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All black but All Blacks Auckland Bay of plenty
Beautiful Isles Christchuch Dew Zealand fresh Dunedin
Ends of / Enza the earth Fjordland Green Kiwi
Lamb Maori Mountains North Island 
Pacific Sheepish Southern hemisphere South Island
Stunning scenery Unspoilt Wellington Zeal and

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All Black / fall back Down under / wonder

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Enza New Zealand Braeburn apples taste sensational because...
It’s nature's  be-all that enz-all
‘A’ levels, Ooo levels, whatever the test, teacher knows the Braeburns best
They a-peel to my senza taste
An Enza senza summer sational right to the core
As a 'Kiwi - 'K' snack or to 'Enza' meal, they are ideal
They End - z - a need to eat any other apple
From Britain's most 'Raleighable' shop, New Zealand's  more 'sensational' crop
Imported from the 'Enza' the earth - Us ' Poms 'Raleigh'on their worth.
I love Co Op fresh New Zealand lamb because…
At Co Op they know top quality grazing, makes New Zealand Lamb taste truly amazing
New Zealand braeburn apples taste great because…
Each is a red and green thirst-quenching machine
My favourite way to eat a kiwifruit is…
Refreshing accompaniment for hot vindaloo, cooler than cucumber, tastier too
Steinlager is an award winning lager because…
Pure, strong, a prize winning quencher, remove the cap, release the adventure
I love Co-Op fresh New Zealand because…
At Co-op they know top quality grazing, makes New Zealand Lamb taste truly amazing
I'll never need to chop and change, just give me the Co-op's New Zealand range
Such high standards Co-op keep, I can count on their lambs 'till I fall asleep
Bred on natural free-range pastureland, succulent tender lamb shows the quality Co-op brand
Guaranteed goodness, fresh and tender, trusted supplier, the Co-op has no contender
Mid week chops or Sunday least, those who flock to Co-op don't get fleeced
Fresh from the Co-op enjoyed the most, New Zealand Lamb rules the roast
From it's natural sweet pastures beneath Southern Cross, comes tender fresh lamb without flavour loss
Quality, taste, health, nutrition, have always been a Co-op New Zealand Lamb tradition
Succulent fresh lamb fed on New Zealand grass, gives the Co-op's selection unbeatable class
Succulent and lean, fresh from the chiller, at Co-op price this lamb's a thriller
"I always buy my New Zealand lamb at Safeway because…"
You get value, quality and flavour, that's 'pasture' wildest dreams
Prices at my Safeway store, make New Zealand lamb worth returning for
Freshly frozen, loved the most, New Zealand Lamb really rules the roast
The rosette is my guarantee, of value, taste and quality
My hungry flock loves to be fed, on Safeway's bargain from N.Z
Delicious, nutritious, value thats fair; I trust Safeway the stores that care
Safeway knows top quality grazing, makes New Zealand Iamb taste truly amazing
Juicy lamb, tender and prime, saving a mint at Safeway every time
Tasty lamb is what I need, shopping at Safeway I always succeed
Their freezer stocks the finest flocks
One good name preserves another
A better price I cannot get, when seeking out the lamb rosette
When I want the best, I shop at the best
With Safeway baa-gains I always save a mint
Both names on the label, mean excellence on the table
Tender, tasty, lean and sweet, my favourite store's most tempting treat
Flavour and value together as one, make this combination best baa none
Their freezer stocks the finest flocks
Both names on the label, means perfection on the table
Always tasty, always tender, - a leader in its field
Raised on sweet pastures, frozen at prime, succulent and tender every time
I buy New Zealand Lamb at Sainsbury's because…
Well seasoned 'Baa'chelor required for spring trip, woolly jumper preferred, contact Rosemary
Frozen New Zealand Lamb is naturally tender because…
Carefully chosen and perfect when frozen, it cooks and looks like a winner for dinner
60 million sheep can't be wrong!
It is signed, sealed and quite delicious
Ideal grazing conditions, put the 'mmm' into summer, and the 'win' into winter
Whenever the season, whatever the dressing, this lush Spring lamb, is a rare blessing
At mealtimes we love to emigrate, and taste that landscape on our plate
It never gets the chance to dress up as mutton
Frolicked under New Zealand sun, then carefully frozen without any damage done!
My Crown Roast won't cost a king's ransom, or get tough with me
New Zealand's the sender, and just like the song it's return to tender
These happy lambs keep sweet and plump - as in fresh air they bungee jump
Their freezer stocks from the finest flocks
Like little Bo Peep, they care for their sheep
Rich Spring pastures, bring flavour raptures - enjoy the New Zealand spring without the bungee jumping!
A well-kept 'sheeplet' is food for 'thawt'
Every cut is 'shear' perfection - so 'leg' it to Sainsbury's and make your selection!
Air so pure, grass so green, rosemary loves it -perfect cuisine
'Shear' sunshine taste, selected full bore, it's no 'gambol' we flock for more!
Luscious lamb juices 'oozing', is my palate's-'shear' -desire, Sainsbury's 'frozen' pricing, un-'bleat' -ably enticing
As Cooks have discovered - it travels well
It's raised on sweet pastures, frozen at prime, succulent and lean, chine after chine
Reared and presented with care from the start, makes it tender as a woman's heart
It provides the greatest show on turf - at prices that are down to earth
It's a grill's best friend and always leads to a kiss on the chops!
Good husbandry breeds contented lambs
Aged very carefully and cooked in my wok, it never fails to please my flock
Shepherds watch their flocks by night, so Sainsbury's 'Heavenly Hosts' are filled with de-light!
They know when to freeze their best asset!
It's the mighty bite, of Commonwealth delight, every season of the year
Tenderly-kept secrets succulently unfold, when Cook's finest discovery comes in from the cold
Freshly frozen, enjoyed the most, New Zealand lamb really rules the roast!
New 'Zeal and' quality, no less, is the 'Kiwi' unlock the tenderness
From North Island or South it melts in the mouth!
It's the kind of lamb you never take a 'gambol' with!
Ba Ba Black Sheep, succulent and sweet, was pampered in New Zealand especially to eat!
It's so lean and meaty that it 'bleat's' me into submission
Sumptuous, tempting, full of taste, sealed in freshness, consumed post-haste
Sainsbury's Baa-code sorts out the toughies from the fluffies
It's selected and frozen whilst at its prime, and selected by gourmets every time
It's got heavenly appeal - sheer 'l-amb'rosia every meal!
The climate's right for a 'reigning' yield, it's really outstanding in its field
That 'cold pack' magic has 'meat' in its spell!
Sainsbury's buy the best, so you never have to 'gambol'
Of the soil, climate and vegetation, careful storage and preservation
It's got 'thaw' star quality!
Stewed, roast or grilled, results have me thrilled
They take extra care of their woollens!
It's always wholesome, never falters, leads me like a lamb to the slaughter
Fresh pastures hold the 'key we' seek, to year-round succulence, quite unique
The freshest prime meat, frozen at peak, means value and flavour week after week
I enjoy Shingle Peak Wine because…
Flavours from antipodean shores, Shingle Peak always reigns where it pours
Being always at the peak, their fine wines I seek
Body, bouquet, grapes of the best quality, high as the label suggests
By itself or with a meal, Shingle Peak has great appeal
California has its sunshine, France has its reputation, New Zealand has class in a wine
Delicious taste, reaching new heights, one sip away from paradise
Deliciously crisp and convivial fun, the more the Maorier I become
Especially at Christmas, it's jingle all the way
Every class contains the essence of New Zealand
Experts perfect it, wine lovers select it
Family celebration or intimate dinner, Shingle Peak wine is always a winner
Finest flavour without a doubt, one to trust, Shingle it out
Flavour filled for easy drinking, Shingle Peak, de-wine for sinking
For freshness and bouquet so fine, Shingle Peak delivers the finest wine
For the discerning, a touch of class, delights of New Zealand captured in a glass
For weddings, funerals, parties too, this vinest wine I offer you
Fragrantly fruity, complex yet refined, nobly New Zealand, excellence defined
Having tasted wine sublime I'm Shingle minded all the time
I can't say no to a rich, full smoothie
I enjoy good things in life
I like the New World wines for their full-bodied taste
I never drink cheap wine
It brings home the taste of New Zealand
It comes from the finest wine producing countries of the world
It embodies the taste of summer
It gives the New Zealand delight, please put me on that flight
It goes down grand wi' Yorkshire lamb
It has taste, it is top, Marlborough - my first stop
It is a prize-winning wine
It is bottled in Blenheim and I live in Blenheim Mews
It is consistently good
It is simply the best
It is the summit of modern wine making
It is the taste of New Zealand in a bottle
It pampers the palate, mellows the mood, and perfectly compliments fabulous food
It proves the New World is superb today
It reminds me of the warm New Zealand people
It takes me back to the halcyon days spent in New Zealand
It tastes great
It tastes like Sauvignon Blanc should, at a fair price
It was love at first sip from glass to lip
It's 'di wine' for every occasion, to summit up, sophistication
It's a wine that echoes its origin
It's a wine that entices at irresistible prices
It's class in a glass
It's delicious
It's fresh and full of flavour
It's Hakastic
It's New Zealand, it's best, and beats all the rest
It's rare to taste such paradise at such an excellent price
It's Shingularly good
It's simply a matter of taste
It's the height of good taste, the peak of perfection
It's the highest on my wine list
It's the taste that launched a thousand sips
It's the tops
It's zesty and exciting
Its clean, pure taste reflects New Zealand's image
Its flavour is the ultimate indulgence
Its from the Department of Enjoyment
Its great wine pure and simple
Its sheer brilliance reminds me of summer, whatever time of year
Makes my life richer for the pourer
Marlborough pedigree, value unique, give it that South Island excellence called
Shingle Peak
New Zealand wines are simply the best
New Zealand's only a sip away
Of its fresh and zingy taste
Of the flavour and smooth taste
One glass leaves me tingly, weak and supine
Quality and taste just shimmer through, especially when Victoria peaks into view
Shingle Peak leaves me weak, crisp and delicious, what a treat
Single and free it goes down well with me
Sipped with lunch, restores my punch, chilled with dinner, an absolute winner
Superb quality, crisp and inviting, to summit up it's fresh and exciting
Superior wine for business or leisure, enjoyable, affordable, consistent pleasure
Taste and aroma perfectly wed, is a grape way to discover New Zealand
The beauty of New Zealand comes out in the wine of Marlborough
The distinct flavour of New Zealand grapes floods my senses
The fruit of this wine reflects my good taste
The style and finesse are New Zealand's best
They are true New Zealanders, top quality at good value
They've turned great perfection into a great selection
This bottled kiwi sun is synonymous with fun
This neck collar prompted me to try, and once tried will always buy
To my lips its sweeter than wine
When I felt low after childbirth a glass made my day
Whenever wine lovers mingle and meet, the pleasure's enhanced by Shingle Peak

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