I would like to win a Credo Eco Series tumble drier at Safeway because...
Both are models of success, making life more fun, so less stressed
Both make perfect sense to me, avoiding hassle for 13p
Breaths of spring and summer softly blowing, pleasing pockets and your clothing
By counteracting winter rain, this super prize will keep me sane
Come hail, rain, sleet, snow, through my washing summer breezes blow
Every wash day wet or fine, outdoor freshness would be fine
I'd like to take my family on a summer holiday to Florida because...
Dollars, nickels, pounds or pence, a dime at Safeway makes good cents
Safeway is my shopping wonder land because ...
What Disney did for the silver screen Safeway have done to the shopping scene
Off with their heads is Safeway cry, if prices try to rise too high
The shoppers' dream they've created makes me Super animated
Like Disney World, Safeway world has the magical feel with family appeal
Safeway's value and Lady Luck could lead me straight to Donald Duck
Everything's bright and beautiful, selling all things great and small
It's a Magic Kingdom, a rainbow end, granting shoppers wishes from beginning to end
Shopping at Safeway with any luck, could lead me straight to Donald Duck
Every store invokes happy spendings
I'm Grumpy when parting with money - but Safeway leaves me more than Happy
Mirror mirror on the wall, says Safeway dwarfs all other stores
At shopping I'm a Dumbo, but they never take the Mickey out of me
It Disney take a genius Tae- See shopping here's a fantasy
It's the Theme Park and Lady Luck could lead me to the home of Donald
Star value doesn't disappear, Safeway make that very clear
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to the shop we go, bargains galore we're happy eermore
Their Snow White reputation is a shopping education
I look for Scottish salmon carrying the tartan brand quality mark in Safeway stores because...
Where quality's a must, this hallmark I can trust
The quality is unquestioned, the value unsurpassed
I buy quality approved Scottish salmon in Safeway stores because...
Having discovered perfection why risk random selection
Safeway brings me flavours from afar because...
They give you exotic tastes, mysterious spices, far away places at affordable prices
I buy Swiss Emmental at Safeway because...
Emmental excellence, Safeway flair, together they're the perfect pair
You're always guaranteed the best at Safeway's because...
Goods are top quality and staff top rate
Quality and choice are obviously top priorities for value at all stores
It's a store to trust selling quality plus
Of good quality and wide range of products including organically grown veg
With freshness and choice quite dramatic, Safeway means value automatic
On their reputation there is no stain so it's automatic that shoppers don't complain
They want you to keep coming back
It's the Safeway to secure the most value savings
Safeway's always give you the best ...
Safeway test the best and reject the rest
They demand quality they offer economy
Great prizes are there to win and your budget's not in a spin
Safeway stocks all leading brands with own label value for its fans
All their staff are the chosen elite in buying and selling each detail's complete
On Safeway lines prices are pegged
You're sure of perfection whatever your selection
Of outstanding value and a cheerful smile
Everything is fresh and pure throughout the store
Family shopping was never so simple
Of the competitive prices and variety of choice
Quality and value for money are a way of life
Under their banner standards never flag
Its views are fresh and modern to suit the modern way of life
Safeway has everything I look for in a store because...
Their service sparkles, prices gleam, friendliness shines, everything clean: what a team
They "Lever" nothing to chance all can be found at merely a glance.
Safeway always got that something that leaves me with something for extras
They offer friendliness variety and value with personal courtesy
There are savings in abundance, freshness, excellence, things wholesome staff accommodating and everything yummy
From the first day I went shopping there I found that Safeway's really care
Whatever the weather wet or dry can't find better how hard I try
Bargains and offers make me richer but value and service complete the picture
Gliding along your floor I can pick up the best from your store
Abundant choices clearly set out, impeccable staff about, is ideal shopping, parking to check-out
They have staff who care and the best selection of fare
I can clean up and leave the store cheered up
Our larder is choicely filled, my family is tastily thrilled, and I'm economically billed
One visit a week is all I seek
Their prices never take me to the cleaners
Buyers perfection for shopping selection
Wide variety is shown us with more as a bonus
Safeway's courteous staff work like beavers to help and sell ace brands like Levers
Dry or wet Safeway's my be
Measure for measure its shopping with pleasure
I'm not lost in a jungle of inferior supermarkets I follow the Safeway
Every household need - they stock it - to punish germs but spare your pocket
There's a "Vacuum" in my life only Safeway can fill
Men at the top make it my kind of shop
Safeway always look Aqua Vac'd clean and fresh and value packed
It is the best store to find everything I'm looking for
At Safeway whether fresh or frozen only the best is chosen
I'm no wet when it comes to voting for the best
All seasons through, their value shines through
Low prices put my buying ability to their selection and quality reliability
They're outstanding for selection upstanding for quality understanding for purse
My wife conveniently fills trolley loads there without needing my help
The staff for cleanliness and value they epitomise the great British store who could ask for more?
Like the Aqua Vac when put to the test it's clearly the best
Bargains and offers make me richer but guaranteed value completes the picture
Service is slick turnover is quick there's guaranteed value whatever I pick
The choice is extensive but never expensive
I get shopping perfection and price protection
From coast to coast they sell the most
There's more from every view point.
For quality value and customer care Safeway is beyond compare
Aqua-lity store and a whole lot more needs a vacuum other stores deplore
Its spacious and clean which makes shopping a dream
I've looked I've seen I've bought I've been all I need is an Aqua clean
It answers every housewives prayers best choice best price Safeway's quality wares
Safeway's super staff makes shopping my favourite chore
There is a hard way to shop and there's a Safeway to shop
My sights are set high and Safeway never lowers its standards
You really do get more at Safeway's because...
Friendly service and wide aisles make Safeway a winner by miles
I feel safe with Safeway's because...
Safeway prices don't hit the roof and are as safe as houses
I prefer shopping at Safeway because...
Chancellors come and go but Safeway keep my budget low
Safeway leaves yew to twig spruce deals at popular branches
They have the key to housekeeping security
Their good taste and service can't be faulted.
They provide the best trolley mixtures
I discovered the world of taste at Safeway when I...
Raised the curtain on their exciting show, it was five star quality and taste buds glow!
Became an armchair traveller last night, transported with every bite
Sample ideas from many cultures, exciting and new for my family of vultures
Tried a papaya and a kebab, without needing a visa or jab!
Found affordable luxuries, flavours defined, plus fruits of the world in this home town of mine
I would like Buitoni Fresco to fly me to Italy because ...
To Florence-state of the art, from Safeway's Buitoni - a taste apart
From tasty Tortelli to Botticelli - the result of shopping at Safeway's deli
A tasty encounter in Safeway's aisle, consummates 'la dolce vita' Tuscany style
Culture, food, sunshine, wine, with Safeway & Buitoni, all these could be mine
Safeway, Buitoni and a Florentine date, a romantic masterpiece on a plate
History, mystery, arts and sights, Buitoni and Safeway have reached these heights
With Buitoni's tasty fare and Safeway's pricing care, I'm already halfway there
Safeway & Buitoni, perfection their theme, 'fun'ghi in Florence, mama's bug dream
Skiing and eating ice cream in New England would make an ideal combination because ...
... if you love ice cream, and like to ski, this is the full VerMonty
Safeway / Buitoni - I would like Buitoni Fresco to fly me to Italy because ..
Open Buitoni, mix in sun, stir in Florence, pour out fun
Fascinating 'Florence' with a taste of heaven, 'magic' since 'roundabout' 1827
Buitoni to eat, Michaelangelo to inspire, this would be my 'arts' desire
For authentic flavours cooked to perfection, I always trust this Italian connection
Sophisticated, romantic, The Tuscan scene, like a fresh Italian - this woman's dream
Their expertise in giving pleasure, would make my trip a sensual treasure
Unsur'pasta'ble fare beyond compare, taste buds thinking they're already there
Leonardo's are great, Botticelli's fine, but Buitoni's masterpiece is quite divine
Money well spent, tummy content, on Italian Buitoni - high time I went
Classically romantic, Italian taste sublime, there Arno better ways to pasta time
Romantic scenery, ring and rose, hope he'll accept when I propose
With character and taste equally shared, Buitoni and Florence are perfectly paired
Romantic setting, 'room with a view', Casa Buitoni for 'me-n-u'
I'll see if the Italian frescos, are truly bottom pinching pestos!
It would allow me to soak up the classic Italian flavour
Buitoni Fresco is my inspiration, to savour this classical Latin vacation
To Florence-state of the art, from Safeway's Buitoni - a taste apart
For Florentine art, romance and pesto, what better sponsor than Buitoni Fresco
The city of flowers has the ingredients for a blooming good holiday
Just the ticket for first class fare, classic Italy beyond compare
From tasty Tortelli to Botticelli - the result of shopping at Safeway's deli
They've given genuine taste for starters, now sights and sounds for afters
A tasty encounter in Safeway's aisle, consummates 'la dolce vita' Tuscany style
Culture, food, sunshine, wine, with Safeway & Buitoni, all these could be mine
After contemplating the works of Michaelangelo, I could drool over Buitoni's Fresco
Recently introduced to Buitoni pastas - love to see the other great masters
Beautiful Florence, centre of art, like Buitoni has no counterpart
It's the perfect place to appreciate art, and savour those fabulous frescos
Florence comes one step nearer - Buitoni's Fresco products are worth every lira
With Buitoni fresco taste buds take flight, transported to Italy with every bite
Safeway, Buitoni and a Florentine date, a romantic masterpiece on a plate
From intimate trattorias, to renaissance art, Florence would capture my heart
Seeing where Buitoni pasta grows, this saucy trip would thrill me to-ma-toes
Culture, scenery, 'la dolce vita', the Florentine fantasy of a Buitoni eater
Soak in the culture, breathe the air, those saucy Italians everywhere
Saucy sensations, Florentine charms, we'd be 'de-lira-eous' in each other's arms
Romantic Florence, flowers in riot, the food, the wine ... forget the diet!
Classic products, seductive pairing, Florence ahoy, I'm pasta caring!
For pasta frenzy in Firenze, Buitoni's no vice, they're gnocchi but nice
Beautiful things come in torrents, when you mix Buitoni with Florence
Pasta lover with passion for sauces, plane sailing for delicious Italian courses
For alfresco seating and pasta eating, fascinating Florence is world beating
Michaelangelo's David, Brunelleschi's dome, they recreate fulfilled dreams with Buitoni at home
History, mystery, arts and sights, Buitoni and Safeway have reached these heights
While enjoying the Italian artistic scene, Buitoni Pasta completes the Tuscan dream
Beautiful city, passion and mystery, mundane meals - that's history!
Knees 'a-gnocci-ng', 'art beating faster, the sauce of my passion - Buitoni-ful pasta
With Buitoni's tasty fare and Safeway's pricing care, I'm already halfway there
Safeway & Buitoni, perfection their theme, 'fun'ghi in Florence, mama's big dream
Pasta, fashion, opera and art, like Buitoni, Florence would capture my heart
Safeway beefsteaks are so versatile because…
However cooked by Mummy, they're a feast for Pharaoh's tummy
I buy my New Zealand lamb at Safeway because…
Both names on the label mean excellence on the table
Budweiser and the World Cup are a winning team because…
King of Beers in France 98, the soccer's so good and the Bud tastes great
Budweiser fans always score at Safeway with saves galore.
Despite the toughest competition, they're goals ahead of the opposition
World Cup and Budweiser - pure pleasure, hubby will think I'm a real treasure
First class football - world class beer, 'fan'tastic 'buddies' - unite to cheer
Fantastic taste and spectacular play, make them the ultimate 'Match of the Day'
Safeway Delicatessen pizzas are my favourite because…
Safeway produces a superb selection, what can I say but 'Pizza Perfection'
Authentically Italian, a family winner, even Pavarotti would sing for this dinner
Their ah-Roma-therapy's worth every lira; bring-ah the flavours of Italia nearer
Homemaker, mother, working wife, loves Safeway's tasty Italians in her life
Titanic base, decked out with topping, we're sunk without Safeway shopping
Freshness, flavour - prices low, from Safeway 'deli-top' value for 'dough'
Where eagles soar and birdies fly, tasty toppings simply satisfy
Tasty and wholesome through and through - if only Safeway made men too
There's a saucy appealing guarantee of pizza perfection - The Full Monty
Deliciously fresh with toppings galore - specially prepared by my No 1 store
Just like Michelangelo's ceiling, their pizza creations are really appealing
With paramount importance on eating perfection, Safeways are 'cheesily' the tastiest selection
Tasty way filling the gap, pizza this and pizza that
The delicious pizza's Safeway make, ensure every meal's a luxury break
I buy my Rocha pears at Safeway because…
That is where my pursuit of Rocha Pears has borne fruit
From Faro way to Safeway's aisle, refreshing Rocha, just my style
Cadbury and Safeway are a winning combination because…
Nothing's quicker off the blocks than wrappers torn off Cadbury's chocs
Safeway Charter Quality Ham is the perfect choice for my family because…
Charter's Crest on the label means perfection on the table
Pepsi 'changes the script' because...
Refreshingly different, the taste of tomorrow, Pepsi sets standards others only follow
Pepsi like Concorde outclasses opposition when breaking the barrier of tradition
It's exciting new image is inspirational, high flying Pepsi is just sensational
Together with Concorde it's the Safeway to fly to the machs
Great new look, the taste delights, Pepsi climb to the dizzy heights
It's metamorphic transformation offers supersonic exhilaration
It's refreshingly cool, stunningly chic, the style and taste, together unique

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