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A bun in the oven A dogs dinner A flash in the pan A watched pot never boils
Ablaze Adds fuel to the fire As warm as toast Bake
Baptism by fire Blaze Blaze a trail Blow hot and cold
Boil Bright sparks Burn a hole in the pocket Burn one's bridges
Burn the candle at both ends Burn the midnight oil Catch fire Ceramic hob
Chief cook and bottle washer Controls Cooker Cooking the books
Cordon bleu Economical Effective Efficient
Electric Electric avenue Fan the flames Festive cheer
Fight fire with fire Fingertip control Fire Fire fly
Fire works Fire eater Fire and brimstone Fire off questions
First / second / third degree burns Flame(s) Flaming success Fry
Gas Gas mark 5 Get one's fingers burnt Glow
Gone to pot Griddle Grill Hang fire
Heat Heat of the moment Hob Hot stuff
Hot under the collar In the hot seat In the melting pot Instant
Jet Keep the pot boiling Make a hash of Make a meal of
Microwave On the back burner Open fire on Other fish to fry
Out of the frying pan into the fire Oven Playing with fire Poach
Red Rings Roast Sear
Saute Simmer Solid sense Spread like wildfire
Stew Stew in one's own juice Sure fire winner Take pot luck
Temperature The fat is in the fire The way to a man's heart Through fire and water
Timer Too hot to handle Too many cooks spoil the broth Transform
Under control Warm the cockles of your heart Warms the heart(h)s Welcoming
What's cooking? Wooden spoon    

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Cooker / looker / hookah / hooker / onlooker Roast / boast / toast / most / host / ghost / coast / post

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