My summer's made with Heinz because ...
Heinz and Somerfield discovered flame, putting taste and value behind their name!
Their tasty selection always delights, Somerfield picnics or barbecue nights
Hours of sunshine sealed inside, yummy, delicious, Somerfield's pride
Heinz excellence, Somerfield flair, together they're a perfect pair
Somerfield sausages, salad and sauce, Heinz tasty flavour added of course
I shop at the Somerfield delicatessen because ...
With mouth-watering eats and perfect pies, 'Bravo' Somerfield - you take the prize
It's leg and shoulders above the rest, 'Bravo' Somerfield you're the best
If I was responsible for the Somerfield pasta range, I would ...
Shout 'You wanna pasta galore, you comma to my store!'
Have Fusili as centre back, and Radiatore in the attack!!
Say 'Without an astronomic bill, pasta gives a gastronomic thrill'
Keep Somerfield on the label, quality pasta on the table
It's pasta teatime, dinners late, hungry tummies, fill our plate
Make it curly, make it straight, great on everybody's plate
Fill your belly with Tagliatelle
Try never to fogetti, that there is life beyond spaghetti
Save peoples 'pennies', because Somerfield pasta doesn't 'dente' your pocket
Be prepared for every occasion, romantic meal or family invasion
Have my Grannie try it, before daring to buy it
Rearrange, catch the eye! So everyone will stop and buy!
Commission a customer video showing the versatility of Somerfield pastas
Arrange it just pasta the ice cream
Display pasta with olive oils, herbs, recipes and posters
Display the pasta products using a twisty shelving effect
Present various pasta dishes and recipes on the deli counter
Say mealtime's a winner, when pasta's for dinner
Create a pasta extravaganza for my favourite dish - Ross Burden
Score a feast of goals, with 'pasta food bowls'
Have a children's pasta picture competition entitled 'good to eat'
Link a promotion with fresh produce in Somerfield stores
Have an Italian promotion week - offer related products with extra points
Promote pasta as today's fast food answer
Surely feature in the New Year's honour list!
Extend it by offering a range that included dried vegetables
Mix all the shapes and colours together to make a carnival
Launch a new 'sweet range', apricot conchiglie with clotted cream
Packa pasta with somer Somerfield's besta mixed cheeses
Not be Fusili to mix my pasta and chilli
Create a Mediterranean range flavoured with garlic, tomato or anchovy
Mix wholewheat and white pasta to encourage healthy eating
Include sachets of herbs, pesto, tomato and vegetable sauces inside
Introduce mini-packets to tempt the cautious and single households
Make them heart shaped for love and a healthy heart
Blend innovation, taste and tradition, Somerfield's pasta beats all competition
Guarantee perfect pasta every time using ingredients with the Somerfield name
Somerfield pasta range is already supreme, setting standards seldom seen
Congratulate myself on offering an increasingly varied and healthy selection
Introduce a breakfast range - bacon, egg (omelette) mix
Sample the product around the world in 80 ways
Demonstrate pasta has no limits, delicious meals prepared in minutes
Teach the English how to use it properly
Promote by monthly recipes in conjunction with recommended wines
Have a pasta of the month recipe competition for customers
Demonstrate different ways to make a change from bolognese!
Sing the aria, 'It's wholesome, nutritious and tastes quite delicious'
Say it's healthy and hearty, great for any party
Sell it as 'fast food that is healthy too'
Advertise about healthy pasta for both winter and summer
Say with veg or meat, pasta is a healthy treat
Somerfield/ Edam - I like Edam because ...
It has the flavour my taste buds love to savour
Go Dutch, go Edam
It's the best Dutch treat, I can buy or eat
Somerfield / Heinz 57 - My summer's made with Heinz because ...
When sausages and burgers become burnt remains, adding Heinz means nobody complains!
Heinz put the "mm" into summer barbecues - a match marinade in heaven
Dressings for salads, sauces with zest, exciting barbies - Heinz do it best
When burgers lack that extra thing, Heinz sauces add the zing
Heinz is a gastronomic treasure, enhancing our summer al-fresco pleasure
With burgers, steak, bangers or fish, Heinz completes our B-B-Queue dish
Sandwich filler, tasty snack, sauces galore, they've got it cracked
Spice up breakfast, lunch and dinners, Heinz saucy treats are always winners
For delicious snacks or tasty dinners, these versatile additions serve up winners
With my ancient barbie roaring away, Heinz ensure a sizzling summer's day!
Savouries, sandwiches, pizzas or fish, Heinz sunshine toppings improve every dish
Summer BBQ's take some beating thanks to Heinz 'seasons' greetings
For a tasty barbecue made in heaven, add a dash of '57!
Even irritating insects take flight, when alfresco meals have that extra bite
Summer heat, sheer delight, a taste remembered with every bite
My lazy hazy mayonnaisey days of summer are He-inz'pired.
Perfect for today's 'sizzle'ised society, nothing but Heinz 'sunsational' variety
People of taste need no persuasion, summer and Heinz the perfect liaison
Barbies are boring, salad's undressed, without the accompaniments Heinz do best
Super barbie, roast or grill, just add Heinz - simply brill!
Sandwiches, salads, steak or chops, Heinz great quality will top the lot
When Heinz is on the scene - picnics and barbecues become haute cuisine
Sun in the sky, barbie ignited, Heinz on the table, diners delighted
Their tasty selection always delights, Somerfield picnics or barbecue nights
The freshest salads and most succulent meats, I prepare - but Heinz completes!
Heinz - the source of summer pleasure, means halcyon days of outdoor leisure
The choice of over 57, add a little taste of heaven
Abracadabra! They're right on cue, for a tasty exciting barbecue
Their spreads, sauces and salad cream, surely a veritable gourmet's dream
There's no wasting, no basting, just wonderful tasting
Every jar, every tin, has some golden sunshine in
The summer 'season' can't begin, until the 'Heinz' is gathered in
Distinctive flavour is the Heinz tradition, there are substitutes, but no competition
Served without fuss and little delay, Heinz is perfect the outdoor way
From spicy squeeze to marinade, Heinz wins every accolade
For saucy, spicy, lipsmackin' fare, nothing beats Heinz in the open air
Easy, squeezy, spicy too, the tastiest addition to my barbecue
Sticky fingers, tasty chops, eating out is really tops
Barbecue, sandwich, snack or main course, Heinz guarantees an excellent sauce
When forkz jingle, guestz mingle, Heinz great flavourz make tastebudz tingle!
Dad's barbecued burgers are usually iffy, Heinz resurrects them in a jiffy!
Hours of sunshine sealed inside, yummy, delicious, Somerfield's pride
At every picnic or outdoor scene, Heinz taste-tingling varieties reign supreme
Barbie-queues will start to grow, when summer sauces are on show
Husband cooking, what a disaster, Heinz turns tears into laughter
Hubby's cooking a culinary disaster, till Heinz transformed him to a barbecue master
Heinz guarantees a 'hot' reception, 'flaming' good value without exception
Every plate that delicious Heinz graces, brings sunshine smiles to hungry faces!
Sizzling flavours at little expense, the Jones' are drooling over the fence
Heinz excellence, Somerfield flair, together they're a perfect pair
Heinz tasty assets, so well dressed, light my fire to summer success
Warm sunny days, long summer nights, the perfect setting for Heinz delights
Heinz varieties set the scene, for fun and friends and summer cuisine
Whatever the occasion, inside or out, Heinz have it covered - without doubt
Somerfield sausages, salad and sauce, Heinz tasty flavour added of course
Hot sun, aromas to savour, trust in Heinz to deliver the flavour
Somerfield / Guinness - Guinness and Dublin are a perfect combination because ...
A unique city, a distinctive brew, enjoyed by me, you, and U2
Cultural city, vibrant soul, add music and Guinness for sham rock'n'roll
Stylish city, premium beer, even Santa chills out here
'Hops' elsewhere don't leave you a keg to stand on
Smooth, strong, dark, handsome, if 'guinapped' in Dublin pay not my ransom
Bought first four pack, was it enough? Definitely not, I'm Dublin up
Experts perfect them, connoisseurs select them
Dublin masterminded Guinness, now I've started so I'll finish
Leprechauns, shamrocks, Guinness and song, who says the Irish get everything wrong
It's a pint in a jiffy, from the capital on the Liffey
Somefield / Martell - Martell is my favourite Cognac because ...
To savour Cognac's liquid treasure, will always be my greatest pleasure
Somerfield / Smirnoff - I've always wanted to visit Russia because ...
Love the dolls, 'red' the book, worn the mules, want the look
Somerfield / Baileys - I've always wanted to visit Ireland because ...
Visiting Ireland with Baileys beats going to Bakewell with a tart!
Somerfield/ Croft - I've always wanted to visit Spain because ...
Stressed superwoman seeks stunning fella, for sherry sensation with perfect paella
Somerfield / Carlsberg - I've always wanted to visit Copenhagen because ...
The Little Mermaid has lost her head, is it in a Tivoli flower bed
Its reputation entices, like Carlsberg lager at Somerfield prices
Suggest a name for a new jif mousse perfume ...
Wild Berry Mist
The Pastagusto range is the perfect accompaniment to pasta because…
Authentic flavours, freshly sealed, bring Italian Magic, via Somerfield
Barbecuing 'Somerfield Style' is great because…
With Weber's 'spirit' and barbecue packs, the lucky hostess can simply relax
Cadbury's and Somerfield make Easter Egg-stra special because…
Cadbury quality, Somerfield Eggcellent buying, make Easter happy Gratis-flying
Somerfield is magic for mushrooms because…
That small pack magic has me under its spell
They're great little 'saucerors'
Together we can trip the bite fantastic
While mortals slumber, down in the Dell, Somerfield is doing its Gnome work well
Gateway takes a lot of truffle to ensure quality is on the button
Justin is their Gnome de Plume
Somerfield Le Crunch apples offer the peak of taste because…
To be precise, the flavours entice, peak of perfection, at a down to earth price
Juicy and crisp with flavour supreme, a taste that could lead to an Alpine dream
The Jersey Royal season is unmissable because…
Jersey Royals are the highlight in any cook's 'colander'
The Gateway to Summer field of royal flavour will not stay open for ever
Its imperial flavour reigns supreme, for the rest of the year we can only dream
Cadbury's Easter Eggs and Somerfield hatch an Egg-stra special Easter because…
You shell out less for cracking eggs
You can taste the Cape summer sunshine at Somerfield because…
Fresh fruits of the season from African shores, your Gala pearformance deserves our appleause
Picked with care, packed at peak, the selective flavour is quite unique
With fresh juicy goodness that thrills everyone, at Somerfield you can escape to the sun
Cape fruits and their sun-drenched flavours, bring sunny smiles to Somerfield savers
Cape's sheer excellence and Somerfield's flair, when put together make a sunsational pair
From Somerfield branches, it's Cape I adore, each captivating bite leaves me drooling for more
They're crisp and sweet, thank you South Africa for producing this treat
Pip, pip. hooray sunsational crop, freshly picked at our favourite shop
Apples and pears with cape-ripened skin, means the stairway to taste-heaven's within
Taste buds escape to a sunnier shore, courtesy of favourite Somerfield store
Winter, Spring, Somer or fall, there's a Cape fruit to suit all
Cape's super natural , beyond compare, a round of appleplause for Somerfield's summer fare
Every fruit is a little treasure, bursting with goodness beyond measure
Spectacular fruits, excuse the pun, aid my escape to Somer sun
Somerfield cuts out red tape, so superb fruit speeds from Cape
Tasting Cape sunshine from Somerfield store, has whetted my appetite for South African shore
Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, supplied by Somerfield a natural pear
The price can't be beaten, the quality's fine, Cape and Somerfield simply shine
Sun-drenched freshness and South African smiles, ensures a warm reception in these British aisles
South African beauties from sun-drenched land, put sunshine taste in palm of your hand
The fruit is aromatic and sweet, from the South African heat
17 varieties all tasting great, from South Africa to Somerfield by the crate
Seeing Cape on Somerfield's label, means mountains of flavour on the table
Somerfield's Cape fruit's glowing skin, are just bursting to send juice running down my chin
Cape fruits do their sunniest best, to comply with Somerfield's stringent test
Their price appeal and quality seal give Somerfield shoppers a sunshine deal
It’s the gateway to an African experience
Juicy, crisp and beautifully tanned, Eve had one in Eden and got mankind banned
Just follow South Africa's sunshine route, escape to the sun with Somerfield's fruit
The ripening heat of South African sun, ensures Cape quality is second to none
Cape fruit delights me, South Africa excites me, hope Somerfield invites me.
With luscious fruit from the rainbow nation, I escape for a sunshine celebration
Fruits mouth-wateringly fresh and juicy to the core, perfection's spelt Cape in this sunniest store
Cape fruit once bitten brings an 'eatwave to Britain
Expert growers discover the route, to bring us juicy sun-drenched fruit
Cape's juicy fruit, their healthy pride, have weeks of sunshine packed inside
For apples and pears by far the best, Somerfield and Cape outshine the rest
Sun-drenched South African orchards fertile trees, produce fabulous fruits with great capacity to please
The fruit is picked and packed at exactly the ripe moment
Soaked in sunshine, tended with care, there's nothing more natural anywhere
Bursting with taste juicy crisp and sweet, January to September an every day treat
Distinctive flavour perfected through time, creating delicious fruit -quite sublime
Cape summer sunshine in apple and pears, guaranteed to give smiles bigger than Tony Blairs
Appeeling fruits South Africa yields, prepeared for me courtesy of Somerfield
They store Cape fruit so inviting, the sun bursts out when you bite in.
Their sun-kissed fruits sweet to the core, bring you back for more and more
Somerfield provide what others lack, South African fruit which make lips smack
They're crunchy, sweet and full of zest, South African sun Mandela's best
Fresh new season, fruits sunned to perfection, bursting with taste Cape's finest selection
When Cape and Somerfield are peared thereafter, shoppers live appley ever after
Cape has the sunniest disposition in the field, one bite and the summer is revealed
Non-stop sun means flavour beyond compare, Granny Smith and I, appley shop there
Seven great flavours vitamins rich, only problem is deciding which
Cape's glorious sunshine rich fertile land, produces apples and pears that taste really grand
From Table Mountain shadow, to Somerfield shelves, what a bountiful way to indulge yourselves
Bursting with flavour, from sun-drenched trees, even Isaac Newton would fall for these
I've pearticular cores to be impressed, with these two I've bagged the best
Cape fruits always in fashion, tenderly grown consumed with passion
Juicy and crisp, with flavour supreme, a taste that could lead to an African dream
Clean fresh air, warm glowing sun, grown in freshness, South African fun
They're a shining success with a taste to impress
Picked, packed, delivered post-haste, guarantees freshness, nutrition and that wondrous Cape sunshine taste
South African's finest, a fruity delight, entices the palate with every bite
Crisp, tempting, juicy and nutritious, the prices are Golden, the fruit delicious
Natural delicious for young and old, with South African sunshine Cape wins the gold
Fresh fruit tasty and juicy too, available to pick from a branch near you
Cape apples are all sun-kissed, so Somerfield's selection shouldn't be missed
Full of Cape goodness with the taste of sunshine, Somerfield's choice is also mine
Their apples and pears taste so delightful, South African sunshine sweeten every healthy biteful
Soaked in sunshine, pearfectly apeeling fruit I adore, pip, pip hooray for my Somerfield store
Spring may be gloomy, summertime bleak - Cape's juicy goodness brings the sunshine I seek
Fresh and juicy apples and pears, a taste of summer from a store that cares
Even granny couldn't ask for more, than the juiciest pear in the store
Bursting with flavour everyone sun-kissed, Somerfield's Cape are too juicy to resist
Somerfield help me keep in shape, with healthy goodness from the cape
There is just no mistaking those extra hours of sun intaking
Masters of the trade we all agree, they only sell fruit of the highest degree
South African sun and Somerfield pearfection, appley combine to produce the finest selection
Delicious sunshine flavour, versatile to use, my only problem is which one to choose
Every bite is pure sunlight
To be precise, the flavours entice, sunshine perfection at a down to earth price
I could appley eat a top red - or perhaps a bon rouge instead
A wealth of health, a juicy treat, tastebuds dance to the Afro beat
Every sun-kissed fruit that Cape select, has the quality and flavour Somerfield's customers expect
South African sun and tender care, produce mouth-watering fruit beyond compare
Before they arrive on Somerfield's shelves, Cape Apples and Pears were sunning themselves
Bursting with flavour, ripened with care, so fresh you can imagine you're there
Sun packed pearfect African delights, natural delicious enjoyed by healthy appetites
Cloaked in sunshine, juicy to the core, perfection never Veldt like this before
They look and taste crop-dead gorgeous
A mountain of goodness packed with smiles, brings summer to our tables without travelling miles
When your taste buds need a good first aider, Somerfield brings in the Cape crusader
It's packed inside fruit from the Cape, and each delicious bite lets it escape
There's nothing added, nothing removed, because nature's best can't be improved
This fruitful alliance takes some licking, from any branch it's there for the picking
For quality, taste and fresh picked aroma, Cape and Somerfield deserve a diploma
Delicious flavours beyond compear, appley eaten anywhere
Crunchy, juicy. tangy, sweet, whatever the season, a sunshine treat
South African roots grow the juiciest fruits
Once you’ve Veldt their firmness and savoured their sweetness, you never get Boered with them
I'd like to take it easy with British pork pies because...
When ‘uppercrust meats’ with Somerfield price, my taste buds cruise to paradise
There is nothing to declare but satisfaction, Caribbean cruise an extra attraction
Tender pork in tasty crust, these portable treats are a picnic must
For goodness sake, they make a first rate, tasty bake
They’re oh so tasty, big or weeny, lovely pastry, each one’s dreamy
They’re wholesome meals, nutritious and tasty, all wrapped up in delicious pastry
Nothing would be finer than a pork pie on a liner
Relaxation, sunshine, Caribbean cruise, like Somerfield’s fine crispy bakes, who could refuse?
I’d be an ‘uppercrust’ diner, on a Caribbean recliner
From barbecues to campers, British Pork Pies pamper hampers
Whilst baking gold under tropical sun, Somerfield pies could melt my tongue
Somerfield gives you the taste of Spain because...
Nutritious, delicious and good for you, they taste even better in the resort of Salou
Delicious, healthy all year through, shopping at Somerfield puts Spanish sunshine in you
Winter, spring, or summer sun, Somerfield and Spain are my number one
Throughout the year, Somerfield Citrus reveals, healthy Spanish sunshine under their peels
Tended with love in the Spanish sun, Somerfield's Citrus fruits rate no.1
A juicy thirst quencher, a real sun drencher, Somerfield's Spanish taste Ad-venture
Sunshine store with fruit galore, Spanish Citrus por favor
Supplies straight from sunny clime, deliver fiesta flavour every time
Such juicy fruit, so easily peels - muchas gracias Somerfield
Sunshine grown to Spanish tradition, healthy, delicious, full of nutrition
What you get is what you 'C', sun-filled juice made naturally
Peel an orange, what do I see, Spanish beaches, sapphire sea, Somerfield - do pick me
What nature has perfected, Somerfield has selected
Singing oranges and lemons in Somerfield's aisles, tastebuds flamenco and just 'C' our smiles
Mediterranean breeze, citrus trees, Somerfield picks the best to please
Just one taste, Eurover the moon, Basque-lug in 'summer-fields' all afternoon
The finest fruit Espana yields, comes courtesy of Somerfield
Costas less for first class fruit, every Juan's a little beaut!
Sweet, juicy Spanish Citrus beat the rest, prudent on price, and best for zest
Spain's sun and gentle breezes, ensures Somerfield's citrus always pleases
Spain's succulent fruit really hits the spot, and at Somerfield they don't 'Costa' lot
Somerfield's citrus is second to none, you can almost feel that Spanish sun
Oranges and lemons freshly peeled, bring Spanish magic via Somerfield
Sensational, tasty, juicy galore, so very a'peel'ing, you'll wanna have more
With oranges, lemons and clementines too, I've a healthy ticket to sunny Salou
Sun-kissed fruit, fresh from the groves, keeps shoppers coming in droves
Tasting Spanish sunshine from my Somerfield stores, has whetted my appetite for Mediterranean shores
Sun ripened citrus with sweetness galore, Costa lot less at Somerfield store
Their succulent citrus is so a'peel'ing, it's given me that holiday feeling
Succulent, fresh fruits to savour, Somerfield's value, Spanish flavour
Sun-ripened from Spanish land, brings nature's nutrition to the palm of your band
Southern Spain is simply sunshine perfected, like its citrus fruits that Somerfield selected
Delicious citrus fruits good health enhancers, 'stamp' of approval from Flamenco dancers
At Somerfield, what you get is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
Delicious fruits just for the asking, from sunny Spain where they've been 'Basque'ing
Throughout the year they cause 'sunsation', in every branch across the nation
A Fiesta of flavours, sunshine and zest, Salou’brious oranges Somefield's best
Somerfield satsumas and clementines, both citrus quenchers, peel back their skin for Spanish adventures
Spanish sun and Somerfield tradition, produces quality fruit packed 'with nutrition
Soaked in sunshine, tended 'with care, there's nothing more natural anywhere
They send my tastebuds on migration, Port Adventura their destination
Their Spanish flavour whisks me away, to Spanish Costa shouting ‘OLE!’
Citrus bursting with zing and zest, the Spanish sun has done the rest
Their citrus fruits are temptation galore, delicious tastes whet your appetite for more
Each Juice segment is naturally sealed, 'with a taste of Spain thanks to Somerfield
Sun-soaked, delicious and brimming 'with zest, Spanish Citrus from Somerfield is the best
Senors and Senoritas all agree, to give Somerfield and citrus a big 'Si Si’
The taste of Spain without a fuss, 'it' is found for 'uS' in Somerfield c'it'r'us'
The taste of Spain is so Intense, only the peel is left as evidence
Sun-soaked citrus with freshness to savour, even Picasso was drawn to its flavour
A choice selection with delicious flavours, brings Spanish sun to Somerfield savers 
Juicy and fresh, very few pips, the finest taste 'tapas' my lips
Delicious, juicy oranges brighten each 'winter's day, with glorious Spanish sunshine - the easy Somerfield way
They're the Spanish acquisition, full of juicy nutrition
Somerfield gives me more to the pound, bringing me Spanish sunshine all year round
England's no 'Costa Dorada', weather's simply chronic, so Somerfield's Spanish sunshine is naturally the tonic
With succulent citrus full of vitamin C, Somerfield store up Spanish sunshine for me
Somerfresh flavour we all adore, a Spanish adventure por favor!
The glorious heat of the Spanish sun, ensures Somerfield citrus are number one
What you get is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
Other stores stay in the shade, when Somerfield’ sunshine citrus is displayed
Sampling Spain at Somerfield is truly exquisite, and could 'net' you a 'Costa Dorada' visit
A tempting treat for young and old, Spanish Citrus is 'worth its 'weight in gold
Fresh, succulent citrus, varieties galore, packed full of sunshine, rushed straight to the store
Their citrus array, rich, vibrant and fruity, is like Spain's exotic beauty
Reputation and value equally shared, Somerfield and Spain perfectly paired
Sweetly priced, with sunshine nutrition, they're a luscious fruit bowl addition
Spain's citrus have a taste unique, and Somerfield's sells them at their peak
Fiesta, siesta, sun, fun, and 'C', they have the happiest healthiest citrus family.
Sunshine packed, so sweetly fruity, Somerfield's finest Spanish beauty.
Tangy fruits ripened by Spanish sunrays, make my tastebuds Flamenco shouting pip pip ole!
The distinctive taste, the juiciest sensation, transports me into a Spanish destination
They're healthy, juicy, naturally fresh, with Spanish sunshine in the flesh
Senors and Senoritas agree, they're the taste of Spain and full of vitamin Si!
With Somerfield's freshness and Spanish sun, this sun-caressed citrus is my number one
From sunny Spain to our native shores, they're ripe for the picking at Somerfield stores
Being exposed to Spanish sun, these glittering citrus are second to none
Mouth-watering entertainment, simply the best, squeezed full of flavour an adventure in zest
A citrus adventure, Juice galore, means number 'Juan' fruit from number 'Juan' store
Climate, care and Spanish flair, make Somerfield's citrus beyond compare
It's flavour burst citrus we all adore, and vitamin packed - C C senor
Delicious, nutritious, juicy, fruity, every Juan's a citrus beauty
What you get is what you 'C', Spanish goodness naturally
With fruity pleasure and delights untold, Somerfield have found true Spanish gold
Bursting with Juicy flavour, everyone sun-kissed, Somerfield's Spanish Citrus are too sweet to resist
A citrus selection the family 'Salut', it won't Costa fortune with Somerfield fruit
For stacks of citrus Somerfield has the very 'zest' appeal
More sales than the Spanish armada, the best fruit comes from Costa Dorada
That Spanish flavour could not be purer, sends tastebuds on an Adventura!
Easy to peel, easy to squeeze, easy to Imagine that Spanish 'C' breeze.
Fresher and juicier than the rest, Somerfield sell citrus at their best
I buy my Pal or Kitekat at Somerfield because...
It's balanced, nutritious, with value that's fair, from Pedigree and Somerfield, the people who care
It's where the quality soars and prices dive, with tasty goodness on which pets thrive
Meaty chunks, tasty jelly, happy pets, full belly, good value, freshness sealed, only at Somerfield
Wide variety, superbly presented, leaves pockets pleased and pets contented
With quality, teamwork and healthy selection, they're the Millennium champions of feeding purrfection

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