Morrisons / Hooper's Hooch/ Garden sets: I would like to drink Hooper's Hooch in my garden because....
This Hoorticulturalist double digs tending to his borders and favourite swigs
When throwing parties in the sun - Hoopers Hooch provides the fun
Hooch's flavour is beyond compare, tastes even better in open air
Three great flavours landscaped view, Hooch refreshes right on 'Kew'
With ice cold Hooch and summer sun, gardening becomes much more fun
Hooper's al fresco takes some beating - can Morrisons stand the seating
Tantalised by tasty Hooch on view, thirsty guests form a bar-b-queue
Sunshining or snowing - it's the Hooch that keeps me hoeing
For picnics, barbeques, sunshine and leisure, Hooper's Hooch adds sparkle to leisure
With total refreshment in every can, who cares about hosepipe ban
Morrisons/ Hooper's Hooch/ Jamaica holiday: I would like to drink Hooper's Hooch in Jamaica because:
Funshine drink, fresh fruit flavour, Mor-isons to be marooned in Jamaica
Calypso rhythms, Hooch on ice, a shady spot - paradise
Hooch, sun, sea, sand bring caribbean magic to this tropical land
Reggae, rhythm, Hooch in the sun, sheer indulgence, relaxing begun
Crisply refreshing - chilled with ice, sun, sea, sand - paradise
Enjoying Hooch on exotic shore - thought leaves me thirsting for more
I buy Napolina products at Morrisons because…
For an authentic Italian flavour, it is the store I flavour
Why you would buy Kodak films from Morrisons...
Prices Click, service is snappy, perfectly focussed, keeps shoppers happy
Describe an extravagant way to drink your cuppa tango...
In ir-RITZ-istible luxury, four poster bed - Thanks Morrisons, Tango and Mr Fayed!

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