To keep warm during the 'Big Freeze' I would…
Dream of pizza's 'Niss-an' hot, then 'Go Ahead' scoffing the lot
Safeway Delicatessen pizzas are my favourite because…
Safeway produces a superb selection, what can I say but 'Pizza Perfection'
Authentically Italian, a family winner, even Pavarotti would sing for this dinner
Their ah-Roma-therapy's worth every lira; bring-ah the flavours of Italia nearer
Homemaker, mother, working wife, loves Safeway's tasty Italians in her life
Titanic base, decked out with topping, we're sunk without Safeway shopping
Freshness, flavour - prices low, from Safeway 'deli-top' value for 'dough'
Where eagles soar and birdies fly, tasty toppings simply satisfy
Tasty and wholesome through and through - if only Safeway made men too
There's a saucy appealing guarantee of pizza perfection - The Full Monty
Deliciously fresh with toppings galore - specially prepared by my No 1 store
Just like Michelangelo's ceiling, their pizza creations are really appealing
With paramount importance on eating perfection, Safeways are 'cheesily' the tastiest selection
Tasty way filling the gap, pizza this and pizza that
The delicious pizza's Safeway make, ensure every meal's a luxury break

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