I want to be in Cyprus with Emva because…
 Emva dry, medium or cream, complements Cyprus, my holiday dream
I would like a holiday in Cyprus with Emva because…
Bought a house, wedding soon, would love an Emva honeymoon
A week on the sunshine isle, with Emva? Sounds just my style
Emva in hand, seductive nightie - I would feel like Aphrodite!
Cyprus’ attractions and smoothest sherry, together ensure memories are merry
Cyprus sunshine and Emva cream, expertly perfect the connoisseurs dream
Cool, clear water, sundrenched sand, lazy days - Emva in hand
Every Mediterranean Vision Around Cyprus Richly Entices and Mesmerises
With wonderful wine my inspiration, Cyprus is my dream vacation
Cyprus sun and Emva cream, conjures up my ideal dream
Sweetest sunshine of pale moonlight, Cyprian Emva, pure delight
Emva game me the taste for it
Emva embodies and embellishes such an embrocatious embarkation!
Emva is the aperitif, to a magical isle, beyond belief
Beautiful island, fantastic wine, all this for just £3.49
It’s on Aphrodite’s shores where the cream of sherry pours
I am 73 and my husband is 71 - how nice for a couple of old love-birds
Cyprus plus Emva, make for a holiday to remember!
Would the land of Aphrodite, improve my amorous chances - nightly
I like my companions smooth, relaxing and preferably rich!
Exciting future, romantic past, their warmth and richness is unsurpassed!
Basked in sunshine, casked in oak, creamiest Emva, friendliest folk!
Cyprus warmth you can’t surpass. Emva’ s sunshine in a glass
Cream of sherries, dream destination, easily make a supreme vacation
Emva on the rocks with Aphrodite - hello Cyprus, goodbye blighty!
The cream of creations, shares the dream of locations.
Emva originates under Cyprus sun, holiday heaven - if I won
Aphrodite hosts it, Emva grows it, Sainsbury’s chose it
Aphrodite and good wine walk hand in hand
Nectar from Cyprus, sunny shores - pleasure reigns where Emva’ s poured
Dreamy creamy Emva cream, enjoyed in Cyprus what a dream.
Emva’s Marvellous Vintages Assist Sunshine Holidays Enjoyment, Relaxing. Refreshing You
Beautiful Cyprus with Emva cream, together create the ultimate dream
Cypriot flavour, charms, delights, sun-warmed days and Emva nights
Cyprus is fine, with Emva wine, it would be divine
Favourite sherry, favourite isle, together raise more than a smile
Following a scrumptious Cyprus feast Emva magic is exquisitely released
Like grapes on the vine, I need the sunshine
Excellent climate, Marvellous sherry, Venue perfect, Appealing - very!
Totally relaxing, rich and creamy, Emva. in Cyprus - utterly dreamy!
Sandy beaches, sea so calm, sipping Emva under shady palm!
Cyprus sunshine warms the skin, Emva warms it from within
A Cyprus holiday? How exciting
Taste is so smooth, it would put me in the groove
My husband died after visit to Cyprus. Just for memory
Cyprus sun, and Emva cream, magic moments, not a dream
Beautiful island Emva on ice - kindle my dreams of paradise
Emva provides right fortification, for exploring Cyprus, my dream destination
Fabulous food, beautiful scene, with mon cheri, a wonderful dream
Sun and sherry, perfect bliss, I’d forever RemBMVA this
Both provide the same reaction, golden and warming satisfaction
I’m sure I would AVME a good time
Emva provides mellow fortification, for exploring Cyprus a dream destination
Sunny days to relax and dream, happily sipping Emva cream.
Like the wine, we would, Experience, Mellow, Velvet, Abandonment
Delicious Emva’s always inviting
Delicious sensation, golden location, Emva in Cyprus, a dream combination
Welcoming people, classical sights, hot sunny days, warm Emva nights
Grape fortification without doubt, discovering the cream inside and out
Cyprus sunshine warms my skin, Emva warms it from within
Creamy liaison - Emva such fun, maturing under hot Cypriot sun
On legendary island of Aphrodite, Emva sherry tastes superbly alrighty
Sun-kissed beaches are my dream, delicious Emva is the cream.
In a Cypriot dream, I’m a cat with Emva cream
Cyprus hospitality is warm inviting - Emva sherry, smooth and exciting
Emva’s magical vacation, advertises Cyprus days and Emva nights
Emva is: Enticingly Exciting, Magically Mellow, Vibrantly Velvety, Alluringly Appetizing
There lies my golden dream - history, happiness and Emva cream
The holiday with the cream, would fulfil a perfect dream
Sunshine beaches, breathtaking sights, with Cyprus days and Emva nights
I’d swap smog bound blighty for sunny Aphrodite!
Together they fulfil a dream, golden sunshine and Emva cream
Mellow flavour, Cyprus sun - a combination second to none.
Enchanting place to discover, one Emva sip leads to another
Cypriot life, warm and exciting, Emva cream, smooth and inviting
I’d have a warm Emva-tation, to a delightful destination
With sun and sherry, I could be merry
Beautiful scenery, sunshine, leisure, Emva in Cyprus doubles the pleasure
Emva enhances my rejuvenation, on Aphrodite’s isle, the loveliest location
Enchanted home of Emva cream, encapsulates the prefect team.
With Emva excellence and melines measure, Cyprus evokes sunsational pleasure
Emva makes life richer for the pourer
Emva lovers have a quest, visiting Cyprus as Sainsbury’s guest
There’s natural beauty, duty free, secluded coves and sparkling sea
Under Cyprus sun with spirits soaring, happiness is Emva pouring
Sipping Emva, clear blue sea, seems like paradise to me!
Cyprus hospitality, warm and inviting, Emva cream, smooth and inviting
Idyllic island, mythical tales, Aphrodite’s inheritance, sunshine prevails
Beautiful scenery, azure sea, toasted with Emva overjoys me!
Balmy days, island of dreams, evenings shared with Emva creams
Cyprus is an absolute pleasure, holidaying with Emva - undiluted pleasure!
Toasting sun and Aphrodite, hello Cyprus, goodbye blighty
Golden vintage, fabled shore, Emva and Cyprus, who needs more?
Troodos Mountain, Aphrodite sea, Emva and Cyprus are for me
Emva provides mild fortification, for exploring Cyprus, my dream destination
Emva provides mellow fortification, for exploring Cyprus, my dream destination
Sunny Cyprus is supreme, when partnered with smooth Emva cream.
Sipping Emva under Cyprus sun - perfect start to holiday fun
Of Aphrodite’s isle I dream, with wonderfully warming Emva cream
Enjoying Emva with Cyprus dish, sounds heavenly - oh I wish.
 I'd like to holiday in Cyprus with Sodap because…
 Sodap provides mellow fortification, for exploring Cyprus a dream destination
 Historical beauty sunshine galore, unlimited Sodap who could want more
 Cyprus sunshine warms my skin, Sodap warms it from within
 Favourite tipple, dry or sweet, warming sun - my joy’s complete
 Ideal climate, delightful location, teamed with Sodap - a winning combination
 Jerez is no longer the place for me
 Sodap is the flavour of Cyprus in a bottle
 It would be Sodappealing
 Sodap, like Cyprus,is the cream of the Mediterranean
 Sodap makes holiday life richer for the pourer
 Med or home, I’ll taste Sodap wherever I roam
 From a passionate past, comes a Sherry unsurpassed
This cool delicious fortified sensation, ensures a perfect memorable vacation 
 Of the five S’s - sun sea sand and Sodap Sherry
 Sodap Sherry sipped at leisure, a fabulous Cyprus holiday pleasure
 Troodos mountains to Mediterranean sea, Sodap and Cyprus delights me
Super drink, sunny location, Sodap in Cyprus superb combination 
 I can’t resist sun and history taken with a good sherry
 Like friendly Co-op stores Cyprus welcomes shoppers to her shores
 Sodap sherry, Co-op flair makes a holiday a wonderful affair
 Fabulous climate, traditional sherry, leaves me feeling very merry
 Sodap quality and Co-op prices, guarantee my trip to Cyprus
 Blue Lagoons, superb wine, Cyprus and Sodap suit me fine
 Surely nothing can compare, with sipping Sodap in Cyprus air.
 Such Outstanding, Delightful, Amazing Perfection - spells Sodap
 Sun and Sodap perfect blends, means the summer never ends
 Only Co-op stores, take you back to Aphrodite shores
 Delicious drink sunny isle, Sodap & Cyprus make me smile
 Straight or mixed it’s Sodaptable.
Of unbeatable quality and sunshine only costing £2.99
Sodap - pale, dry or cream, makes Cyprus holidays a dream
It is Special, Original, Delicious, Appetising, Popular - Sodap
Sodap’s smooth taste and delightful sensations, evokes thoughts of golden locations
Breathtaking sights, classical delights, with Cyprus days and Sodap nights
Sunsational beaches, water’s perfection, drinking iced Sodap my Cyprus connection
Chance of a lifetime, wonderful vacation, only with Sodap’s co-operation
Even after day is done, Sodap pours out Cyprus sun
I’d get dry weather, medium tan and sweet memories fino.
I’m a co-optimist longing for a sip of sun
Sodap on the rocks with Aphrodite - isle be in paradise
Sunshine and tradition blended together now that’s co-operation
With Sodap taste, Cyprus sun - a combination second to none
Sunbaked beaches, historical scenic treat, Cyprus Sodap impossible to beat
A Sodap drinker, is an adventurous thinker
Dry sun or pale moonlight, Sodap in Cyprus -sweet paradise
Sodap is warm and exciting, like Cyprus always inviting
Like grapes on the vine, I need the sunshine
Both are mellow and sunny and grape value for money.
Cyprus is hot, but Sodap hits the spot
Sunny Cyprus superb for leisure, Sodap Sherry adds tasty pleasure
Long lasting sunshine and Sodap supreme, clearly a co-operative connoisseurs dream
I've always wanted to visit Spain because ...
Stressed superwoman seeks stunning fella, for sherry sensation with perfect paella
I think Croft Original Sherry would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
From a great past, the house of Croft have created the original present
I think Harvey's Bristol Cream would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
Quality taste, classic bottle design, the label is Harveys, the pleasure is mine
I'd like to drink Harvey's Bristol Cream on Harvey's yacht in the Med because…
However hot in the sun, it's the only cream I need
I want to be in Spain with Gonzalez Byass because...
I love traditional Spanish delights, ice-cold sherry, warm summer nights
Delightful cities, culture untold, like Gonzales Byass, true Spanish gold

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