Shopping at Superdrug is electrifying because...
They are switched on to powerful bargains
The prices won't give you any nasty shocks
The sizzling low prices make your hair stand on end
Its gratifying not getting a shock each time you shop
I appreciate supercharged quality at undercharged prices
You switch to a most economical concept in shopping
They're light on price - 'amp'le choice, offers you can't refuse
Their 'current' prices are shockingly low
Prices are down to earth and quality worth a plug
I'm not too dim to spot their light charges
It's alive with bargains at shockingly low prices
They socket to you baby
They throw a little light on the subject of savings
Their sparkling reputation needs no plug
Ample choice, watt a store, prices shock, who wants more
All bright sparks save there, they've seen the light
Their prices generate sparks of joy to switched on shoppers
The bargains are powerful, the prices static
Watts high in potential is low on charge
I buy Huggies in Superdrug because…

For rash, crash and cash defence the product, prize and price makes sense

I'd like to bite the big apple at Superdrug because…

Caring for dentures Superdrug's way, means I always 'have a nice day'

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