Seeing clearly, instantly, at all distances is important to me because...
All creatures great and small, I enjoy a sharp view of them all 
Perfect vision every view, from one pair of spectacles where I used to need two 
The ball's in focus, tee to green, with no blurred patches in-between 
All over the world whatever the sight, my Varilux lenses keep the focus just right 

Changes occurred, vision blurred, sight clear, middle, far, near, don't you see? Varilux for me 

Cloudy becomes clear, dull becomes bright, with Varilux to improve my sight 
I can see clearly now into my Varilux-urious future - and it's lens--sational 

Naturally I am very short-sighted, but not so in choosing convenient, versatile, Varilux lenses 

Reading, driving, watching TV, instant vision is a must for me 
I like my glasses because…
Clearly made with sparkling precision, optimum optics give ultimate vision 
Nothing can touch Italian design because… 
It has the vision of Rome, the passion of Naples and the inspiration of Venice 
It offers the statement of style at First Sight 
I would like to own a Mini Cooper because…
With stylish car and corrected sight, the road ahead looks forever bright 
I like my glasses because… 
I can peek in on Beijing, cast an eye on Shanghai 
Lensplan is the healthy approach to contact lens wear because…
It promotes perfect vision at an affordable cost

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