I would love to win a tasty car with co-op pies and hams because ...
Tell no porkies, tell no lies, Fiat for cars, Co-op for pies
I shop at the Somerfield delicatessen because ...
With mouth-watering eats and perfect pies, 'Bravo' Somerfield - you take the prize
It's leg and shoulders above the rest, 'Bravo' Somerfield you're the best
I'd like to take it easy with British pork pies because...
When ‘uppercrust meats’ with Somerfield price, my taste buds cruise to paradise
There is nothing to declare but satisfaction, Caribbean cruise an extra attraction
Tender pork in tasty crust, these portable treats are a picnic must
For goodness sake, they make a first rate, tasty bake
They’re oh so tasty, big or weeny, lovely pastry, each one’s dreamy
They’re wholesome meals, nutritious and tasty, all wrapped up in delicious pastry
Nothing would be finer than a pork pie on a liner
Relaxation, sunshine, Caribbean cruise, like Somerfield’s fine crispy bakes, who could refuse?
I’d be an ‘uppercrust’ diner, on a Caribbean recliner
From barbecues to campers, British Pork Pies pamper hampers
Whilst baking gold under tropical sun, Somerfield pies could melt my tongue
Why would you like to fly supersonic…
Paris-Concorde, absolute bliss - like Ginsters snacks, too good to miss
A Brisk Concorde Departure Exclusively From Ginsters Heralds Instant Joyous Luxury
A Concorde holiday beGInning EaSTer, Shall mean so ‘mach’ to my sister!
A dream of a lifetime come true, the chance courtesy of you
Because ‘le bon gout’ of Ginsters should be sonic-boomed all over France
Because plainly, it’s the capital way to travel!
Busy Mum, ‘franc’ly weary of work, Ginsters/Concorde make the ultimate perk!
Concorde Gets you IN Style To Europe’s Restaurant and Sandwich capital
Concorde, ultimate in style. Paris by Concorde, perfection!
Flying Concorde sends me in-Seine, on cloud nine - forget the train
Flying supersonic to Paris - wow! Concorde and Ginsters that’s how
Flying to Paris - c’est Ia vie - in Concorde supersonically
For Champagne lovers, it’s the quickest way to get ‘plastered’ in Paris
For me, nothing ‘can-can’ take the ‘Place de Ia Concorde’
For the perfect anniversary dream ‘menu’, a supersonic flight to romantic venue
Francly, I’ve always fancied something supersonic to ‘brag’-vette about!
Ginsters and Concorde - what a pair!
Husband romantic? Never! A weekend in Paris, may change him forever
I’m plane crazy for supersonic flights, ending in Parisian delights
My mum, 85, has one remaining ambition - to fly Concorde
Organised by Ginsters, flown by Concorde - names that mean ‘a great deal’!
Paris, ultimate in romance
Rat race victim of daily grind, seeks VIP fantasy to unwind
Stressed superwoman seriously seeks speedy sortie to soothing sojourn in sensational surroundings
Supersonic sandwiches bring me ‘savoir faire’
Supersonic to Paris - a dream for me, Ginsters can make it reality
The elite all agree, it’s the way to travel, mais oui
To ‘pate’ with the upper crust would ‘mach’ my dream vacation ‘Seine-sational’
To combine to ultimate flying experience with the world’s most intimate destination
To err is human, but to air to Paris by Concorde, is divine
To experience the ultimate family adventure with memories to last a lifetime
To Paris supersonic, is a great Ginsters tonic
To travel at Mach 2 and have my Gin-sterred, not shaken
I never travel far without a Ginsters because….
Cold or hot, it's got the lot
For quick lunch or dinner, Ginsters are a perfect winner
For, quality, taste and snack appeal, no one offers a better deal
I've tried the best, now I'll buy the best
They're the ideal snack to put the energy back
They're more to taste, less haste and certainly no waste
They're tops with peckish flying aces, perfect invaders for empty spaces
They're wholesome meals, nutritious and tasty, all wrapped up in delicious pastry
When it's time to stop and feed, it's satisfaction guaranteed
Whether flying high or skimming low, nothing can simulate the "Ginsters" glow

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