My children like Freshbake bite-size sausages because…
They're tasty, meaty and bags of bite, perfect for my kid's sizeable appetite
They are choosy and like the best, a big smile shows the rest
Their impeccable taste and instant appeal adds Bite-Size distinction to every meal
Sizzling, tasty, porky, feasties, tempting treats for my wee beasties
Protein packed, package petite. Bite Size for a tasty treat
If I were to make my own sausage using up to five ingredients they would be…
Minced pork, grated orange rind, cranberry yelly, pinch of nutmeg, seasoning
British beef, spanish onion, irish stout, create perfect international sausage without a doubt
Pork, champagne, coriander, apricot, this porker's a corker, it's got the lot
I really need a holiday because…
Cooking and cleaning from eight 'till late, I need my family to Co-operate
My bangers and I, having braved British drizzle, need your co-operation for an Algarve sizzle
I can stand the heat, so get me out of the kitchen
Sainsbury's sausages of distinction make for a perfect meal because…
One kind of sausage cannot delight every fan, but Sainsbury's 'Sausages of Distinction' range can
Safeway sausages are a sizzling success because ...
Traditionally tasty, especially with mash, Safeway porkers 'panout' my cash
Freshbake sausages are great for kids because ...
Freshbake sausages sure to please, hungry kids will 'relish' these
Wholesome fun, delicious too, they're always on our barbecue
They make barbecues go with a bang, so kids will want to invite their gang
Breakfast, lunch or BBQ treat, served hot or cold, they can't be beat
With no artificial colours, they're tasty and fun, full or quality ingredients they're sure to please mum
Aroma and taste get maximum scores, perfect when catering out of doors
They're a healthy addition to my family's nutrition
Hot and sizzling with tasty pork, finest treat at the end of a fork
Perfect for little fingers, fork or plate, Freshbake sausages taste 'flaming' great
Juicy sausages on the bar-be, give satisfaction to my little army
My children like Freshbake Bite-size Sausages because ...
They are versatile, tasty, lean and nutritious, unbeatable value and delicious
Sizzling, porky, perfect feasts, the tastiest treat for my little beast
Mini but hearty, any child's delight, Freshbake sausages satisfy their appetite
They may be small, but they're big on taste, with Freshbake Bite-Size I'm guaranteed no waste
When Freshbake's served they never frown, my 'little pigs' just 'wolf' them down
Freshbake sausages are great for kids because ...
Full of flavour, really filling, the only time kids enjoy a grilling
Grilled, fried, cooked on a griddle, Freshbake taste ace from the outside to the middle
Bumper bangers, ready in a trice, they've got more sizzle than sexy spice
A barbie with Freshbake my WIlls will adore, sausages supreme from my Co-op store
More taste, less waste, a great buy, for small fry
Healthy snacks or filling meals, Freshbake raises delighted squeals
Sizzling sun or wintry breeze, Freshbake sausages always please
From bangers and mash to bites on a stick, children all know which brand they will pick
With Freshbake, my 'little piggies' really go to town
My children like Freshbake Bite-size Sausages because ...
Freshbake's Bite-Size beauties are little winners, for sizzling hot snacks and cold school dinners
Beans and Bite-Size Freshbake and Chips, always first choice past children's lips
Because the taste cannot be missed, they add them to my shopping list
My kids agree, quality never wavers, with porky Freshbake size and flavour
Give them Freshbake their appetites soar, and they keep coming back for more
I buy Grandways premium quality sausages because…
Other makes for all our sakes are in a "No Glow Area"!
Finest quality, taste and nutrition, link Grandways chain to this tradition
Whichever Shire you choose, they are the top links
Co-op thick pork sausages are my favourite variety because…
I have discovered who seasons best, these Co-op porkies sizzle with zest
They're standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
Like holidays with Hoseasons, they delight for a whole host of reasons
I wouldn't give anything else a second butchers!
For many, mighty meaty reasons, they're the sausage for all seasons
For holiday meals be wise, buy British because they get first prize
Walls Sausages are simply scrumptious because…
Succulent sausages, a choice selection, Scotland and Hall’s combined perfection
Hall’s expertise - Tesco pricing – make prime Scottish sausages unbeatably enticing
A favourite snack, a favourite dinner, Hall’s from Tesco always a winner.
They are satisfyingly succulent, bangers perfected, sizzlingly Scottish, quality selected
For quality and taste I always choose Asda British sausages because…
Lights, camera, action, British bangers are Asda's star attraction
They're an all star cost that's unsurpassed
They're just the ticket for tasty snacks, Oscar winning sausage packs!
Value, taste, meaty, lean, - only the best get through Asda's screen
Co-op British sausages are perfect for every occasion because…
All strings right and beautiful suit eaters great and small
Co-op don't tell porkies about their products
Cocktail party? Barbecue feast? They provide the most, but cost the least
Each time you say "sausage" you make a smile
Every meal seems like a banquet with their co-operation
Flavour, size, different varieties, like the Co-op they are high "society's"
From Cumberland to Lincolnshire they're the pork of the town
It's British flavour we seek - seven days without them makes one weak
On life's roundabout, they're a square meal
Once fried - never forgotten
The quality is right - the change is left
Their focus on quality, ensures we always zoom in for the take
They are links with the past
They give you incentive to be inventive
They mind their barbecue business
They please Mum and Dad and us, "The New Generation"
They're always devoured at "high speed" through "wide apertures"
They're traditional favourites - nationally (keep your hands off E.E.C.)
Thick, thin, on a stick, their performance is always slick
Whatever the weather they always turn out fine
With every age - they are always a rage
With your "pause" on perfect porkies, there will be many repeats

You have a world of menus at your fingertips

I buy Farmhouse 1lb pork sausages at Co-op/ Leo's because…
A taste that's right at a price that won't bite
Beauty is only "skin deep" but porky perfection goes right through
Farmhouse excellence and Co-Op Leo's flair together are a winning pair
I get more pork on the fork, less bill at the till
I like the best value for money and I get it here
I plump for the best and ignore the rest
It's delicious traditional fayre, that I can't buy just anywhere
Lovely meal with price appeal giving shoppers twice the deal
Party, BBQ or family dinner, delicious farmhouse are a winner
Perfect sausages, prestige store, satisfied customer, need I say more?
Phenomenal taste nominal cost
Plumtious scrumptious Leo's display simply tickles my fancy
Price keen, meat lean
So sizzlingly good they shout for more, farmhouse at Leo's deserves oinkore
The first prick brings sizzling aromas of farmhouse pork
The make a tasty feast for all my little beasts
Their bangers are bang on
There's fireworks see that they don't get their favourite bangers for tea
There's never a raw deal - just a sizzling good meal
There's no pandemonium just"god taste" and prestige
These sausages grand are the best in the land
These scintillatingly succulent sizzlers satisfy my scoundrels stupendous stomachs
They "meat" my requirements better then any other sausage
They make a banger of a meal, farmhouse style
With these pieces of eight I can embrace any plate

You can't beef about the price or the contents

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