, Safeway's Emmental is perfection
From Safeway its taste is assured, fresh as the day it matured
Both have a good history, recognised by all perfectionists
The delicious taste drives me mildly nutty
I'm just 'nuts' about Emmental
Emmental - a temptation 'alpine' for
Flavour outstanding - fondue's divine, Swiss on the label, the pleasure is mine
It's the best that there is, it gives this miss Swiss bliss
I love Swiss cheeses and the best are at Safeway
I put great store by a great cheese
For fondues with an alpine flavour, Safeway is the store I favour.
I can recognise genuine "Cheeses From Switzerland" because…
The alpine horn you can hardly miss, shows these cheeses are really Swiss
Over 700 years of Swiss expertise has produced, without doubt, the finest Swiss Cheese
Seven hundred years, long test of time have brought out cheeses quite sublime
Flavours outstanding, delicious to eat with aromas enchanting, an alpine-fresh treat
If the trade mark isn't on it the flavour isn't in it
They taste so delightful, meals are divine, Suisse on the label, the pleasure is mine
The alphorn blower stands on the edge. Was it him who ate the wedge?

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