Lee Cooper and Triumph are ideally matched because…
They are still making great strides
I want to sit on a fat-boy because…
It's America's finest, just like Jim Beam my bourbon - why settle on anything less
Suggest an original name for "Old Holborn Harley"…
Sporting the blue 
I would like to own a Ducati 750SS because...
Combined with Shell Advanced Ultra, this must be the ultimate combination on the road 
Winning a ZX-9R would give me an ear to ear grin because…
You can't get better then a green grin better 
Revolutionary styling, power and precision, choosing Kawasaki - an easy decision 
Specialists perfect them, perfectionists select them 
To fulful a riders potential, a Kawasaki is essential 
Easy Jeans and Vespa are the perfect combination for summer because… 
Easy on the gas, Easy on your ass 
For quality, value, style and tradition, they're stitching up the opposition 
Although incredibly Easy on your chassis, the 'bottom' line is they look cool and classy
Stylish and cool, British and proud, cutting a 'dash' they zip ahead of the crowd 
You 'zip' from 'nought' to 'sexy' in under ten seconds 
Camel cigarettes are a roaring success because… 
Like the Harley Davidson, they have class and quality rolled into one 
I want to smoke a Macanudo Cigar after a ride on a Harley Davidson because… 
There's more than one way to fire up the American dream 
I want to ride away on a gold Vespa because… 
Vespa excitement, a dream come true, like the 'Gold'en selection at b2 
Avon and Suzuki would make my summer fun because… 
From bumper to bumper, top to toe, admiring looks wherever I go 
I would most like to ride my bike… 
From lake to sea rolling west on Harley Vee 
Things are different on a Harley because… 
Choosing the leader of the packs, Ginsters Dynas find really great snacks 
‘Harley’ a care, ‘Harley’ compromising, I ‘Harley’ dare, it’s Harley surprising 
Away from the crowd life’s a glide, on a Harley ride 
Beautiful Invigorating Kaleidoscopic Experience 
Boring journeys become a rapturous ride, cruising on Harley super glide 
Daring, fiery, sensuous and sleek, like Ginsters and Esso - quite unique 
Despite life’s mauls, that spark of young Brando lives in us all 
Exceptional design, engineer’s dream, there’s magic sandwiched in between 
For a Harley out yonder, I could grow Fonda and Fonda 
Freedom, pleasure, power and pride make Harley Davidson the ultimate ride
From moped Muppet to coolest of dudes, thanks a ‘pillion’ Ginsters foods
Ginsters ‘snacked’, tiger tanked, Harley purring, happiness banked
Gut rushing, tarmac hugging, power gliding, head turning, superglide the ultimate ride
Harley’s style and power Es’so appealing, sandwiched together - magnificent feeling
Harleys are made in heaven to be ridden on earth
Head turnin’, cool lookin’, addict formin’, crowd pullin’, never stoppin’ - Harley!
In a ‘tyred’ world, it reigns supreme, unique, exciting - a perfect dream
It looks like heaven and goes like hell!
Like Ginsters - when you’re fuelled by the best, nothing’s a test
Like Ginsters and Esso, she’s ‘purr’fection - streets ahead, a classic selection
Magical mOments That Open up a Really
Majestic ride with features ‘chooker’, my gear’s changed from ‘mod’ to ‘rocker’
Owning one is a ‘personal’ coup, coveted by many, achieved by a few
Passport to travel, ticket to ride, astride ‘Heritage Softtail’ or ‘Electra Glide’
Rev for rev, mile after mile, Harley’s outstanding performance has charismatic style
Softtail, Fatboy, Electra Glide, Harley Davidson always gives the ultimate ride
Stylish, dashing, sensuous, sleek - it’s top of the range, quite unique
Stylish, handsome, butch and true - if only Harley made men too!
Superb road holding, eyecatching style, perfect performance mile after mile
Vee twin power, produced with pride, distinctive, stylish, fun to ride
When you ride a legend, the world is your highway
You need a pilot’s licence when you ride, a supersonic super-glide
I drink Kaliber because...
Kaliber ensures wheel ability, Honda Accords road agility!

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