I would like to spend three days as an Astronaut because… 
While Zanussi saves me toil and trouble, I'd love to orbit with the hubble 
When we buy Princes tuna at Kwik Save we zoom into orbit because...  
We go to Ma’s for tea 
Waistline friendly, little ‘bread’, Princes Kwik Save ‘light’ years ahead 
Kwik Save empire strikes back, blasting prices off every pack 
A ‘star’ buy from Kwik Save’s aisles, ‘dishy’ Princes satellite smiles 
Princes dishes without exception, always get a great reception 
Together they proffer an Unbeatable Family Offer 
It’s a capsule of health from a store saving wealth 
We know we’ll come down to earth tuna or later 
Princes tuna to our choppers - Kwikies programmed to save coppers 
In a galaxy of tins, Princes always wins 
Kwik, cheap, no waste satellite your sense of taste 
They’re light years ahead in the store wars 
Princes tuna, Kwik and zippy - healthier than a Martian chippy 
Sky’s the limit, great selection, ‘dishing up’ Princes sheer perfection 
No alien fish will we receive on our dish 
Armstrong, first on lunar lands, Princes first for tuna brands 
Kwik Save’s Princes tuna dish’ll taste heavenly, that’s O-fish-all 
Princes tuna, a tasty dish, Kwik Save prices every woman’s wish 
Such fishical pleasure in store, even Patrick asks for Moore! 
Where would you like to make a movie and why? ... 
On the moon: The location shots will be out of this world 
I want to jet into space with long wave Radio 252 and Trebor Extra Strong mints because… 
Breathtaking mints, great breakfast show, ultimate thrill, I really Moscow! 

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