I would like to travel to the four corners of the world with Fanta, Lilt, Sprite and Dr. Pepper because…
I thirst for adventures with quality quenchers
I've got a lot of bottle and love the can-can's
Their effervescence would make my journey just bubble over with happiness
Across five continents with famous four - dreams leave me thirsting for more
Tell us where in the world you would like us to take you and why…
Florida - one part Disney, two parts fun, stir in Fanta, pour out fun
When I swig some Vimto, I always start to think...
What a yummy tasting scrummy smelling groovy purple drink
It`s great that it is purple, cos I don`t look good in pink
If Vimto flowed like water, I`d tap dance in the sink
It may look purple Ronnie, but it puts me in the pink
It`s drinking all this Vimto, that keeps me in the pink
When I`ve finished drinking this, will my wee be pink
I wish I had a years supply, to fill my bath and sink
Of all the boys that fancy me, and then I go bright pink
Will my tongue turn purple, or a groovy shade of pink
If this was any other drink, I`d tip it down the sink
If I drink enough of it, me wee will come out pink
Those bubbles chase my blues away, and put me in the pink
I`m in a lovely purple haze, it`s such a groovy drink
Coca-Cola and Schweppes always give me something to sing about at Tesco because...
While 'Shepherds watch' 'You Know Who' is stocking up!
Slimline Schweppes or Diet Coke brand, lead Tesco's healthy keep fit band
They are a classical pair and harmonise with other fare
Every be-bopping bubble bounces to the beat
Mix and mingle or straight and single they make me swingle
I saw three Schweppes Coke sailing by; tonic, coke and ginger dry!
Coke and Schweppes keep me young - and like Cliff, Tesco's number one
They're a cracking Christmas double, loadsa savings, loadsa bubble
Whenever people gather and mingle, Tesco and Schweppes provide the jingle
Party time is ticketyboo with Tesco, Coke and Schhh 'You Know Who'!
7UP is the perfect accompaniment to your summer barbecue because...
Whatever the British weather 7UP always lights my fire
Sizzling sausages, dad getting hot, cooling 7UP soon hits the spot
It's canned for pleasure and planned for leisure
7UP's fizz'll cool as the Weber sizzles by the pool
It's easy to 'summerize' 7UP and a barbie symbolize paradise
7UP adds sparkle which guests remember long after the last dying ember
Barbecues food delights me, Weber excites me and 7UP invigor-i-tes me
If you are up by seven you should be hungry by eleven
Candidly 7UP's in thirst position, the ultimate barbie's intromission
When sausages sizzle and temperatures soar, cool 7UP's our favourite pour
It's widespread appeal brightens up every meal
Barbecued food makes you drool but longing for 7UP so cool
From flaming June to warm September nights, refreshing tastes add charming delights
Fruity taste prizewinning quencher shy's the limit for a sizzling adventure
I need to be a cool cat when wearing the chef's hat
Sparkling zest of lemon and lime 'outcasts' the rest at barbie time
Clearly superior sparkling lime and lemon light refreshment enjoyed in seventh heaven
Fizz whisper taste tells how a barbie and 7UP always gels
There's nothing square about it the enjoyment is cubed
Weber it's sunshine or rain it will rekindle the thirstiest flame
Cool refreshment full of fun with barbecue meals and summer fun
7UP extra sparkle always tops add happy smiles to alfresco chops
When eating alfresco remember the rule - 7UP will keep you cool
When dining alfresco 7UP is perfecto
Refreshment and taste get maximum scores, perfect when catering out of doors
That 7UP fizz'll improve every sizzle
My barbecues are a sensation without 7UP they'd lose their reputation
Nothing else will stop you choking wehen your barbie is smoking
Weber home or away it always scores
One part barbie two parts sun add 7UP pour out fun
As the summer barbecue hots up cool 7UP goes perfectly down
Bangers burgers mackerel or meat it's enticingly tangy whatever you eat
It's the fairytale taste with the cool happy blending
The party ignites cause 7UP delights
7UP quality Safeway price is a barbeholics dream of paradise
Gee whiz it does the bizz it adds the fizz
Food on prong 7UP and Safeway you can't go wrong
It brings sparkling cool perfection to any BBQ selection
To summerize I'll let you know when I win first prize
Refreshingly 7UP ensures thirst quenching bliss out of doors
Sparkling barbie grills I find increase summer enjoyment when combined
Clean tangy taste fizz that appeals leaving thirst quenched at barbecued meals
Scorching weather sizzling food the 7UP tingle sets the mood
7UP barbecues can't be beat for quenching thirst and grilling meat
Essential ingredients of barbecue plans are twelve drought-busting thirst quenching cans
The Safeway to alfresco perfection is serving sparkling 7UP selection
It would be a barbecue boob without a 7UP cube
Even Sindy loves a barbie with a can of 7UP to hand
Refreshing taste prize-winning quencher pull the ring for barbecue adventure
It's the perfect fizz to cool our summer sizz
It's the only downpour we want
Dog pinched banger weather looks bleak everything great with 7UP fizzique
Barbecues are never bland with Weber and 7UP at hand
Whatever the weather your BBQ will fizz not fizzle out
I love KA because…
It brings the taste of JA to the UK, OK!
Making music, having fun, KA-rulsing in the sun
It tantalises your tastebuds with flavour and sparkle just like the Caribbean
Interesting flavour, lively fizz, like Reggae, is the bizz
One sip makes me feel like I'm on holiday
Tasted on a Reggae basis, will Jamaica you feel so good
Sand, sea and sun, tinking KA in JA with our mum
This krazy kool KA fan gets 'fixxio-therapy' from every can
It brings the sunshine here from JA
It has 'Caribbean 'carnival in a KA
It has a cool tropical taste and reminds me of Jamaica
It tantalises parts you never even knew you had
Paradise would surely be, sundrenched beaches, KA and me
It's a refreshing cold drink, that makes me reminisce of Hot Jamaica
Cool, refreshing, second to none, you can almost feel that Caribbean sun
Its a taste of the Caribbean in a can, no travel required
It has that fruity, lively, taste of a drink that makes me proud to be a Jamaican
Delicious taste, refreshing treat, tastebuds dance to the Reggae beat
Irie taste and flavour perfection, removes uncertainty from my selection
Tingling flavours, sensational fruits, left me quivering right down to my boots
It wakes up your tastebuds to the Caribbean sun
It's simply different to all others, a flava to sava
It tickles my tastebuds and tantalises my tongue
It brings the sun and a splash of Reggae my way
It is sooo Fruity and has such original and juicy flavours
It never fails to refresh me like no other soft drink - Irie
It gives me the real taste of Jamaica
One part Jamaica, two parts sun, stir in KA pour out fun
Blasting off with sunshine abundant KA makes other drinks redundant
It is really wicked and it tastes so good
It's a kool attitude drink to be seen with
Its taste is so unique and filled with funkiness, worth every penny
Great taste, prize winning quencher, pull the ring on Jamaican adventure
Being a flavour to savour, it's enough to 'Jamaica' you visit Jamaica
KA reigns when it pours, tropical tastes from paradise shores
It brings home the sweet taste of JA
The Caribbean treasure in every can sparkles like no other, man
Morning, noon and night, my tastebuds are kaptivated in Caribbean delight
Because it is as sweet as JA
Refreshingly tasty, second to none, one sip transports you to Jamaican sun.
The name explains it all, Kool and Appetizing to quench any thirst
Sunshine, sparkle, fabulous flu, KA knows where the action is
It's the millennium Shampane and nothing can be koo-lal
Caribbean refreshment locked in a can, released by a ring-pull, it's cool man
The taste is unique and second to none
It's a typically tropical taste, with the Caribbean in the KA-n
KA's choice and sparkling tingle, makes my tastebuds multilingual
Kola Shampane excites me, Pineapple delights me, hope KA invites me
No woman, no cry. No KA, I'd die!
With tropical KA and Jamaican show, time to party, reggae, steady go
It brings me back to the Caribbean wherever I am
Of its exquisite mouth-watering taste and good value for money. It's superb!
KA's sparkling taste is really whizz, perfect way to make millennium fizz
The pineapple flavour makes me think I'm in the Caribbean
It reminds me of JA, refreshing, bubbly exhilarating and irie
Sweet and refreshing on Jamaican sand, I could hear a reggae band
It has that unique taste that will sweeten any sour day
Man, delicious KA on ice, transports me to pour-adise
Opening the can releases the zing, that fruity sparkle wins Caribbean fling
Like that island in the sun, every can is full of fun
It's fruity to the palate and refreshingly different from other drinks available
It tastes so good and you can win a wicked first prize
KA's de 'shore'st way to enjoy a 'sip'-a-dee-doodah day!
Every time I open a can, it brings the Caribbean into my room
Every drop Jamaican sunshine oozing, while I'm reggae sunsplash cruising
It brings Jamaican sunshine into my life in the middle of winter
It's original, refreshing, sweet tasting and wicked
Reggae rhythms, Caribbean tan, KA packs more punch into every can
The sparkling taste makes me winde and grinde night and day for real!
Refreshing as a Sunsplash song, Jamaica with KA is where I belong
For that tropical, refreshing, fruity feeling, KA is always so appealing
One sip and it turns a dreary day into Caribbean sunshine
KA is a 'carnival in a Kan
They have long tasting flavour and leave your mouth wanting more
It is a refreshing drink which has a taste that reminds me of Jamaica
This spar-ka-ling cool tasting sensation, ka-rries the dream of a Jamai-ka-n vacation
One sip of KA and I'm Reggae for anything
Delicious, sparkling, refreshing zest - like Jamaica, simply the best
The taste and flavour brings the Caribbean feeling into your life - nuff respect
It’s a calypso on my lipso
It’s a great 'fizzio-therapy'
It skates around my tastebuds with a sensational taste
When I wish I was afar, dreams become reality due to KA
It's a taste of paradise on your palate
Sunsational taste, colour's great makes me want to celebrate
It brings alive the taste of the Caribbean in my mouth
The taste reminds me every day, of Kingston and Montego Bay
It refreshes and thirst quenches, giving meaning to that Caribbean feeling
When your tastebuds need caressing, tropical KA is a blessing
After a KA-n of KA, nothing else can Ka-lm me down
Celebrating could be fun, 'with this KA-ribbean drink in the KA-ribbean sun
It is thirst quenching, sweet and goes down a treat
Great flavours, thirst-quenching zing, for Jamaican adventure, just pull the ring
No woman, no cry, no Reggae, no life, no KA-ribbean
Sunshine drink, fresh fruit flavour, like being marooned in Jamaica
You cannot beat the true taste of the KA-ribbean in KA
When I drink it I feel, I taste, I smell the Caribbean
Topically terrific, a juicy treat, my tastebuds dance to the reggae beat
The sun shines when it pours
Served 'with ice, I feel I'm in paradise
Its erotic and fruity taste you can't resist
Tango and Tigra are a match made in heaven because… 
Both provoke a sparkling smile, litre after litre, mile after mile 
Tango zest, Tigra flair, taste and value, the perfect pair 
Tango's tantalising taste sensation, Tigra's outstanding driving inspiration, truly a heavenly combination
Vauxhall motoring appeals, I've packed the Tango, please send me the wheels 
*I love drinking Budgens All American Taste Cola because…
For cooler Cola, classic style, cruise down Budgens soft drink aisle

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