Cockburn's special reserve port is always special because…
Unreservedly without exception, it's Cockburns, whodunit perfection.
I think Cockburn's Special Reserve Port would make the ideal Christmas drink because…
It's the port that launched a thousand sips
Complete the conversation between the two Sandeman partners
Born in Portugal yes, but it will surely be raised in glasses worldwide
I believe we have just given birth to Portugal's finest port
I would choose Taylor's port at Sainsbury's because…
Taylor's is my choice port and Sainsbury's my choice port of call
Any port in a storm, but Taylor's and Sainsbury's harbour the best
In any weather, I make for a port that stocks Taylor's
Incomparable Taylor's always in store, at Sainsbury's my favorite port of call 
It is the 'Quinta'ssential port (acknowledged as Sherlock Holmes' most satisfying case)
It's the best investment in my portfolio 
Lovingly matured, quality assured, Taylor's in the trolley, good taste, less lolly 
Sainsbury's is my port of call, for the finest port of call 
Shopping at Sainsbury's makes savings, makes sense, and luxuries become affordable expense! 
Specially selected, bottled late, connoisseurs knew it would be worth the wait 
Taylor's Ruby, crown jewel of port - at Sainsbury’s is inexpensively bought 
Taylor's vintage (bottled late), is definitely worth the wait 
The traditional finish to any dinner, at Sainsbury's prices -what a winner 
They send my tastebuds on migration - Portugal their destination 
Cockburn's sets the seal on the perfect occasion because..  
When perfection is a must, Cockburn's I can trust 
Flavour tastes in Cockburn's port always wanted forever sought 
Temptingly tasty meticulously made, it leaves imitations in the shade 
The colour, bouquet and tastes, complement everything beautifully - my compliments!
The taste of fine port like fond memories, endures 

Unreservedly Cockburn's present the ultimate salute to that special event 

When choosing a fine port, I always select Graham's LBV because…  
Bottled late it's worth the wait 

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