My school deserves to win a minibus with Heinz Tomato Ketchup because..
Footballers willing, transport lacking, could 'ketch up' opposition with Sainsbury's backing
Heinz provide us with the means, to 'ketchup' and achieve our dreams
We're all licking our lips at a Heinz minibus for school trips!
Our goals are high, our aims - true, dedicated we're winning through!
We struggle to 'ketchup' with our rival, when walking precedes each arrival
A minibus to move the team, in tomato red, what a dream
Educational trips are fun and essential to maximise our potential!
Though small in number, every child is encouraged to have big ambitions!
We're in top class for education, but in dire need of 'motorvation'
Talented team, no bus, know Heinz, no fuss
Superb 'coaching' from this minibus, means 'net' results would become A+
Hard working children with enquiring minds, need horizons broadening, thanks to Heinz.
Useful for all our courses, helps 'ketchup' our school's re'sauces'
Our football team's a 'sauce' of inspiration, please Heinz, send them transportation
Without any dressing down it's the best sauce of education
We can play games away, and ride in style with a smile
For swimming, fun and outings galore, Heinz tomato ketchup will help us score!
Going out on trips would be heaven, thanks to Heinz 57
Village is small, has no pool, trip to swimming pool would be cool
With budgets tight, my school finds, it's always worth squeezing Heinz!
It takes bottle and sauce to be a winner of course
First class teams with lotta bottle, with new bus, extra throttle
Budget 'squeezed', not much cash, tomato red transport would make a splash!
With finances 'squeezed' towards the 'red', winning would really please our head!
Teacher's 'drive' and dedication, 'steering' the children to an 'all star' education
All aboard the bright red bus, just happy faces - going places!
We'd ensure it's used to full potential - community links are 'reward'ingly essential!
Heinz is our 'sauce' of 'motor'vation, our winning goal and inspiration
Heinz Ketchup: the sauce for chips, Heinz minibus, the source of trips
This scholes bus would be a 'shear-er' delight
Re'sauces' drained, school fund chronic, minibus the perfect tonic
They steer pupils in the right direction to ketchup with the competition
They'll be able to participate in 57 varieties of sport to 'sauce' up their lives
Kids taken safely to the action, a major 'sauce' of satisfaction
Sporting fun, memories to treasure, giving 'Rose Court' kids years of pleasure!
Fabulous ketchup, the best about, gets classes of village kids happily out
Then the curriculum would have more variety - just like Heinz!
It would be a valuable tool for our very 'special' school
Out in the sticks, super school! Desperately needed, transport to local pool
LDV transport - just the ticket, to field trips, choir, sports and cricket
Serving Heinz with every dinner, makes my school the outright winner!
With more bottle than the stars, our teams squeeze into teacher's cars!
Dilapidated school bus, immobilised teams - need Heinz motor-vation to fulfil sporting dreams!
The Heinz Ketchup Cup - our inspiration, top of the league, our destination
We're Keane to have our Owen because great trips are Beckhaming!
Small village school's big-hearted teams, need transportation to fields of dreams
Enjoyable ketchup on our chips, now let's 'ketchup' on school trips
Swimming, rugby, even fishing, we could 'ketchup' on all we're missing
It'd e the 'sauce' of pleasure, enabling field trips, sports and leisure
Playing away or at home, now we need never walk alone
Talented team, striking to boot, needs Heinz 'motor'vation for trophy pursuit
Leaving soon makes me sad, this reminds school I drove them mad!
Travelling First Class is our aim, scoring with Heinz wins the game
Heinz's 'drive' to get us goin', we'll soon 'ketchup' with Owen!
Away match comfort would be heaven, putting us ahead by fifty-seven
Every trip will be a treat, with Heinz in the driving seat
Team is solid, loads of 'bottle', we just need a little throttle!
Great coach, champion tea, we love 'train'ing - but bussing's our dream!
Heinz Light Mayonnaise and Heinz Light Salad Cream are ideal for a healthy diet because…
Extra tasty, extra light, I feel more squeezable every night
They're low in fat and 'High'nz in taste
Heinz Light Mayonnaise and Heinz Light Salad Cream are the healthy choice because…
For quality, taste and nutrition, it quite outspreads the opposition
Heinz Light Salad Cream and Heinz Light Mayonnaise are the healthy choice because…
Light, tasty, full of vits, smoothes away my lumpy bits
Heinz Light Salad Cream and Heinz Light Mayonnaise are the healthy choice because…
Nutritiously delicious and deliciously nutritious, Heinz Light dressings are prestigious
Daddies sonic tomato sauce is mega because…
Added to my favourite dinner, Daddies makes an instant winner
Both Daddies Ketchup and Sega action, provide a mega 'sauce' of satisfaction
By gently squeezing Sonic's tummy - all our meals turn out scrummy
Delicious on Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, it's the Safeway to a winner
It's a supersonic taste delight, with mega flavour in every 'Byte'
When Daddies added to my plate, even Game Gears have to wait
When Sonic the Hedgehog and Safeway's match up, Daddies rivals cannot 'ketchup'
A 'little squirt' gives food a tonic, making every 'byte' supersonic
All lassies and laddies, love to squeeze their Daddies
Daddies attitude is - play it the 'Safeway' and you'll always 'ketchup'
Daddies ketchup - sure to please, shake up Sonic, point and squeeze
Delicious taste - supersonic fun, means peace and quiet for our mum
Every 'byte' is 'to-ma-taste'
Every byte the flavour goes, from my head down to-ma-toes
Every meal this champion graces, scores winning smiles on children's faces
Every squeeze is guaranteed to please
Finest ingredients, all that's best, Sonic runs rings around the rest
From my tongue the taste flows, right through to-ma-toes
Gently squeezing Sonic's waist, is the most Safeway to mega taste
Head-gehogs and tails above the rest, Daddies always knows what's best
It adds 'byte' and 'loads' of taste, simply by squeezing Sonic's waist
It has the (H)edge which makes me a hog
It makes 'byting' exciting
It prickles my tastebuds, from my Hed-gehog to-ma-toes
It's a gastronomic tonic - only Daddies can 'Ketchup' with Sonic!
It's not for little squirts
It's tasty beyond belief - a breakthrough in 'plain' relief!
It's the 'sauce' of appeal, for many a meal
It's the 'sauce' of power behind any great byte!
It's the driving 'sauce' behind every great 'byte'
It's the only thing that's 'red' at our table
It's tomato 'byte' captivates my laddies, to be this good takes … Daddies
Mega means 'Meals Enjoy Greater Appeal': put Daddies on your next meal
Mega satisfaction shows from Hedgehog to-ma-toes
Nothing can ketchup with Sonic at Safeway’s
Programmed for perfection, the flavour flows from my head to-ma-toes
Sonic sensation from mouth to-matoes, Daddies sauce the flavour just flows
Sonic taste upon my tongue - crack the Daddies, release the fun!
Taste buds prickle with delight, when super Sonic's in my sight
That racy flavour sends flavour, flows in Sonic waves to-ma-toes
To-ma-two kids, Sonic's great - unbeatable flavour on every plate
Whatever the meal, big or small, Daddies Sonic 'tops' them all
When the chips are down, Sonic is bytes better
When the Hedgehog flips his tasty top, even Sega players stop
With Safeway doing their 'bit'. I'll ketch'up with the latest hit
Yummy ketchup, sonic fun, means peace and quiet for my mum

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