I would love to win a weekend break in Paris with Le Crunch because ... 
 Fine varieties, each tasting great, ooh la la Paris, lets co-operate
 Paris sounds the perfect frolic, for this apple loving Le Crunchaholic
 There is nowhere better for my bunch, to munch a Le Crunch for lunch
 With a little co-operation, Paris is my destination
 Paris in the spring will go with a zing when we're munching on Le Crunch
 With Co-op's co-operation and Le Crunch's inspiration, I would make my destination a Parisian sensation
 Sensational city, perfect to munch, and enjoy the delicious taste of Le Crunch
 For capital cuisine to suit every taste, Le Crunch is the apple, Paris the place
 City of romance, great family treat, Le Crunch would make it especially sweet
 French hospitality, warm and inviting, Le crunch apples, delicious and exciting
 A taste of Paris, absolute bliss, like Co-op's fresh Le Crunch - too good to miss
 Romantic Paris, beautiful sight, Le Crunch from the Co-op, love at first bite
 An eyeful of Paris, fruit from Le Crunch, this perfect combination appeals to my bunch
 I'd Le Crunch at leisure, amid Louvre's great treasure with delicious pleasure
 The famous five all pack a munch, so ooh la la let's have Le Crunch
 Paris like Le Crunch apples, displays good luck and excellent taste
 Healthy, delicious, a real pleasure munching Le Crunch to experience Disneyland's treasure
 The apples en cored in every French parloud, are delicious, Braeburn, Granny and Gala
 Tempting, tasty, juicy, nutrition, makes apples from France a family addition
 Super Paris scenes delight, on warm romantic nights, will Co-op send me that's Le Crunch
 The last time I saw Paris the apples were a soggy munch, nowadays viva Le Crunch
 Paris cuisine may have temptations, but I'll dine with Granny Smith and her four relations
 I would love to go to Paris with… because…
 Jet - because a 'magic'al weekend, a 'moment'ous time, all for only £3.69.
 President Butter is truly the taste of France because…
 Impeccable taste, cosmopolitan feel, a French connection in every meal
 There is no comPARISon
 C'est magnifique and Eiffel for it
 One taste of President and Eiffel for it
 C'est extraordinaire, it's natural and tasty, a gastronimic affair
 Just one taste and Eiffel in love
 Cooking becomes an Art de Triomphe, that beurre'sts with flavour
 Its tres bon constitution is a French revolution
 Say why Paris and Martell make the perfect combination…
 Paris, the legendary Greek, discovered his Achilles heel. But in Paris, in France,
 you won't suffer mischance if you drink a Martell with your meal
 I would like to go on a weekend trip to Paris because…
 Its note-ble ‘Hallmark’ grandly disc-played, is Passion and Romance Influence Swayed
 I would like to win a weekend for two in Paris because…
 Like Knorr, Paris simmers with international flavour
 I’m told that Paris in the Spring beats Ramsbottom in the rain!
 I would love to take my family to Disneyland Paris because …
 I'm overworked and under pressure, Budweiser and Disney the perfect refresher
I would like to travel to Paris with Le Crunch apples and French railways because…
When it comes to Le Crunch, I must confess I've tunnel vision
Le Crunch delights me, Paris excites me, hope Eurostar invites me
I would like to drink Stones bitter in Paris because…
Stones pack of four, from Kwik Save stores, would receive resounding encores
I'd rather be Stoned than plastered, Charlety Stadium in Paris
It packs more kick than any other can
Stones Bitter from the British aisles, insures Seine fans satisfied smiles
Exciting rugby action, Stones bitter the main attraction, together achieve total satisfaction
An Eiffel of Paris without Stones would be in seine
Stones' can can's the one pour me
Stones in Paris on the maison, would be seinesational, so tres bon. Oh-la-la, in gay Paree.
Francly, as soon as I tasted Stones Bitter Charlety stadium, 'Eifel' for it! I'd be 'in-Seine' not to!
Tastes divine, sends tingles down my spine - Yorkshire's answer to the vine
Birds Eye Fish Cuisine en Croute is worth talking about because…
Delicious mushrooms, tasty cheese, ny family parlez 'more mum, please'!
Tesco is the place to buy your household products because…
They are the perfect ‘partners in crime’
It’s the perfect spot for a spending spree, a bit like springtime in Paree!
Tesco’s value I’ll always remember, a weekend in Paris I’ll never forget
For the best choice and value anywhere, Tesco has the savoir-faire.
For chores indoors or tasks al fresco, ‘Seine’ shoppers all make tracks for Tesco
They offer such quality at prices so fair, I haven’t De Gaulle to shop elsewhere!
I would like to spend a romantic weekend in Paris because…
With bistros and boulevards playing their part, my Milk Tray selection will capture her heart
Table for two - a pavement cafe, love at first bite - me and Milk Tray
While cruising the Seine, sipping champagne, I could fall for my wife all over again
This soft-centered girl with hard-hearted mate, seeks Cadbury’s in Paris for romantic date!
Beside the Seine, we’d open the box, two lovers in love - with Cadbury’s chocs!

My husband, romantic? Absolutely never, but a weekend in Paris could change him - for ever

Not Milk Tray guy - more Andy Capp, but Paris may change my chosen chap.
Paris is sparkling, alive and alight, the way Milk Tray makes me feel tonight
Capital idea, the city for lovers, whilst outside your window the man in black hovers
My darling man deserves a treat - send us to Paris... tout de suite!
Boutiques and bistros, Le Metro, Montmartre - like Milk Tray’s assortment it’s captured my heart!
There’s no finer place, no better way, to thrill this lady who loves Milk Tray!
The Seine, the Left Bank, the Champs Elysees - for inspiring romance Paris rivals Milk Tray!
Milk Tray, Paris, a ring and a rose - hope she’ll accept when I propose
This little sweetie engaged for a decade, would love a proposal before a deaf aid!
The Arc, the Elysee, the Eiffel above, where better to make a proposal of love
I'd like to experience Paris with H Samuel because…
Samuel’s jewels a joy to wear, Paris exudes romantic air
Romantic city, wonderful time, H Samuel ring for my Valentine
Romantic gifts within my means, enchanting travel beyond my dreams
Romantic Paris, a loving treat, merci Samuel’s c’ est magnifique!
Together they provide the gifts, pleasures and treasures for lovers
Rings bought, marriage pending, Paris could be our happy ending
It’s a GEM of a city for a capital break
They both promise perfection, for that romantic connection
Both so exquisitely unique, express the love all couples seek
For a lovers’ dream, they’re the perfect team
Paris is a romantic city because…
It's beauty stood the test of time, like my own sweet valentine
Paris is…
The most mystical, magical city by far, yet very near with Eurostar
Le cure for le blues, kwickly raising spirits for romantic moods
Nearer than you think, when you take the Chunnel link!
A Parisian's can of WD40 can…
Stop the twinges in le hinges
Keep Quasimodo's assets bright, 'Notre Dame' spot of rust in sight
Help things run smooth, you kneau for the hapless Inspector Clouseau
Oil the wheels of Eurostar, bid tunnel breakdowns au revoir
Ensure joints are squeaky free, so they can can in gay paree
'Tour de France' with perfect ease, 'chain reaction' point and squeeze
Make Quasimodo's bells swing free - his brilliant hunch was WD
Protect and preserve each moving part, from Moulin Rouge to Montmarte
Lubricate with savoir faire, a rusting relic in despair
Expunge le gunge, silence le squeak, le WD spray - magnifique!
I would like to visit Paris because…
Weekend in Paris, what an opportunity, to see the sights and be Millennium Bug free
Paris and Girobank Visa go well together because...
Toulouse yourself in Paris is worth Letrec there and back
Paris in springtime is romantic because...
There I feel forty and naughty, not fifty and thrifty
Perfect in which to court - Paris and love - such Rapport
Parisien Insignia and elegant Rapport, your fragrant Mandate pour L' amour
Flowers blooming, time for amour, dab on Mandate instant Rapport
Bistros, boulevards, Gallic accent, a Paris weekend is heaven scent
I would like to drink Stones Bitter in Paris because…
Stones’ pack convened me, wanna ‘score’ some more in gay Paree!
Stones Bitter is best by far, and Paris is by Eurostar!
Pads rugby appeals no end, but Stones is a fan’s best friend!
Stones’ capital expertise means ‘Seine’ again, please!
Romantic Paris, oh so chic, le can of Stones, c’est magnifique!
Reaching Paris would raise my ‘cheers’, stone me - my ambition for years!
Capitals change, champions alter, but Stones Bitter never falters!
Beautiful sights, romancing the Stones, premier taste, a league of its own!
After my wife’s shopping spree, I’d need Stones to revive me!
This Super League thirst quencher, gives me a taste for Parisian adventure!
Super rugby, Stones Bitter as well, hope Quasimodo forgets the ‘last bell’!
I dream of a romantic weekend in Paris because…
Admiring Notre Dame, Sampling the finest cuisine, Daring the Eiffel Tower, Appreciating time spent together
The 'Scents' of freedom, adventure, pzazz, that any Asda fragrance user has
I'd enjoy dreamy days and enchanted nights wearing a sensual spray at Asda price
Fragrant, romantic weekend in Paris, with my favourite fella? Thank you Asda - signed Cinderella
The greatest wealth is contentment, a last tango in Paris would achieve just that
Paris nightlife - tres chic, Eiffel Tower - quite unique, Paris atmosphere – romantique, like Asda prices - magnifique!
Amorous weekend, £250 to spend, Asda brought my dream alive, by selling Paris for £22.95
This weekend for two sets my senses reeling, with a scentsational, passionate, amorous feeling
Perfume, Paris, a ring and a rose, hope she'll accept when I propose
My husband romantic, 'EAU' no never, but a weekend in Paris might change him forever!
I'd kiss goodbye to daily drudgery, hello hubby, wink, wink, nudge, nudgery!
Enchanting fragrances delight me, thoughts of Paris do excite me, hope Asda will invite me
Eiffel Tower - What a view, fragrant houses, dreams come true, romantic dinners, just we too
The sun, moon and stars will shine, thanks to Asda fragrances Eden will be mine
Courtesy of Asda fragrance bar, 'OUI' can't say 'NON' to their OOHIA-LAA!

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