My family enjoys the succulent taste of Sainsbury's premium quality pork because ...
Just a little grilling reveals all its juicy secrets
My family enjoys the tender and succulent flavour of Sainsbury's Traditional beef because…
Each delicious juicy bite produces a transport of delight
Sainsbury's and Snickers are the perfect match because…
Supreme standards and many winning lines, value for money, tasteful by design
Chocolate bars with a huge reputation, give this partnership a sporty combination
Sainsbury's Gold Choice Coffee is my first choice because…
There's gold in them there jars
I buy my fish from Sainsbury's because
It's Sainsbury's 'haul' of fame
Sainsbury's sausages of distinction make for a perfect meal because…
One kind of sausage cannot delight every fan, but Sainsbury's 'Sausages of Distinction' range can
I love the taste of Sainsbury's Jersey Royals because…
Sainsbury's freshness, Jersey's sun - that's what makes them number one
Sainsbury's unrefined sugars are perfect for Christmas home baking because…
A spoonful of sugar helps the merriment go round
They're stars in the baking
They make a fairytale taste that has a happy blending
Sainsbury's Fresh Soups form a wholesome part of my meal because...
Compared to others only Sainsbury's matches mothers
Lunch, supper, banquet or dinner, nutritious, delicious, they're always a winner
Comforting, warming, good for you, if only Sainsbury's made men too
I enjoy Sainsbury's traditional beef because…
Every delicious succulent bite means flights of fancy, transports of delight
Name the Balloon which best sums up Champagne Mercier and Ballooning…
A Cru With A View
Above All
Air of Distinction
Brut 'n Breezy
Bubble Over
Dizzy Fizzy
Excellent range, matured to perfection, for quality and value - an inspired selection
Fantastic wines put to the test - Sainsbury's walks off with the best
Fizzible Difference
For taste, price, fruit and nose, Sainsburv's wines are quel que chose!
Merci Air Fantastique
Pop, Pop and Away
S-Up, S-Up and Away
Sainsbury's are better by miles, for wines to please true Francophiles
Sainsbury's buyers - an 'exceptionnel cru', have assembled a range tempting every corkscrew
Sainsbury's successfully combine, a pleasurable price with excellent wine
Sainsbury's care plus French savoir faire, add up to quality beyond compare
The Epernay Elevator
The Rising Bubble
Their nose for adventure assures perfection - like Abercrombie & Kent's wide selection
This bottled trove of Gallic treasure, signposts a trail of vintage pleasure
Uncorking France's liquid treasures, is one of life's undiluted pleasures
I want to win a Millionaire's Dream Prize because.......
The best things in life are three - Sainsbury's, Walkers and Audi TT
I would choose Taylor's port at Sainsbury's because…
Taylor's is my choice port and Sainsbury's my choice port of call
Any port in a storm, but Taylor's and Sainsbury's harbour the best
In any weather, I make for a port that stocks Taylor's
Incomparable Taylor's always in store, at Sainsbury's my favorite port of call 
It is the 'Quinta'ssential port (acknowledged as Sherlock Holmes' most satisfying case)
It's the best investment in my portfolio 
Lovingly matured, quality assured, Taylor's in the trolley, good taste, less lolly 
Sainsbury's is my port of call, for the finest port of call 
Shopping at Sainsbury's makes savings, makes sense, and luxuries become affordable expense! 
Specially selected, bottled late, connoisseurs knew it would be worth the wait 
Taylor's Ruby, crown jewel of port - at Sainsbury’s is inexpensively bought 
Taylor's vintage (bottled late), is definitely worth the wait 
The traditional finish to any dinner, at Sainsbury's prices -what a winner 
They send my tastebuds on migration - Portugal their destination 

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