To name a new cocktail… 
 'Wall Street' - it's a liquid asset that earns capital appreciation.
 New Yorker Burgers and Chicago Style Ribs make me want to visit New York because...
 Their meaty goodness makes me sing - ‘New York, New York’ Shopping Fling
 I want to go to New York with American Dream because ...
 My American Dream McVities style, is a 42nd Treat and Broadway smile
 I would like to holiday in New York because…
 Like with Raffles, I like the biggest and the best
 Its tall buildings suit me with a tall cigarette
 Like Raffles it's big and satisfying
 Frankly a holiday anywhere else would just give me the pip
 A win in the Raffles means a slice of Big Apple
 In biting the Big Apple I would taste the American Dream
 We'd take in all the sights, my best friend and Raffles Lights
 It's bog, tasty, full of crunch and excitingly crisp
 With Raffles it’s the combination of a great city and great cigarette
 It's the city that never sleeps, its up to you Raffles, Raffles
 As Sinatra said it's so good they named it twice
 A big appetite for travelling needs a Big Apple
 I'd enjoy the Big Apple to the core
 Raffles have a special flavour satisfying money saver
 If Raffles bring the apple near, to Getwawy I'd surely cheer
 Like Raffles it is the ultimate experience
 You have to taste it to enjoy it
 Winning would be the ultimate Raffle prize
 With everything paid for I'd feel like a queen, visiting landmarks that'd seem like dreams
 It is the chance to get to the core of America
Cold winters, no joke, need great holiday to match great smoke 
 Like Raffles golden foils, this would be a golden prize
 I'd like a bite of the Big Apple, thanks to Raffles
 The Big Apple is just what the doctor ordered
 It would be divine, so please Raffles make the trip mine
 Smoking Raffles cigarettes in New York would be a dream come true
 I would 'have a nice day', in the USA, the Raffles way
 Like Raffles pack front they named it twice, absolutely brilliant
 Postcard reads 'Nothing I lack, have a nice day, not coming back'
 Biting the big Apple, like smoking Raffles, is No 1 in taste
 It would enrich my knowledge of the world in true Raffles style
 I'd love to see the shows and sights, courtesy of Raffles Lights
 I just want to razzle and dazzle with Raffles
 I smoke Raffles every day, I'd sure enjoy them in the USA
 How sublime, a transatlantic time, and Raffles duty free, all for me
 Like Raffles, it's second to none, thrills and luxury rolled into one
 I would have action, attraction and King Size satisfaction
 Raffles Lights and New York would make a winning combination
 It's big, luxurious and tasteful, like Raffles
 I'd taste a great city courtesy of the great taste of Raffles
Like Smooth, long, Raffles, the Big Apple is large, sophisticated and exciting
A capital city to enjoy a capital cigarette
Bought a house, wedding soon, would love a Raffles honeymoon
Winning the Raffles to Big Apple would make my dream come true
With big bucks from Raffles I could really skin The Big Apple
Times Square, Broadway, Bloomingdales store, enjoy The Big Apple to the core
Raffles and me make an ideal team, for the American Dream
If the Raffles goes my way, I will be on Broadway
Broadway is the sight to see, only Raffles could make this be
To visit The Big Apple, is as good as smoking a Raffle
It's the tops, and Raffles are top of the tips
We would be a fun 'pair' in The Big Apple
I can picture myself in New York with Kodak because…
Negative vibes soon disappear, for a 'storey'book ending seems ev-esso near
I've tried other brands, pretty tragic, switched to Kodak, 'Ultra' magic
Caught on Kodak, never forgotten, Big Apple memories won't go rotten
Manhattan memories fade so fast, Kodak care ensures they last
Virtual reality is nothing new, Kodak makes tall storeys come true
Recording memories day or night, stars, stripes, it's the Liberty way
Zooming around, rolling in late, Kodak preserves things in a good state
Sony cordless headphones set me free because…
The Sony name will guarantee, great sounds, great price and 'Liberty'
Bird's custard and apple pie go together like…
Manhattan and Skyline - with Bird's great custard is my buyline
When I think of New York I think of…
Breakfasts! Brilliant - we'd never leave a shred of evidence
When I think of New York I think of…
Start spreading the news, New York's a great place
I would love to wear my Rimmel makeup in New York because…
Nickels - dollars - pounds or pence, makeup by Rimmel makes fashion cents
I'd like to bit the big apple at Superdrug because…
Caring for dentures Superdrug's way, means I always 'have a nice day'
I'd like to shop in New York, courtesy of Iceland because…
Cool food, hot fashion, I'll take Iceland and Manhattan
I think New York takes the cake because...
Madi’scone’ Square Gardens, taxi ‘horns’, Empire ‘Cake’ Building, 42nd ‘Treat’ and Broadway tap ‘chouxs’!
New York and Pepsi are the Ultimate Combination because…
After stylish 5th avenue - top for the shops, tantalising Pepsi is 'top of the pops'
I would like to go to New York with Vitality because…
This dramatically refreshing quencher, replaces thirst with a Broadway adventure
Squeezing in the sites, brings a thirst for Broadway nights
Brimming with zest and hospitality, New York sparkles with vitality
Flying Virgin Atlantic to America would be…
Plane fantastic - New York excites me, Virgin Atlantic delights me, hope Cullens invite me
An energetic occasion, from take off to landing, Virgin’s enthusiasm bubbles over, leaving other airlines standing
Justice will be done if I win because…
Shoe Express prove with conviction, great shoes aren’t comic fiction
New York should be renamed the big Orange because...
Orange Jaffa's big and fruity, like New York's astounding beauty
I would like to visit New York with Michelob because…
Though gateway stock my favourite buyline, I prefer the New York Skyline.
Describe why you would like to win a trip to New York to meet Garfield…
New York is the world's most exciting place, to meet my favourite cat, Garfield there - wow, that would be ace!
I would spend my £2000 in New York on…
Race round Maceys with my mate, my honeymoon partner, two decades late!
I would like to visit New York because...
This bookworm longs to come out of the bookcase, bite the Big Apple and fly off into the sunset
When I think of New York I think of…
Voyage of Tescovery, Virgin flights, jam-packed streets, orange lights!
Manhattan, Broadway, Central Park, hope Chivers 'oranges' Big Apple lark!
Tesco stocks my favourite buyline, kindling dreams of towering skyline
The Manhattan skyline at night, relishing Chivers at first light
Opening the jar, unleashing the zing, lively, exciting - capital fling!
I would like to drink Caffrey's in New York because…
Sightseeing stateside, New York's my dream, with delicious Caffrey's Irish Cream
Glasses up, Caffrey's down, it makes New York my kind of town
Like all great Irish ales, it goes down famously among tall storeys
Caffrey's cool creamy power, lifts me higher than Manhattan tower
Like the skyscrapers, Caffrey's beers the best, and towers above the rest
Sipping Caffrey's in Times Square, I'd be overjoyed, over there
When at Liberty to enjoy this superior brew, Times are never Square
Its high standards tower above other ales - that's no tall storey
Marvelling at skyscrapers, glitz and action, enjoying Caffrey's the star attraction
Delicious ale from Irish nation, quenches my thirst for American vacation
With the cool green can handy, I'd feel Yankee-doodle dandy
Breathtaking sights, Caffrey's to pour, sensational experiences in the Big Apple's core
Cream of Ireland tastes so fine, while enjoying big apples skyline
Smooth ale, Caffrey's Irish delight, enhances daytime touring and Broadway by night
Daytime sights, night time gig, Manhattan's the place for an Irish jig
Whether in a glass or can, Caffrey's 'makes me a happy man
Irish Sea? Stop being pedantic - for Caffrey's I would cross the Atlantic
Morrisons stock my favourite buyline, which tastes best with New York's skyline
The big apple provides thrills galore, while Caffrey's refreshes to the core
Its smooth taste and creamy head would certainly improve my 'street cred’
Down Broadway I would stroll, with Caffrey's in the starring role
It maybe Blarney, but folk swear it tastes even better over there
Caffrey's always makes life richer for this pourer
Creamy Caffrey's couldn't fail, to liberate the U.S. of ale
Cool, smooth and creamy, meets tall, big and dreamy
I'd take their 'tall storeys' with a touch of the Blarney
My tastebuds would jig and reel, to Broadway nights with Irish zeal
Morrisons, Caffrey's the perfect team, sending me on ‘ a merry can' dream
Postcard reads, "Nothing I lack, have a nice day, not coming back."
When Caffrey's 'opens' on Old Broadway, I can celebrate the Irish way
It's an ale in a glass of its own
Caffrey's Irish ales, keeps me cool for shopping at Bloomingdales
Cool creamy Caffrey's my favourite buyline, love to see New York's skyline
Taking in the sights, brings a thirst for Broadway nights
Caffrey's delights me, New York excites me, hope Morrisons invites me
Caffrey's ale and New York sights, make happy days and exhilarating nights
Of creamy days, refreshing nights, while drinking in those big apple sights
New York's State building, Caffrey's in hand -smooth and dreamy real grand
Nobody could draft a better plan, than enjoying Caffrey's with Uncle Sam
Caffrey's quality hits sky-scraper heights, cool smooth, creamy always delights
Complementing the Empire State, smooth Caffrey's will exhilarate
Caffrey's exciting New York tour - 'ale' be in heaven, to be sure
To visit New York is my dream, quaffing Caffrey's adds the cream
This exciting, cool, refreshing quencher, would liberate my taste for adventure
Since kissing the Blarney stone one night, 'tall stories' are my delight
I would like to hear the American language softly spoken
Quaffing in Brooklyn, sipping in Staten, perfect for downing in Downtown 'Can-hattan'
True Irish flavour, New York bright lights, sampling Caiftey's enjoying the sights
New York sights are really swell, but Caffrey's delights this liberty belle
New York is superb for leisure - Caffrey's ale completes the pleasure
Where everything is biggest and best, quaffing Caffrey's is the coolest quest
It's the Big Apple of my emerald eye'll
Packing suitcase in a rush - lots of 8-pack and toothbrush
I'd like to bite the big apple at Superdrug because…
Caring to dentures Superdrug's way, means I always 'have a nice day'
I would love tro wear my Rimmel make-up in New York because…
Nickels, dollars, pounds or pence, make-up by Rimmel makes fashion cents
They make it a doddle, to look like a model
Thanks to Rimmel - looking great - like New York, I'd sin till late
A twenty-four hour look that will 'keep', is ideal for the city that doesn't sleep
Each Rimmel selection's such a star buy, each day feels like the fourth of July!
From Manhattan to Broadway, First Wives clamour, don't get mad - get Rimmel glamour
Alluring mascara to enchanting eyeliner, I'd tower above every soaring skyliner
Breakfast at Tiffany's, to Broadway at dawn, I'll look as great as Goldie Hawn!
Its appeal could get me more than a 'cor in the Big Apple!
With Rimmel mascara, lipstick and eyeline, I'd look a million dollars, like Manhattan's skyline
Macey's fine store, Bloomingdale's best, with Rimmel make-up, I'll outclass the rest
Rimmel and New York, beauty is their theme, fan and fashion - this harassed mother's dream
Like Broadway without a play, without Rimmel, my face would always look grey
I'd have the perfect enchantment, in this city of entrancement
With Rimmel transformation, I feel less 'Sharon and Tracy' more 'Cagney and Lacey'
The quality's terrific, the effect is stunning - it's a welcome addition to female cunning
Covering my flaws and enriching my pores, it gets the applause from 'Big Apple' stores
Rimmel make-up can't be beaten, nor can a film with Hawn, Midler & Keaton
Since first we met in our teens, Rimmel's helped to fulfil my dreams
I could stroll down Broadway looking glam, attracting admiring glances from Uncle Sam!
I could take a bite out of the Big Apple and leave my mark!
I'd like to shop in New York courtesy of Iceland because...
Cool food, hot fashion, I'll take Iceland and Manhattan
I would enjoy the American Take-Out Experience in New York courtesy of New York Take-Out because…
One would transport me into my dreams, while the other would fulfill them deliciously
I would enjoy the American Take-Out Experience in New York courtesy of New York Take-Out because…
American Chow' inspired by China, 'Boxing Clever' in a New York diner
I would like to go to New York to be Shanghai'd because....
Shanghai's refreshing oriental quencher, replaces thirst worth a stateside adventure.
Manhattan skyline, Broadway shows, with Shanghai unleashed, the weekend flows.
New Millennium, finances chronic, Shanghai and New York the perfect tonic..
Beijing to Brooklyn, Shanghai to Staten, skyscraping tastes refreshes Manhattan.
With Shanghai, dragons, silks and spices, exotic Chinatown entices.
Chinese celebrations, Broadway shows, with Shanghai lager the weekend flows.
Chinatown's new champion team, New York yangtzes reign supreme.
Of the Yankee, Yangtze premium team, the eastern, western American dream.
Over worked, under pressure, New York and Shanghai - the perfect refresher.
New York Shanghai guarantee, great taste, great times, and liberty.
Like Sinatra "Shang-ai" drink it here I drink it anywhere
The best place in the world to enjoy Miller is...  
on Liberty Island: Great body, perfect head, forget the statue give me Miller instead! 

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