I would like Buitoni Fresco to fly me to Italy because ...
Open Buitoni, mix in sun, stir in Florence, pour out fun
Fascinating 'Florence' with a taste of heaven, 'magic' since 'roundabout' 1827
Buitoni to eat, Michaelangelo to inspire, this would be my 'arts' desire
For authentic flavours cooked to perfection, I always trust this Italian connection
Sophisticated, romantic, The Tuscan scene, like a fresh Italian - this woman's dream
Their expertise in giving pleasure, would make my trip a sensual treasure
Unsur'pasta'ble fare beyond compare, taste buds thinking they're already there
Leonardo's are great, Botticelli's fine, but Buitoni's masterpiece is quite divine
Money well spent, tummy content, on Italian Buitoni - high time I went
Classically romantic, Italian taste sublime, there Arno better ways to pasta time
Romantic scenery, ring and rose, hope he'll accept when I propose
With character and taste equally shared, Buitoni and Florence are perfectly paired
Romantic setting, 'room with a view', Casa Buitoni for 'me-n-u'
I'll see if the Italian frescos, are truly bottom pinching pestos!
It would allow me to soak up the classic Italian flavour
Buitoni Fresco is my inspiration, to savour this classical Latin vacation
To Florence-state of the art, from Safeway's Buitoni - a taste apart
For Florentine art, romance and pesto, what better sponsor than Buitoni Fresco
The city of flowers has the ingredients for a blooming good holiday
Just the ticket for first class fare, classic Italy beyond compare
From tasty Tortelli to Botticelli - the result of shopping at Safeway's deli
They've given genuine taste for starters, now sights and sounds for afters
A tasty encounter in Safeway's aisle, consummates 'la dolce vita' Tuscany style
Culture, food, sunshine, wine, with Safeway & Buitoni, all these could be mine
After contemplating the works of Michaelangelo, I could drool over Buitoni's Fresco
Recently introduced to Buitoni pastas - love to see the other great masters
Beautiful Florence, centre of art, like Buitoni has no counterpart
It's the perfect place to appreciate art, and savour those fabulous frescos
Florence comes one step nearer - Buitoni's Fresco products are worth every lira
With Buitoni fresco taste buds take flight, transported to Italy with every bite
Safeway, Buitoni and a Florentine date, a romantic masterpiece on a plate
From intimate trattorias, to renaissance art, Florence would capture my heart
Seeing where Buitoni pasta grows, this saucy trip would thrill me to-ma-toes
Culture, scenery, 'la dolce vita', the Florentine fantasy of a Buitoni eater
Soak in the culture, breathe the air, those saucy Italians everywhere
Saucy sensations, Florentine charms, we'd be 'de-lira-eous' in each other's arms
Romantic Florence, flowers in riot, the food, the wine ... forget the diet!
Classic products, seductive pairing, Florence ahoy, I'm pasta caring!
For pasta frenzy in Firenze, Buitoni's no vice, they're gnocchi but nice
Beautiful things come in torrents, when you mix Buitoni with Florence
Pasta lover with passion for sauces, plane sailing for delicious Italian courses
For alfresco seating and pasta eating, fascinating Florence is world beating
Michaelangelo's David, Brunelleschi's dome, they recreate fulfilled dreams with Buitoni at home
History, mystery, arts and sights, Buitoni and Safeway have reached these heights
While enjoying the Italian artistic scene, Buitoni Pasta completes the Tuscan dream
Beautiful city, passion and mystery, mundane meals - that's history!
Knees 'a-gnocci-ng', 'art beating faster, the sauce of my passion - Buitoni-ful pasta
With Buitoni's tasty fare and Safeway's pricing care, I'm already halfway there
Safeway & Buitoni, perfection their theme, 'fun'ghi in Florence, mama's bug dream
Pasta, fashion, opera and art, like Buitoni, Florence would capture my heart
Dolmio frozen ready meals offer me the true taste of Italy because…
They're better by smiles for true pastaphiles
You can experience the taste of Italy with Perfect Pizza because...
Authentic? delicious? proved for you - Julius ate one - but Brutus et tu
Ragu brings out the Italian in me because…
The door to the Dolce Vita is now a jar
I'd like to win a holiday with a real Italian flavour because…
Venice may sink, towers lean, hot Dolmio always reigns supreme
Saucy Dolmio's my inspiration to savour a classical Latin sensation
'Aroma' and authenticity would herald my freedom from domesticity
Mama Mia this cook at home needs a 'pasta port' to Rome
Dolmio gives me the flavour of Italy because...
I'm transported there on the crest of a microwave
Nothing can touch Italian design because…
It has the vision of Rome, the passion of Naples and the inspiration of Venice
It offers the statement of style at First Sight
My most romantic moment to remember forever would be…
The magic of Florence, shared by two, treasured FOREVER, a dream come true
I'd like Findus lasagne and Asda to give me the taste of Italy because...
Saucy, beefy, between fresh sheets - Italian fantasy? No - Findus treats!
Unbeatable prices - authentic cuisine - visit the source? My ultimate dream
Wonderful Venice, romantic Rome, no Win? -enjoy Findus at home!
Another Findus mealtime pleaser, from another well stocked Asda freezer
Real Italian flavours clearer, lottsa taste - lots less lire!
Delicious lasagne, marvellous price, a weekend not cooking, heavenly, 'Ve-ince'
Holy macaroni! Heavenly pasta! Venetian visions cost pennies at Asda
Traditional taste worth every lira, romantic Venice one step nearer
Pasta, vino, gondola cruise, like Findus lasagne, who could refuse?
Venice is the perfect frolic for a Findus pasta-holic
That rich Findus flavour Asda flow, pasta ma head to-ma-to
There's enough eye to detail to make a Venetian blind!
It would save 'Turin' Italy for de'lira'eous flavours and 'a-Roma'
Findus Italian, delicious to eat, Venetian surroundings - the perfect treat
Findus quality, value store, Italian banquet without the chore
Venetian sights, dreams to savour, courtesy Asda price, Findus flavour
Entirely authentic, taste divine - sava me trouble, sava me time!
Findus thrill like Pavarotti, for much less than a tenor
Asda's created, my Mediterranean mood! Selling Findus delicious Italian food!
Findus lasagne savoured at home, inspires 'Mama' to Italian zone!
This Findus pasta purist, yearns to be a tourist!
Pasta, vino, Julius Caesar, Asda be Pindus in my freezer!
Asda sell Findus, superb merchandise, weekend in Venice, sheer paradise
Findus lasagne - perfection between sheets, Asda value - ensures lower receipts
I Rome pasta other meals, to finer Findus package deals
I long to linger by the lido, lunching on lasagne
Like Romulus and Remus, they 'twin' magically to please us
Colourful Findus is Italian and appealing, like Michelangelo's famous ceiling!
I prefer to cook with Ragu because…
It's the Italian connection for gourmet perfection
Cooked with vegetables, meat or fish, Ragu adds flavour to the dish
Husband never needs to Rome, La Dolce Vita's here at home
What euphoria, my own trattoria!
I don't mince words - the taste goes from my head to-ma-toes!
Authentic ingredients combined to impress, Ragu "Garda" their recipe success
Prepared in minutes from jar to plate, - pasta Italian without the wait
It's pronto, presto and always perfecto
Forget the plane, boat or car, get Italy in a jar
Lighting the lid on Italian panache, delicious Ragu - success in a flash
Variety, taste, Ragu has them all, each jar contains a market stall
Home cooking used to leave me blushing, with Ragu they come rushing
Nothing to skin, slice or simmer, Ragu make me an instant winner
Ragu on the label, means perfection on the table
With Ragu's ingredients, expertly blended, spaghetti taste like Italians intended
When it's in the larder, it transforms East End to Lake Garda
Goumet meals are not a dream, with Ragu I reign supreme
This recipe that tastes like heaven, dates back to 1937
It halves the labour and doubles the flavour
For discerning family or guests unforseen, it's instant authentic, Italian cuisine
A Dolmio meal is always a winning combination because…
Action packed, full of taste, Dolmio meals mean no waste
A Dolmio meal is always a winning combination because…
Classic meals I make in only one take!
A Dolmio meal is always a winning combination because…
It stars a red-hot, saucy Italian who'll never get canned!
A Dolmio meal is always a winning combination because…
The family cheers when it appears
The Dolmio range makes cooking simple because…
Simply delicious and quickly done, TV dinners are such fun
Unlock jar, release sauce. freedom from any cookery course
With a family to impress Dolmio cannelloni' be a success
Authentic ingredients ready to savour, just open up Italian flavour
Authentic expertise, makes superb meals a thing of ease
Dolmio sets me free to watch my favourite TV
They make in a trice, meals that entice
You're sure of perfection whatever your selection
Dolmio quality guarantees perfect results with expert ease!
It helps my culinary prowess when I wish to impress
Dolmio Pasta Sauce is the star ingredient in my kitchen because…
Its appeal is "Universal" and its taste is "Paramount"
No "Casualty" for 'Tools and Sauces", it "Masterminds" "Blockbuster" courses!
Produce Dolmio - 'pan' meat - 'zoom' to table - 'action' - eat!
A prize performer in cuisine, Dolmio always steals the scene!
Like Pisa - it's always on the list
Super'smashin' 'simply great' - bullseye scored with every plate
Forget Hoffman, Cruise and Swayze - Dolmio drives my tastebuds crazy
Natural ingredients, guaranteed to please, Italian cuisine without any E's
It is simply Supernovapastarrtficexpertdolmiocious
Dolmio is the only Safeway to have a Saucy Italian
Dolmio is worth a million lire to me because...
It's the currency my family are de-lira-eous about
Tho' I'm cooking at home, my tastebuds can "Rome"
Wherever they may "Rome" Dolmio brings mamas boys back home
Venice may sink, towers lean, hot Dolmio always reigns supreme
Whenever I serve pasta Dolmio Papa smiles "buon appetito"
I can cook to impress - and bank on success!
When dreaming of riches I crave Dolmio dishes
It's a true Italian flavour, that everyone can savour
I can afford it on my dole-mio!
As other sauces lack in spice Dolmio's worth any price
There's no need to speculate - merely appreciate!
Dolmio's Italian fare makes me feel like a millionaire
It's always affordable and richly rewardable
It's my sauce of instant happiness
Wherever I roam, pasta without Dolmio hasn't a home!
The gourmet pleasure is a priceless treasure
That "Rich" tomato flavour is "puree" gold!
Every jar creates with ease a true Italian masterpiece!
It's the safe-way to create a "Pisa" Italy
It adds flavour to my courses without draining my resources
I "bank" on Dolmio for meals with "high interest".
Wherever I "Roma" it can't be "surpasta"!
The cost is nominal and the taste phenomenal
Candlelit dinner to family invasion, Dolmio capitalises on every occasion
Dolmio Pasta Sauce gives me a tatste for travel because…
My taste buds take flight, transported to Italy with every bite
It captures the flavour of times 'Roming' and 'Turin' Italy
Good sauces travel fast and Dolmio is unsurpassed
Dolmio's rich Italian fare, leaves me wishing I was there
With a 'Kwik' stir, Dolmio gives pasta 'bags' of flavour
Dolmio 'Holdall' the aces - 'Bags' of flavour in all 'Cases'!
Packed with flavour, I become a rambling trailblazer
It sends my tastebuds on migration - Italy their destination
It's the 'case' that Dolmio 'Hold-all' the answers!
Dolmio's delicious taste sensation invites more adventurous explorations
I'd like to win a holiday with a real Italian flavour because…
Venice may sink, towers lean, hot Dolmio always reigns supreme
Saucy Dolmio's my inspiration to savour a classical Latin sensation
Aroma' and authenticity would herald my freedom from domesticity
Mama Mia this cook at home needs a 'pasta port' to Rome
Dolmio Pasta Sauce gives me a tatste for travel because…
With less time on kitchen chores, more time on foreign shores
It 'Romes' on my tongue with a cosmopolitang!
I was born under a wandering 'jar'
Pasta perfection in every direction, simply means catching the 'Dolmio Connection'
Bags of fun, smiles galore, action packed more more more!
'Packed' with flavour, quality 'label' - destination deliciousness on my table
Italian food is unsurpassed, thanks Dolmio, I'm packing fast!
In London, Paris or Rome, with Dolmio I'm right at home
These perfect sauces I adore, a world of culinary tastes to explore
Dolmio is worth a million lire to me because...
Figarotively speaking. Pasta's a load of Bologna without Dolmio
With Dolmio's aroma. who needs a "pasta" port to Roma!
You can bank on it to stop the family rome-ing
Its wealth of flavour is priceless
O'I'm a dol who's not past-a Rome-o
Delicious flavour that taste budges love to savour
Found the best so now I never need to "Rome"
It's a luxury sauce that will compliment any course
It Asda be one in a million
Italian connection for gourmet perfection
Even millionaires surely know, pasta just hasta have Dolmio
I can sample the taste of Italy without flight delays
It is my pasta-port to Rome
Dolmio delights me, Rome excites me, hope Asda invites me
A Dolmio jar makes life richer by far
The flavour is so rich, it's priceless
It saves me “Turin” Italia for the spicy a-roma
It makes life richer for the pourer
With Dolmio you can eat like a millionaire
It's so much richer for the pourer
For taste and presentation it's a noteworthy sensation
If it cost the earth I'd get my money's worth!
No longer a disaster, now I’m a pasta master
A richer sauce cannot be found
I always hit the jackpot with this really tasty sauce
Dolmio is worth a million lire to me because...
Life without money ain't swell. Without Dolmio? Sheer hell!
Always bank on high interest from my family
Thanks Dolmio this Juliet caught her Romeo
Other sauces are a load of Bolognese
The taste is the best when put to the test
Serving Dolmio from Kwik Save I get, "Thanks a million"
Like Michelangelo's masterpiece - without the price going through the ceiling!
It's a sauce of inspiration without the perspiration
Doughlmio" "stashed" on my plate creates the "highest interest rate"
Its wealth of flavour, brings memories to savour
Hungry family, home for tea open Dolmio; smiles for me!
When I'm missing Rome Dolmio's my taste of home
Even millionaires cannot wish for a more "noteworthy" dish!
A million tastebuds quaver in anticipation of its flavour
With it to pep up fare, I feel like a millionaire
One taste and you know your gondala's come in!
What Mama Mia cooks at home Dolmio perfects at home!
It's a priceless treasure for mealtime pleasure
Dolmio saves the time and time is money
Its Italian A"roma" turns a house into a home-a
I would wager million to one Dolmio meals - quickly gone
It gives me time to look a million dollars
I bank on it to enhance-a my pasta
I can bank on the interest my family shows
Dolmio lid, 500 quid, sightseeing Italy, me and our kid!
Dolmio makes like a little richer
Dolmio always puts a smile on my face because…
The aroma goes from my head to-ma-toes
I don't mince words - it's simply superb
It's a constant sauce of satisfaction
Dolmio-drenched pasta brings happiness faster
I just grin and prepare it!
Dolmio is worth a million lire to me because...
That "rich" flavour flows pasta ma head to-ma-toes!
They all go "000 000" at the end!
Gen-o-a tastier dish?
With Dolmio in the portfolio, my capital gain is Rome(o)
With every authentic jar, I deceive my wealthy Italian grandmama!
I get the riches of Rome without "Budgen" from home
From disaster to pasta masta - so much fasta. Ta master!
Even Lucrezia Borgia wouldn't want to destroy this aroma
Hubby stops being moany when it's on his rigatoni
It doesn't costa lotsa for the real Italian taste!
It spares me the drama of competing with mama!
Genoa tastier sauce? I Canaletto my appetite Rome to others
Dolmio is priceless in our home - a bella taste, a bella Rome
Easily used, delicious all times, Dolmio evokes warm, Latin climes
It turns a little meat into a big treat
My husband comes home instead of his nightly "Rome!"
It's worth is astronomical, but also ecu-nomical!
My "pasta" would have not "present" or "future"
Dolmio, Dolmio - I can be Romeo - you be my sole mio
Cook without Dolmio? -I'll never do Vatican!
Well, Genoa more authentic sauce!
Though going for a song, it's worth an Italian "tenor".
Simple lunch or gourmet dinner, Dolmio makes an instant winner
As a keen Dolmio eater, I enjoy "la dolce vita".
I just Rome pasta Budgen's shelves, instead of Turin Italy
It's my own Pisa Italy without having to Rome
Prima Milano is first because…
Its delicious Italian flavour melts as it 'pasta' my lips
Quick, Italian, melt in the mouth cuisine, unsur'pasta'ble and supreme
Delicious pasta's effortless - compli'melts' of the chef!
Authentic taste prepared in minutes, Italian perfection has no limits
The winning brands authentic taste, leaves time-consuming sauce out-paced
Couldn't be tastier, couldn't be faster, melt, serve - perfect pasta!
Authentic, delicious, express cuisine, l,nma makes my Italian dream
Prima's speedy melting action gives numero uno satisfaction
Italian gastronomy without doubt, replaces the hard work left out
It's easy, delicious, versatile and nutritious
If you were to remake a famous film staring Dolmio Sauce what would you call it...
A Dish Called Wonder
1001 Dolmio Creations
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Surround The Whirls In 80 Ways
The Goodmother
The Six Million Dolmio Man
To Stir With Love

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