1939 Royal Crown is Tops in Taste
1941 Best by taste test
1956 Better Taste Calls for RC!
1959 RC - the fresher refresher
1962 Royal Crown is made fresher to taste fresher
1963 Go fresher with RC: "Overnight - Americas Number One"
1964 Go fresher - Go RC!
1965 Who's drinking all that Diet Rite - America's No. 1 Low Calorie Soda - Everybody!
1967 Escape - Come on over to RC Cola the one with the mad, mad taste
1967 Diet Rite tastes so good... even non-dieters drink it
1970 We cool off hot towns
1972 The one you loved is back
1974 RC - its just right for you
1975 Me and my RC
1975 No, No, Yes, Yes
1977 Say yes to Diet Rite Cola: One big delicious Yes!
1980 Here's to fun
1981 Taste the one that won
1984 Cola lovin' woman, Cola lovin' man
1984 Everybody's Gotta Diet Rite
1985 Some people go out of their way for the taste of RC
1988 Decide for yourself
1989 New look, same great taste
1990 Take the RC Challenge
1994 Shake things up
1998 Be Free, Drink RC

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