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Adds sparkle to life Alluring Ambrosial Animated
Appeal Appetising Berry Boost
Bottled sunshine Bottlenecks Bottles of Bouncy
Break the ice Bubble with pleasure Bubbling Bubbly
Bubble up Bubbles bursting with Caffeine free Can
Canned for pleasure Cans of flavour Challenge Cheerful
Chilled Chill out Citrus Clutching at straws
Cola Cold Cool Cooler
Cooler cola Cordial Creamy Delectable
Delicious Delights Dextrose Diet
Diluted Divine Dreamy Drink and drive
Effervescence Energise Energy Enliven
Entente cordiale Enticing Exciting Fabulous fizz
Flavourite Flavourous Fizzical Fizz (y)
Fizz with Flat Flavourite Fresh
Froth Fruit fantasy Fruity flavour Fun
Generation Next (Pepsi) Ginger beer Glass Glucose
Goodness Gulp Happy Healthy
Heavenly Ice cold / Ice cool In a glass sparkly Isotonic
Juice Juicy Just for the taste of it (diet Coke) Lap
Lemonade Lemony Lime Lively
Magic Milkshake Milky Mineral
More fizz, less bucks Mmm mouthwatering Mouthwatering Natural
Never flat, mates N'ice' Nutra Sweet Orangy
Outsparkle Pep?... Si! Pepsi Generation Pleasureable
Pizazz Pop open Pure Quench (ing)
Refreshing Rejuvenate Revitalise Revive (r)
Ribena Richer for pourer Ring pull Schhh!
Scrumptious Sensational Sherbet Sip
Soft drinks Smooth Sparkle Sparkle with
Sparkling Sparkling companions Splash out Spring
Squash Squashes opposition Stamina Strawberry
Sublime Sugar free Sugars Sun packed
Sun sealed in Superb Swallow Sweet
Sweet as honey Take the Pepsi Challenge Take your fizzical Tang
Tangy Tastebud tempting Tastes like juice Tasty
Tempting The pause that refreshes Things go better with Coke Thirst attack
Thirst class honours Thirsting for Thirst quenching Tilt a Lilt
Tingle on the tongue Tingling Tingle with Tongue tingling
Tonic (for) Top of the pops Tumbler Twist open
Undiluted Vitality Vivacity Water lot of
Whipped Wholesome Yummy Zest
Zing Zip    

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Alive / revive Berry / very
Best / zest / quest / refreshed / impressed / request / test / rest Bring / zing / sing
Canned / sand / planned Coke / joke / folk / broke / bloke
Creamy / dreamy Confection / perfection / selection
Drink / pink / sink / think / wink / chink / clink Fill / thrill / not still
Fizz / whizz Fizziness / business
Fizzy / busy / dizzy Flavour / savour / raver
Ice / nice Lemonade / arcade / decade / cascade / persuade / seranade / escapade / parade
Lilt / tilt Measure / pleasure
Milk / silk Pour / adore / four / lure / secure / sure / more / galore / pure / soar / tour / your
Quench / french / drench Sip / tip / trip / skip / drip / lip
Squash / posh / awash / nosh / dosh / gosh / wash Sundrenched / quenched
Swallow / follow / wallow Sweet / treat / beat
Thirst / first / bursed / worst Topical / tropical
Water / daughter / supporter / quarter Wet / whet / jet / debt / threat / beat / sweat / set / sunset / asset

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Alcohol Free
Coca Cola
Energy Drinks
Fruit Juice
Ginger Beer
Milk Shake
Mineral Water
Other Soda Pops
Virgin Cola and Soda Pops

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