Get carried away with Quorum because...  
Born in Barcelona, worn all over the world 
It's the international fragrance that knows no frontiers 
The unique fragrance created to capture the vibrance and beauty of Barcelona 
What makes Aramis different?
This timeless fragrance is the key to an air of ARAMIStery 
A designer fragrance should be ... 
The clothing that the eye can't see 
Less like a scent and more like a signature 
The scentsational smell that says I'm wearing well 
Tweed is the perfect finishing touch becauseÖ 
Affordable pleasure for work or leisure, romantic, nostalgic, a fragrance to treasure 
Impulse IcO is the fragrance for me because..  
An Impulsive creation - forget IcO-lation, enjoy pure elation 
Blue is my favourite colour and it matches my eyes 
Cool and romantic in jeans or nightie, I feel seductive as-phrodite 
Cool confidence - IcO keeps me ahead of the piste pack 
Even after netball I still feel cold 
For a girl who's always active, it ensures I stay attractive 
I glow with IcO, I go, go, go with IcO 
I so like its power to make me feel impulsive 
I sprayed, IcO, I conquered 
I stink and when I spray it, it makes me go all tingly 
I'm no fool when it comes to staying cool 
Itís the scent I pick to make men tick 
Impulse 100 takes me to the fresh-hold of time 
Impulse IcO's scents so new, it makes 'Imp' in me raise 'Pulse' 
It expresses my 'scent'iments 'anytime', 'anywhere' 
It gives me a cool exterior to hide the passion burning within 
It is invigorating, uplifting and totally the coolest fragrance around 
It keeps me ice cool and smelling fresh when I most need it 
It keeps me smelling fresh, and I need a new watch! 
It makes me smell yummy and cool (IcO) 
It suits my active lifestyle 
It's as sophisticated and fresh as the new millennium 
It's attention getting 'watch ever' the setting 
It's being so H-O-T-T hot, I need some cooling down 
It's cool as a cucumber soft as dew, fantastic aroma, refreshingly new 
It's cool, itís light, it keeps me dry all night 
It's effective allure has no known cure 
It's fresh and clean like mountain air - the next best thing to being there 
It's fresh and crisp and it gives me a boost of morning energy 
It's fresh and light and keeps me cool 
It's fresh and light, a cool delight, exactly right from morn 'til night 
It's fresh, fuzzy, fun and real cool 
It's simple, but sophisticated, bold and brilliant 
It's the prelude to adventure
Its a limited edition just like me
Just got to seize it - I snows a good thing when I freeze it
Knees' buckle, hearts melt, IcO makes my presence smelt
Like me, it's sweet, stylish and totally cool
My cool IcO spray, makes me fresh through the day
NOthing else helps me keep my cOOl
Now I'm pulsating with confidence and IcO friendly
Super-cool, fresh and fragrant, IcO impulsive, active and vibrant
Super-cool, refreshing lift, people always catch my drift
This fresh cool fragrance second to none, clocked up to be time honoured fun
This impulse 'IcO'n makes this 'limited edition' 'tick'
Through all my everyday pursuits, IcO keeps me fresh from head to Boots
Tock' of the town, a real cool chick, acting on Impulse makes me tick
When I spray, it sends a refreshing icy impulse through my body
Whether I dance or ski I feel fresh and free

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