Its neat to party at 40,000 feet with Smirnoff vodka if ...
The Smirnoff's ready, so you can Jet Set and Go
Your music is quadrophonic, the trip is supersonic served with vodka and tonic
A Virgin case of Smirnoff is all you have on take-off
It's all plane sailing with Smirnoff 
You enjoy Smirnoff's supertonic with a Virgin supersonic
My friends agree, it's a one-off spree, and the spirit’s free
You mix this cocktail, it's pure seven-forty-seventh heaven
Smirnoff's Magical Ingredient Rewards Nobly Our Finest Fantasies
Smirnoff is on the menu, it will be a really great  venue 
On cloud eight, rising nine, you're with Smirnoff and doing fine
The flight is as smooth as the Smirnoff
Your vodka and tonic is supersonic
The music’s hot, the booze free there's a Virgin stewardess on my knee
I enjoy Sainsbury's traditional beef because…
Every delicious succulent bite means flights of fancy, transports of delight. 
Quick lamb cuts are ideal for my busy lifestyle because ...  
Prepared in minutes, from fridge to plate, supersonic meals without the wait 
I would like to win a fabulous holiday in the Canadian Rockies with Wardair because… 
My reward for Co-Op shopping would be Rocky Mountain hopping 
My ambition’s quite specific – see the Rockies and Pacific 
I could tuck into my flakes, cruising on Canada’s Lakes 
With these wings it would be an all time high! 
I’d love to join an affair with Co-Op and Wardair 
Winging Wardair to Vancouver beats harrassed housework with the hoover 
They offer more than bear essentials without mountainous prices 
Wardair go to great heights to show the Rocky delights 
Snow capped mountains, crystal streams, super airline, must be dreams 
Snow or cereal, I enjoy my flakes! 
I would feel like one of the old pioneers 
Canada’s bounty always nets her fans 
It would be a ‘moving’ experience with ‘people who care’ 
Ward-Air-ver you want, Canada has it! 
I’d see Buffalow – without the Bill! 
Super flights, spectacular sights, Can-ad-a memory, for cold winter nights 
Mountain air with ‘Ward’ care makes the perfect pair 
I’d be up in the air with people who care 
Its corny, but I’d flake out if I won this 
Wardair’s power and Canada’s glory, this combination’s my fairy story 
It is the smoothest way to take a Rocky trip 
With buffalos and panoramas Canada must be herd and scene 
I’d see lakes, eat steaks, thanks to Co-op cornflakes 
Scenery impressive, the Mounties Imperial – anticipating the next corny ‘serial’ 
I’d have a cereal with a happy ending 
Canadian Rockies, fantastic sight, Wardair travel fantastic flight 
It’s an adventure, a dare from the ‘people who care’ 
You can rely on British pork from Safeway for quality and taste because…
Safeway's local quality store, for British pork and mach, mach more
Cruising through casseroles is a tonic, or choosing to stir-fry that's supersonic
Delicious Safeway British pork, even offers a taste of New York
Delicious tasting British pork, proves Safeway values aren't just talk
Family fiesta or romantic dinner, British pork's an all time winner
It's a treat to eat it, you just can't beat it
Nutritious, lean and porkful, juicy, tender every forkful
Pork from Safeway always juicy and tender, for a meal to remember
Ribs, roast or chops, British pork from Safeways is always tops
Safeway serve a perfect main course, with big apple sauce
They're never all at sea, being supersonic on how pork should be
Pepsi 'changes the script' because...
Refreshingly different, the taste of tomorrow, Pepsi sets standards others only follow
Pepsi like Concorde outclasses opposition when breaking the barrier of tradition
It's exciting new image is inspirational, high flying Pepsi is just sensational
Together with Concorde it's the Safeway to fly to the machs
Great new look, the taste delights, Pepsi climb to the dizzy heights
It's metamorphic transformation offers supersonic exhilaration
It's refreshingly cool, stunningly chic, the style and taste, together unique
I dream of flying on Concorde because…
‘Top flight’ - doubly nice when ‘landed’ at ‘deflated’ price
A marriage proposal is in the air!
As an eccentric millionaire, I usually take the bus
Books tell stories, photos last, but the real thing is unsurpassed
Concorde flights are outer this world
Concorde has more style than Naomi Campbell and is faster than Madonna
Concorde is the shape of ‘wings’ to come
Concorde serves the ultimate in ‘fast food’!
Dream - flying faster than sound - not keeping feet upon the ground
Fast as a bullet, this mighty bird stole my heart away
Flying so fast, even my mother-in-law’s voice is left behind
Flying topside on a winning trip, would certainly be won-upman-ship
For connoisseurs of taste and place, it makes the perfect ‘meating’ place
Heavenly flight, lunch symbolic, a soaring success, just the tonic
I am wilting, weary of work, lunch on Concorde -what a perk!
I missed a gravy-train, now I need a fast plane
I want a butcher’s at Sainsbury’s from 50,000 feet!
I want the feel good factor!
I’d be over the moo(n)
I’d feel like ‘sir-loin’ of the jet set
I’d like to see buffalo without the bill
I’ve always enjoyed the finer wings in life!
If a picture paints a thousand words, the Concorde canvass speaks superlatives!
It would BA flight of buzz, fizz and whizz!
It would beef up the life of this Yorkshire pudding!
It’s carved a position, in British tradition
It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sleeping off the sirloin
It’s the nearest I’ll get to being an astronaut
Letting fly with tradition, meats with approval and means ‘a great deal’
Like the eagle, king of birds, powerful, yet graceful... and breathtaking
Nothing could be finer than to fly the Concorde diner
Only Concorde has the ability, to guarantee upward mobility!
Rat race victim of daily grind, seeks VIP fantasy -to unwind!
Seen my dream on the screen, living it would be supreme
Sensible Sainsbury’s shopper seeks fast mover to share high life!
Since interest rates took off, we’ve been grounded
Sky’s the limit, I’m guaranteed a ‘star’ reception, heavenly perfection
Tender moments are select, this ‘time of my life’ would be perfect
Terminal velocity excites me - beef me up, Scottie!
The very thought makes me more tottery, than winning the lottery!
There’s no fine to pay, for speeding on this ‘highway’!
These flights are so well done, I’m rare’in to go
This aviation miracle makes me wax lyrical
To err is human, but to air Concorde is divine!
Tradition and progression go hand in hand with excellence
Uplifting experience for this old crony, make a change from Shank’s pony
Watching her beauty from the ground is inspirational, to fly her - sensational
Yorkshireman no good at arose, seeks taste of high-flying ‘tha nose’!
I would like to fly high with Golden Wonder Pots because…
These tasty quick supersonic snacks, work miracles on hunger attacks
I bought my Day Runner at Staples because…
With Day Runner’s quality and Staples’ low bills, I ‘cruise’ round the store and ‘fly’ through the tills
Why would you like to fly supersonic…
Paris-Concorde, absolute bliss - like Ginsters snacks, too good to miss
A Brisk Concorde Departure Exclusively From Ginsters Heralds Instant Joyous Luxury
A Concorde holiday beGInning EaSTer, Shall mean so ‘mach’ to my sister!
A dream of a lifetime come true, the chance courtesy of you
Because ‘le bon gout’ of Ginsters should be sonic-boomed all over France
Because plainly, it’s the capital way to travel!
Busy Mum, ‘franc’ly weary of work, Ginsters/Concorde make the ultimate perk!
Concorde Gets you IN Style To Europe’s Restaurant and Sandwich capital
Concorde, ultimate in style. Paris by Concorde, perfection!
Flying Concorde sends me in-Seine, on cloud nine - forget the train
Flying supersonic to Paris - wow! Concorde and Ginsters that’s how
Flying to Paris - c’est Ia vie - in Concorde supersonically
For Champagne lovers, it’s the quickest way to get ‘plastered’ in Paris
For me, nothing ‘can-can’ take the ‘Place de Ia Concorde’
For the perfect anniversary dream ‘menu’, a supersonic flight to romantic venue
Francly, I’ve always fancied something supersonic to ‘brag’-vette about!
Ginsters and Concorde - what a pair!
Husband romantic? Never! A weekend in Paris, may change him forever
I’m plane crazy for supersonic flights, ending in Parisian delights
My mum, 85, has one remaining ambition - to fly Concorde
Organised by Ginsters, flown by Concorde - names that mean ‘a great deal’!
Paris, ultimate in romance
Rat race victim of daily grind, seeks VIP fantasy to unwind
Stressed superwoman seriously seeks speedy sortie to soothing sojourn in sensational surroundings
Supersonic sandwiches bring me ‘savoir faire’
Supersonic to Paris - a dream for me, Ginsters can make it reality
The elite all agree, it’s the way to travel, mais oui
To ‘pate’ with the upper crust would ‘mach’ my dream vacation ‘Seine-sational’
To combine to ultimate flying experience with the world’s most intimate destination
To err is human, but to air to Paris by Concorde, is divine
To experience the ultimate family adventure with memories to last a lifetime
To Paris supersonic, is a great Ginsters tonic
To travel at Mach 2 and have my Gin-sterred, not shaken
Quick Lamb Cuts are ideal for my busy lifestyle because…
Healthy, tasty, nothing better, Quick Lamb suits this modern jet setter
Quick Lamb Cuts are ideal for my busy lifestyle because…
Prepared in minutes, from fridge to plate, supersonic meals without the wait
I never travel far without a Ginsters because….
Cold or hot, it's got the lot
For quick lunch or dinner, Ginsters are a perfect winner
For, quality, taste and snack appeal, no one offers a better deal
I've tried the best, now I'll buy the best
They're the ideal snack to put the energy back
They're more to taste, less haste and certainly no waste
They're tops with peckish flying aces, perfect invaders for empty spaces
They're wholesome meals, nutritious and tasty, all wrapped up in delicious pastry
When it's time to stop and feed, it's satisfaction guaranteed
Whether flying high or skimming low, nothing can simulate the "Ginsters" glow
Flying Virgin Atlantic to America would be…
An energetic occasion, from take off to landing, Virgin’s enthusiasm bubbles over, leaving other airlines standing
Plane fantastic - New York excites me, Virgin Atlantic delights me, hope Cullens invite me
Name the Balloon which best sums up Champagne Mercier and Ballooning…
A Cru With A View
Above All
Air of Distinction
Brut 'n Breezy
Bubble Over
Dizzy Fizzy
Excellent range, matured to perfection, for quality and value - an inspired selection
Fantastic wines put to the test - Sainsbury's walks off with the best
Fizzible Difference
For taste, price, fruit and nose, Sainsburv's wines are quel que chose!
Merci Air Fantastique
Pop, Pop and Away
S-Up, S-Up and Away
Sainsbury's are better by miles, for wines to please true Francophiles
Sainsbury's buyers - an 'exceptionnel cru', have assembled a range tempting every corkscrew
Sainsbury's successfully combine, a pleasurable price with excellent wine
Sainsbury's care plus French savoir faire, add up to quality beyond compare
The Epernay Elevator
The Rising Bubble
Their nose for adventure assures perfection - like Abercrombie & Kent's wide selection
This bottled trove of Gallic treasure, signposts a trail of vintage pleasure
Uncorking France's liquid treasures, is one of life's undiluted pleasures
I'd like to take to the skies with Terry's chocolate orange because…
Freedom has an orange shape, perfect for a sweet escape
TDK and Virgin are High Flyers because…
Break the sound barrier with TDK and fly Virgin to the USA
My name of an aircraft to take me on my music tour of America is…
My idea of the Mercier Toast spoken from the ballon basket…
Merciers and Mesdames, Life is for seizing, For making the most, The Cru's aboard, so to excitement we toast
I would love to win flights to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic because…
Even a kid like me is made to feel a V.I.P.
They're first for value, second to none and like Orlando they're number one!
I wish we could take off in Cadbury's Crunchie Flying Circus because…
Flying fun we could share, family clowning in the air
I want my Con Air flight because…
Up and down, round and round, with JD Sports I'm off the ground
I want to lift off because…
'97 won't be my sell date, when Heinz can help rejuvenate
Almost past my sell-by date, I need help to rejuvenate
An active granny aim to be, not a doddery OAP
Days of auld lang syne, are back with my wolf--whistle waistline
Felt overweight and rather fat, now Heinz Weight Watchers are altering that
Healthy eating revolution is my slimline resolution - Heinz provides tasty solution
I want to keep 'off' the weight and 'on' the narrow
I'll never be wealthy, so I 'night as well be healthy
I'm keeping fit and looking good, just as everybody should
It's the ideal solution, to my resolution
Naturally healthy and full of nutrition, when getting fit is my ambition
No need for liposuction, I trust Heinz for weight reduction
Nutritious, delicious, love every bite - now I've got size 10 in sight
Tasty meals, bill of flavour, from my diet I will not waver
The size of my thighs, brought tears to my eyes
Their superb range of taste sensations, won't upset my 'cal-culations'
Whilst shaping my outside right, my inside left's satisfied with every bite
Why do you want to test pilot Gillette MACH 3…
A Contour and Sensor user, I wanted to make a change for the third time
A real close shave I desire, to help me become a real Mach 3 high flyer
A shave I always wanted to see, is that much closer with Gillette Mach 3
A stocking filler for my man, which ensures I get as close as I can
A streamlined chin at the speed of sound, will make my chin the smoothest around
A trip-ical experienece from take-off to landing, a test that will leave others standing
After Gillette's smooth flight, I'll jacket in the cut-throat competition
After thirty-five years of shaving, I have yet to find the perfect razor
Anticipating my co-pilot inspecting an ultrasonic close shave leading to a smooth debriefing
Anything that can give me a closer, smoother shave is great for my woman
Appointment imminent, chin like Desperate Dan, Mach 3 to the rescue - instant fan
Because I 'wanted a close encounter of the third kind
Because I beard that it was the best shave ever
Because I feel the need - the need to shave safely with speed
Because I wanted razor sharp handling even around the trickiest curves.
Because previous Gillette products have always proved to exceed claimed performance
Because the best things in life are a Mach 3 man and a stubble-free wife
Because with Mach 3 I’m flying high, those triple blades the reason why
Before Mach 3, smooth approach was missing, make fewer passes now, but land more kissing
Easy rider, smooth gilder. fewer strokes, Gillette removes stubble without trouble for clean cut blokes
Evolution things have to be taken, to the Mach
Faster than the speed of sound, I'd have the smoothest shave around
Faster, smoother Mach 3 selection, means Top Guns Cruise shaved to perfection
Faster, smoother with less irritation, nothing can Mach Gillette's close shave sensation
Faster, smoother, satisfyingly wet, it's a sound idea to fly this new Gillette
Fewer strokes, less irritation, buy Mach 3 no hesitation
For a close shave without irritation, in as few strokes as possible
For a dose shave I need to be quick, Mach3 could do the trick
For a quicker, slicker, cleaner shave. To feel the razor's edge of blade technology
For a smoother, closer shave with less irritation than other conventional razors
For my body I want the best, the Gillette Mach 3 pases the test
For speed and performance this blade of tomorrow, sets standards others cannot follow
For take-offs fast, smooth and hassle free, nothing can surpass Mach 3
For the sound performance of a smooth shave, no song and razor sharp appeal
Forget dry shaves, I like mine wetter, using Mach 3 makes me a jet setter
Friends all praised it to the skies, now smoothly round my face it flies
From Technomatic to Sensor and now to Mach 3- all for one and one for all
Gillette designed with my chin in mind, at Mach 3 it's quicker and kind
Gillette gives me the edge I need, with Mach 3 precision, performance and speed
Gillette has been looking alter my hairline for 50 years so let's go supersonic
Gillette Mach 3 is a shaving sensation, leaving my face with less Irritation
Gillette simply is the best, with three new blades it's a Cut above the rest
Gillette travelled to a new dimension, with awesome power on stubble prevention
Gillette's slick triple blade sensation, Mach more speed, less irritation
Gillette's supersonic shaving pledge, gives flying Mach 3 that extra edge
Have I the right stuff to survive, a dose shave without a scratch?
Having used Gillette twin blade both fixed and swivel, the best can only get better
Husband's stubble tears my skin, with Gillette Mach3 we’ll both 'win
I 'was looking for a Concorde in disposable razors -I look no more
I always said that Gillette twin-bladed shaving could not be bettered – was I wrong!
I can break through the barrier for a last shave, with the Mach 3 triple blade
I can break through the barrier for the fastest shave safely with speed
I had to see for myself how you could have improved on Gillette Sensor Excel
I hoped it would smash friction rash for good
I want to put it through its paces, to shave the closest faces
I wanted to be at the cutting edge of new technology as the Millennium approaches
I wanted to take off my heard, fly through the shave, and have a great look
I wanted to take off the stubble without landing in trouble
I wanted to try the best, not the rest
I was extremely dissatisfied with the quality of shaves, obtained from other brands of blades
I was sorely tempted, cut to the quick, into leaving the wife the remaining Bic
I was the wolf not let in, because of the hair on my chinny, chin, chin!
If two is better than one, then three must be better than two
In a lather over designer stubble, with Gillette technology I'll glide out of trouble
In one supersonic stroke, it transforms my hubby into smoothie bloke
Increase shaving velocity, decrease shaving time
It shaves to perfection, withstanding first date inspection
It takes the trouble out of stubble, faster, smoother, than the Hubble
It was time air a less rash decision
It's a close shave, but for triple action satisfaction, Mach 3 a cut above the rest
It's one small stroke for me, but three giant strokes for Mach 3
It's smoother and faster, a shaver's dream, truty a breakthrough from the winning team
It’s twice as fast with triple blade, the finest system ever made
Let's face it, it take it on the chin, for an uplifting experience I let Gillette begin
Life's too short to rant and shave, Mach 3 makes my life a rave
Lift offs perfect, floats like a feather, men go for Mach 3 hell for leather
Mach 3 breaks the bristle barrier like no other razor has done before
Mach 3 I did get, for my chin gelled and wet, always a sure bet -Gillette
Mach 3 is the one for me, as it leaves my skin blemish-free
Mach 3 mutates macho male monsters into smoochable smoothies. Because a smooth lift off is cool
Mach 3 sounds good, looks good, feels good
Mach's cutting edge for flying aces, brings a smile to smoother faces
My co-pilot desired the close-up approach of the Mach 3 shave
My razor's blunt stubble's chronic, need a shave that's supersonic
My son, a young blade himself, deserves to start out with the best
My vasectomy is due, I need a closer, safer shave than ever before
No longer grounded, with the roughneck blues, I'm a Mach 3 smoothie like Tom Cruise
No more itchy lumps with butchered bloody trace, just a smooth and silky supersonic face
No rashes, nicks, soreness or cuts, it's the smoothest shave ever, no ifs or huts
No trouble, no stubble, for sensitive guy, 'Mach'nificent shave now flying high
On the X Files you never have a hairy alien - I bet they use Gillette Mach 3!
One minute I had a beard, shaving with Gillette Mach 3 it just disappeared
Only a clean-shaven man deserves to wear a jacket of this quality
Perfection comes at so little cost, with Mach 3 rough patches are now soft
Quality craftsmanship, style and precision, made Gillette Mach 3 an easy decision
Record take-off without irritation, Gillette Mach 3- what a sensation!
Rough as Ten Bears face in a mess, one quick shave a soaring success
Smoothest, fastest, take-off ever, unique design is brilliantly clever
Superbly smooth, on stroke number one, with less irritation it's a shaving top gun
Supersonic, triple action, total shaving satisfaction, pilot tested on the face, stubble lifted without trace
Taken to the edge with Mach 3,1 will always take it on the chin
Test pilot the best and disregard the rest
The Gillette Mach 3 hairodynamic design, guarantees a smooth take-off every time
The Gillette Mach 3 triple-bladed head, is angled for a smooth take-off
The Mach 3 gave a speed of shaving that was totally out of this world
The smoothest take-off, sheer perfection, minimises the need for ejection
Three heads not one, this little ace means hairodynamics for my age
Three times the quality at three times the speed.
Through those bristles, Machs whistles. it's much faster, and I need no plaster.
To experience Gillette's 'sound' design, and 'take off stubble in 'supersonic' time
To experience today the Tomorrow's World' of shaving
To fully appreciate its extra cutting edge on my beard
To get a quicker, smoother and less irritable shave
To prove the Red Baron just couldn't win, against superior technology and much smoother skin
To sample the speed, smoothness and satisfaction
To save time, to save money, to save face
To see if it was once-twice-three times a lady shaver
To take off stubble, inspire these words, land prize jacket, impress the birds
To use the greatest technology for the finest shave, Mach 3 is number one
Top performance, triple blade, the finest system ever made
Tried all the so-called best, and got depressed we've now Mach 3 I can rest
Triple blades, triple closeness, three times better
Triple-action closeness, no irritation, no trouble, just one stroke takes off my stubble
Urbane without pain, that's my plan, I'm a Mach 3 fan not a macho man
What true pilot would miss a chance to fly a Mach 3 glider?
When the leather jacket caught my eye, Gillette Mach 3 I had to try
When the Mach 3 takes to the 'hair', it's as if your beard was never there
Whether flying high or having a rave, nothing can simulate a Mach 3 shave
With a face like mine, I need the best
With Gillette's reputation, Mach 3 technology is certain to take off smoothly, rapidly and safely
With my pilot Studies complete, my beard accepts defeat
With sensitive skin I’m still looking for a better shave than the Gillette Sensor
With three blades, it must be a cut above the rest
I always use Avis when I want to 'Jet Set and Go' because…
I can get to my address without any stress
A flying start is guaranteed
Fly through to your car
I can GO like a JET on the best SET of wheels
I fly in and drive out with no standing about
I want to hit the road running
I want to take off as soon as I land
Once I have jetted and setted, I can go, go, go
They let me take off once I've landed
When I arrive in my Boeing, Avis gets me going
With Avis, take off is only seconds away
Concorde would be the ultimate gift this Christmas because...
I would love to thank my Mum for being so kind, generous and selfless. Particularly over the past year - and I can think of nothing more exciting than taking my biggest shopping partner in crime to New York for a blow out!
Budgens Beef, The Orient Express and Concorde make great partners because...  
All three are superstars in Europe's team of quality and excellence 
A taste of luxury is their theme, combining quality with haute cuisine 
Barriers are broken for succulent taste, luxury travel and exhilarating haste 
Each regularly passes quality tests, maintaining traditions of absolute best 
It's no mystery they are all thrillers 
Teamwork combines style and efficiency with value, class and tradition 
They all combine 1st class pleasure, sheer indulgence and times to treasure 
They all travel well 
They are the best in tradition and quality; yesterday today and tomorrow 
They are traditional, classic and supersonic 
They each represent quality and the best in their class 

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