Words / Ideas Rhymes Winning Tiebreakers



Ace Ace service Across the board Action
Action replay Advantage Ahead Ahead of the field
Ahead of the game Aim for All above board All action
Amateur Appeal At the bell Ball in your court
Ball park figure Beat Beaten Best
Best in the field Best foot forward Better Bigger
Blow the whistle on Boot Bronze Bronze medal
Captain the Catch Catch a Catch out
Caught Challenge Champ Champion
Champion performance Champion the cause Champion of Clean sweep
Clean up the Clear winner Compete for Competition
Contest Contest the Court Crisp finish
Cross-country competitiveness Crystal ball Cup Cup winners
Dash Dashed Dirty game Down
Draw Draw for Dry run Dynamic power
Event Exercise Exercise your choice Extra
Fair crack of the whip Fair and square Fair means or foul Fall
Fall foul of Fan Fast (er) Fault
Favourites for Field Fight Final
Finish last First team for First Fit
Flag Foul Front runner Full time
Game Game for Game of chance Get the crowds in
Get a kick out of Goal Gold Gold medal
Gold medal ingredients etc Good saves Grand national Grand Prix
Half time Hat trick Have a field day Heading
Heats for Hit Home for Home fixture
Hurdle In any event In front for In great shape
It takes all sports Jog Jog the Join the club
Jump to Just pipped Kick Kill
Knock out Knock out value Knows the game Lap up
Last Lead the way to Lead out a winner Leaders in their class / glass
Leading Long running Long playing Lose (r)
Make a run for Make a match of Make passes at Make... My goal
Match Match for Match the Medal
Miss as good as her smile Miss Missed More good points than
Muscle Muscle into My goal is Name of the game is
Net Net savings Net a winner New ball game
No match for No price jumps No better performer than No penalties
No substitute No sweat Nose ahead Nose in front
Number one for Number one On cue On the ball
Organised Out Outclass Over
Overtake Pace Participate Peak performance
Penalty Perfect finish Perform Performance
Personal best Pitch Pitch into Play
Play for the Play the field Plenty of punch Pocket the
Power Powerful Practise Practice makes perfect
Premier Prize Products pitched at Professional
Punch Quick (er) Ready, steady... Record
Replay for Rocky Rules Run away winners
Run to Running rings around Saddled with Score
Score for Score with Score of Scotch all comers
Seed Seeded Sell a dummy Serve
Service Set Shoot past the... Silver medal
Silver Slip Smash Smashing
Smooth on ice Speed (y) Speed over to Sport a
Sport Sporting chance to Spring in my step Sprint
Sprint for Starter Starter for ten Stay ahead of
Steady Striker Striking Strip
Stroke of Strong, clean finish Struggle Success
Superiority in the vaults Support Supporter Sure winner
Survival of the fittest / fitted Swift Tackle hunger Tackle thirst
Take part Takes all sports to Takes some beating Takes the title of
Team Team with Team effort Team selection
Teaming with Tees / tease The right stuff Thrown by
Tie Time trials prove Tip (top) Tire
Title Title holder To the tape Top
Tournament Track record Train Trained to
Trophy Trot out Unbeatable Win (ner)
Win on points Winner for Winner takes all Winning
Winning performance Without the will he won't Won You can't win them all, but ... Is always the best

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Ball / fall / haul / maul / shawl / small / hall / tall / call / stall / pall / enthrall / befall / overhaul / bawl Bat / fat / flat
Beat / heat / sweet / neat / seat / cheat / defeat / feat / meat / repeat / treat / meet / sheet / feet / fleet / greet / street / eat / discreet / complete / deceit / petite / receipt Beater / eater / neater / cheater
Begin / win Best / vest / west / quest / chest / rest / zest /test
Bionic / tonic / isotonic / demonic / electronic / platonic / sardonic Champ / scamp / camp / ramp / tramp / damp / cramp / lamp / clamp / stamp
Compete / elite / defeat / athlete / beat / heat / meet Course / coarse / pause
Fan / tan / man / ban / can / pan / ran / scan / plan / bran / flan / van / span Fast / last / passed / cast
Feed / speed / lead Field / yield / heeled / wield
First / burst / versed / thirst / cursed / worst / dispersed / reversed Last / past / fast / massed / brassed / passed / classed / grassed / glassed / surpassed / blast / cast / mast / breakfast / vast / enthusiast
Match / patch / scratch / catch / latch / detach / batch / hatch / thatch / snatch / attach / batch Opposition / no competition
Pace / race Participate / spectate
Play / delay / way / stay / way / pay / gay / bay / lay / ray / decay / day / hay / spray / may / pray / stray / say / sway / clay Pop / top / stop
Punch / munch / crunch / lunch / bunch Quick / pick / kick / flick / lick / nick / chick / click / stick / tick / prick / brick / snick / trick
Race / pace / grace / disgrace / ace / lace / face / brace / place/ space / trase / base / chase / case Record / accord / discord / abroad
Run / fun / gun / none / one / done / won / stun / bun / sun / shun / pun / spun / son Score / bore / boar / adore / ore / oar / four / lure / cure / secure / obsure / pure / sure / insure / mature / encore / more / galore / before / pour / store / core / fore / chore / shore / implore / snore / pore / soar / sore / tore / tour / roar / your / floor / door / moor
Set / wet / debt / get / net / sweat / threat / bet / whet / let / met / pet / regret / jet / yet / sunset / upset / brunetter / asset / upset Speed / proceed / succeed / lead / plead / deed / feed / bleed / need / seed / reed / breed / greed / weed / heed / read / cede / recede / concede / stampede / swede
Speedy / greedy / needy Sport / port / fort / caught / sort / resort / escort / support / court
Team / dream / teem / esteem / cream / mean / scheme / scream / theme / supreme / seem / steam / beam / stream / deem / esteem Track / crack / back
Win / din / grin / gin / sin / twin / cabin / fin / begin / thin / kin / skin / pin / spin / tin / violin / redskin / chin / bin / kitchen / origin Winners / dinners / grinners

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I want to watch sport on a wide-screen TV from Comet because...
Racing, rugby, footie too, with wider screen so much to view
Dextro Energy Tablets give me all the energy I need because ...
Run, cycle, swim or skate, Dextro Energy's my team mate
Give a performance unsurpassed, pure Dextrose energy works really fast
Dismay the couch potato faction, by instantly dissolving into action
Climb a mountain, reach my peak, Cextro tablets are unique
I give Jacob's and Hovis Cream Crackers more than a sporting chance because...
Whatever the venue they appear on the menu
Their track record is second to none, always be my number one
They consistently make first class 'breaks'
Eaten plain or with topping, once started there's no stopping
For me they're just the ticket to enjoy whilst watching the cricket
Snap! They're a dead eat at the winning post
When packing school dinners, they're cracking good winners
They're more than a match for any biscuit!
They make 'Grandstand' thrillers for 'Home in Tum' fillers
Every sportsman worth his salt, savours their taste for hunger assault
Safeway's new beefburger range gives me a sporting chance because...
It's just the ticket for a 'quarter-back'!
Lucozade is No1 for active people because...
After a gruelling session on the track Lucozade puts the energy back
Instant energy is put back, countering an energy deficient attack
On the track, on the street, Lucozade is hard to beat
When your vital 'go' has gone, Lucozade helps you carry on
When your body's stamina is under attack, Lucozade puts the energy back
Whatever your age, whatever your 'race' Lucozade helps you to keep pace
It keeps them at the top, while others flag and drop
It gives the zest to become the best
Energy-packed, in flavours galore, it sustains and refreshes whatever the score
When my body says no, Lucozade helps me get up and go
With its refreshingly high glucose content, Lucozade quickly replaces energy spent
Climbing high, just surviving, Lucozade to the rescue, soon reviving
Lush, Uplifting and Cool, Offers Zest And Daily Energy
Run, jump, swim or skate, Lucozade helps me recuperate
It provides every day, what daily living takes away
Once tasted, soon gone, but the benefits linger on
When energy runs low, it gives that 'get up and go'
Exhausted feelings get short shrift from Lucozade's healthy, invigorating lift
Tesco shoppers heartily insist - Lucozade energy - top of their list
It quenches thirst with an energy burst
When energy ebbs low it gives get up and go
A Lucozade a day keeps competitors at bay
Lucozade Up Classes Other Zest Associated Drinks Entirely!
They 'Cram' much more into their 'Daley' lives
When the going gets tough - Lucozade gets going
A runaway for energy and zest, elite for taste - its definitely best
If you want the Daley spark Lucozade helps you make the mark
The energy in the fizziness, lets their trainers do the business
When your energy starts to fade, there's nothing better than Lucozade!
When all those games have been played, replace that energy with Lucozade
Aces, Athletes and amateurs agree Lucozade works to a 'T'
Handy for my hand-bag, boosts me when I start to flag
Nothing's a test when you're fuelled by the best
It provides every day what daily living takes away
Whether its cycling, sailing, running or swimming, Lucozade ensures my energy's brimming
The lost energy it replaces helps to win races!
A hectic day full of strife, Lucozade adds that sparkle of life
After vigorous exercises - Lucozade - energises!
It always comes first for quenching thirst!
It turns 'fed up and slow' into 'get up and go'
When you are tired and slow, Lucozade makes you go, go, go!
The action always starts after my 'Daley' drink!
Not a word of flattery, it charges up your battery
Every can gives 'bottle', every bottle says 'you can'
Energy fading and jobs still to do, Lucozade bubbles refresh and renew
When your sparkle begins to fade, put it back with Lucozade
It passes the rest in the taste bud test
They never feel 'whacked' because they're Lucozade backed!
Top performance, second to none, sparkling Lucozade shows how its done

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