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Barcelona 'Basque'ing Bull fights Costa Brava
Costa del Sol Costa less El Dorado El of a
Espana Fiesta Flamenco Granada
Iberia Juan Matador Not to be Teideous
Ole Oleday Paella Paellas of paradise
Plaza Port Adventura Pueblo Rain like champagne
Salou’brious Sangria Senor Senorita
Seville Siesta Spanish Acquisition Spanish gold
Tapas The rain falls mainly in  The rain in Spain Toreador

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Costa / lost a / foster Fiesta / siesta
Juan / one Spain / again / main / rain / deign / feign / grain / pain
Spanish / vanish / banish

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I’ve always wanted to visit Spain because ... 
Stressed superwoman seeks stunning fella, for sherry sensation with perfect paella
I'd like to visit Barcelona because…
Leafy plazas, cafes, opera, art; like Torres, it's bound to capture my heart
Las ramblas, goudir and food divine no finer place tapas the time
I drink Heineken because…
Even Juan Carlos proclaims it nobly - sets tastebuds dancing the Paso Doble
Only one swallow, eurover the moon, basque-ing in 'summer fields' all afternoon
I’d like to get set for the beach with Funador because...
When it comes to beach style, Funador wins by a mile
It brings Spanish sunshine to English Sands, spirited fun via Tesco hands
I would be starting my holiday with the right spirit
Then I could have fun out doors
This super prize within my reach would look fantastic on the beach
Sun, sea, sand and Funador completes my dream on any shore
It leaves everything else in the shade
A beach set would be handly on a Spanish beach drinking brandy
I’d be kitted out in style for a drink so versatile
It gives greater pleasure to beach time leisure
I like Club Royal because…
It's delicious to drink, fresh and fruity, like Andalucia's astounding beauty
I believe Spanish citrus fruit is essential as part of a healthy diet because…
What you get, is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
I  prefer Co Op Spanish melons because…
For 'instant' refreshment in a 'shot', juicy Spanish melons have the lot
I would love to see the real Spain because…
In white-washed bars, with gypsy guitars, I'd sip Montilla, under the stars
I like San Miguel because…
For it reigns when it pours, thirst class honours to Co Op stores
In Co Op enthusing, San Miguel choosing, quietly musing, please send me cruising
Along with 'Ole' and flamenco on my list, it's something Spanish not to be missed
I would like to win a trip to Barcelona because...
Bustling, buoyant, bursting with life - I need some culture, reckons the wife
I would like to jet to the sun with Funador and El Capistrano because…
Funador in sunny Spain beats vintage champagne in English rain
San Miguel is the toast of Spain because…
From trendy Muchachos to Steadfast Senor, its full bodied flavour's the one, por favor
It puts the beer into Iberia
Forget what all the phrase books books tell, Spain's word for beer is San Miguel
A glass of Montilla wine would make my Spanish weekend because…
Madrid's attractions and authentic wine, together ensure a wonderful time
I would recommend Somerfield Rioja Tinto to be served with…
Arousing oles, a family fiesta, a perfect paella and a short siesta
San Miguel is the Taste of the Real Spain because…
It makes life richer for the pourer, it's liquid gold for me signora
Juan is not enough
When vino is vinegar and sangria's sweet, that San Miguel flavour just cannot be beat
I would like to discover the real Spain because…
Peaceful Pueblos and castles unfold - like Fundador - true Spanish gold
Spanish hospitality: warm and inviting Fundador Brandy: smooth and exciting
Spain excites me, Fundador delights me, hope you invite me
Spain is a magical holiday destination because…
One oleday is never enough!
Where would you like to take your prize and why…
A Findus 'package deal' named paella, would taste extra fantastic in Marbella
I'd like to visit Barcelona because…
Leafy plazas, cafes, opera and art, like Torres, it's bound to capture my heart
Somerfield gives you the taste of Spain because...
Nutritious, delicious and good for you, they taste even better in the resort of Salou
Delicious, healthy all year through, shopping at Somerfield puts Spanish sunshine in you
Winter, spring, or summer sun, Somerfield and Spain are my number one
Throughout the year, Somerfield Citrus reveals, healthy Spanish sunshine under their peels
Tended with love in the Spanish sun, Somerfield's Citrus fruits rate no.1
A juicy thirst quencher, a real sun drencher, Somerfield's Spanish taste Ad-venture
Sunshine store with fruit galore, Spanish Citrus por favor
Supplies straight from sunny clime, deliver fiesta flavour every time
Such juicy fruit, so easily peels - muchas gracias Somerfield
Sunshine grown to Spanish tradition, healthy, delicious, full of nutrition
What you get is what you 'C', sun-filled juice made naturally
Peel an orange, what do I see, Spanish beaches, sapphire sea, Somerfield - do pick me
What nature has perfected, Somerfield has selected
Singing oranges and lemons in Somerfield's aisles, tastebuds flamenco and just 'C' our smiles
Mediterranean breeze, citrus trees, Somerfield picks the best to please
Just one taste, Eurover the moon, Basque-lug in 'summer-fields' all afternoon
The finest fruit Espana yields, comes courtesy of Somerfield
Costas less for first class fruit, every Juan's a little beaut!
Sweet, juicy Spanish Citrus beat the rest, prudent on price, and best for zest
Spain's sun and gentle breezes, ensures Somerfield's citrus always pleases
Spain's succulent fruit really hits the spot, and at Somerfield they don't 'Costa' lot
Somerfield's citrus is second to none, you can almost feel that Spanish sun
Oranges and lemons freshly peeled, bring Spanish magic via Somerfield
Sensational, tasty, juicy galore, so very a'peel'ing, you'll wanna have more
With oranges, lemons and clementines too, I've a healthy ticket to sunny Salou
Sun-kissed fruit, fresh from the groves, keeps shoppers coming in droves
Tasting Spanish sunshine from my Somerfield stores, has whetted my appetite for Mediterranean shores
Sun ripened citrus with sweetness galore, Costa lot less at Somerfield store
Their succulent citrus is so a'peel'ing, it's given me that holiday feeling
Succulent, fresh fruits to savour, Somerfield's value, Spanish flavour
Sun-ripened from Spanish land, brings nature's nutrition to the palm of your band
Southern Spain is simply sunshine perfected, like its citrus fruits that Somerfield selected
Delicious citrus fruits good health enhancers, 'stamp' of approval from Flamenco dancers
At Somerfield, what you get is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
Delicious fruits just for the asking, from sunny Spain where they've been 'Basque'ing
Throughout the year they cause 'sunsation', in every branch across the nation
A Fiesta of flavours, sunshine and zest, Salou’brious oranges Somefield's best
Somerfield satsumas and clementines, both citrus quenchers, peel back their skin for Spanish adventures
Spanish sun and Somerfield tradition, produces quality fruit packed 'with nutrition
Soaked in sunshine, tended 'with care, there's nothing more natural anywhere
They send my tastebuds on migration, Port Adventura their destination
Their Spanish flavour whisks me away, to Spanish Costa shouting ‘OLE!’
Citrus bursting with zing and zest, the Spanish sun has done the rest
Their citrus fruits are temptation galore, delicious tastes whet your appetite for more
Each Juice segment is naturally sealed, 'with a taste of Spain thanks to Somerfield
Sun-soaked, delicious and brimming 'with zest, Spanish Citrus from Somerfield is the best
Senors and Senoritas all agree, to give Somerfield and citrus a big 'Si Si’
The taste of Spain without a fuss, 'it' is found for 'uS' in Somerfield c'it'r'us'
The taste of Spain is so Intense, only the peel is left as evidence
Sun-soaked citrus with freshness to savour, even Picasso was drawn to its flavour
A choice selection with delicious flavours, brings Spanish sun to Somerfield savers 
Juicy and fresh, very few pips, the finest taste 'tapas' my lips
Delicious, juicy oranges brighten each 'winter's day, with glorious Spanish sunshine - the easy Somerfield way
They're the Spanish acquisition, full of juicy nutrition
Somerfield gives me more to the pound, bringing me Spanish sunshine all year round
England's no 'Costa Dorada', weather's simply chronic, so Somerfield's Spanish sunshine is naturally the tonic
With succulent citrus full of vitamin C, Somerfield store up Spanish sunshine for me
Somerfresh flavour we all adore, a Spanish adventure por favor!
The glorious heat of the Spanish sun, ensures Somerfield citrus are number one
What you get is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
Other stores stay in the shade, when Somerfield’ sunshine citrus is displayed
Sampling Spain at Somerfield is truly exquisite, and could 'net' you a 'Costa Dorada' visit
A tempting treat for young and old, Spanish Citrus is 'worth its 'weight in gold
Fresh, succulent citrus, varieties galore, packed full of sunshine, rushed straight to the store
Their citrus array, rich, vibrant and fruity, is like Spain's exotic beauty
Reputation and value equally shared, Somerfield and Spain perfectly paired
Sweetly priced, with sunshine nutrition, they're a luscious fruit bowl addition
Spain's citrus have a taste unique, and Somerfield's sells them at their peak
Fiesta, siesta, sun, fun, and 'C', they have the happiest healthiest citrus family.
Sunshine packed, so sweetly fruity, Somerfield's finest Spanish beauty.
Tangy fruits ripened by Spanish sunrays, make my tastebuds Flamenco shouting pip pip ole!
The distinctive taste, the juiciest sensation, transports me into a Spanish destination
They're healthy, juicy, naturally fresh, with Spanish sunshine in the flesh
Senors and Senoritas agree, they're the taste of Spain and full of vitamin Si!
With Somerfield's freshness and Spanish sun, this sun-caressed citrus is my number one
From sunny Spain to our native shores, they're ripe for the picking at Somerfield stores
Being exposed to Spanish sun, these glittering citrus are second to none
Mouth-watering entertainment, simply the best, squeezed full of flavour an adventure in zest
A citrus adventure, Juice galore, means number 'Juan' fruit from number 'Juan' store
Climate, care and Spanish flair, make Somerfield's citrus beyond compare
It's flavour burst citrus we all adore, and vitamin packed - C C senor
Delicious, nutritious, juicy, fruity, every Juan's a citrus beauty
What you get is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
With fruity pleasure and delights untold, Somerfield have found true Spanish gold
Bursting with Juicy flavour, everyone sun-kissed, Somerfield's Spanish Citrus are too sweet to resist
A citrus selection the family 'Salut', it won't Costa fortune with Somerfield fruit
For stacks of citrus Somerfield has the very 'zest' appeal
More sales than the Spanish armada, the best fruit comes from Costa Dorada
That Spanish flavour could not be purer, sends tastebuds on an Adventura!
Easy to peel, easy to squeeze, easy to Imagine that Spanish 'C' breeze.
Fresher and juicier than the rest, Somerfield sell citrus at their best
I want to be in Spain with Gonzalez Byass because...
I love traditional Spanish delights, ice-cold sherry, warm summer nights
Delightful cities, culture untold, like Gonzales Byass, true Spanish gold

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