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Activate April showers Boost Clean
Economy Elan Energising Enervate
Everyday treat Filip Fizz Flow
Go with the flow Green Installation Invigorating
Lather Looks Luxuriate Luxurious
Make a splash On tap Pamper Pep
Power shower Power behind the screen Practical Soap opera
Splash Spray Squeaky clean Steamy
Style on tap Suite The jet set Tonic
Verve Wash my cares away Water Zing

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Clean / been / keen / lean / mean / queen / screen Dreamy / hot and steamy
Lather / rather / father / further Splash / panache
Treat / meet / neat / suite / elite / complete / retreat / repeat / sweet  

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I like to be 'showered' in luxury
I can make a splash without splashing out
They're splendid sprays to begin the days
They've got everything but an equal
They're perfectly designed to refresh both body and mind
Winter, spring, summer, fall, Mira showers are best of all
I've tried the rest but now I fit the best
No matter the site they fit just right
Its the Most Impressive Range Available
Mira's conception is product perfection
Cool, hot, instant or not, Mira showers have the lot
They are simple to install, simple to use and simply unforgettable
I choose my favourite Pearl because...
For skin care, fragrance rare, lather to spare, none compare
It pays to be choosy, shower or jacuzzi
I'm a vulture for culture and I'd rather a lather
I would like to shower with OZ because...
I could clean up more cheaply by scaling down my electricity bills
The healthiest way to start the day is p-OZ-itively the Miralec way
I'd have the whole spray and nothing but the spray, so help me OZ
I'd be showered with MIRA-culous gifts
Cleanlinless is next to OZ-liness
C'OZ a Mira, Mira on the wall, is definitely the fairest of them all
Over the rainbow is where I'd be, if OZ showered this prize on me
Miralec Is Refreshing And Leaves Everyone Clean, Oz Zaps That Evil Scale Clean Off

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