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A second butchers All strings bright Bacon Bangers
Bangers 'n' mash Baste on the best Beef up Beef me up Scottie
Beef Beefeater Best joint in town Bone
Bones Bootiful Breast Bring home the bacon
British beef Bully for you Butcher prices Butchers
Carve (out) Chick Chicken Chill
Chill out Choice Choice selection Chop
Chops Crackling Crest on the label Cured
Cut (s) Cut above the rest Cut prices, not corners Cut
Cut above Dad's big scene Delicious Deserves an oink-ore
Dew Zealand lamb Duck for Farm assured Fat
Fillet Flash in the pan Flavour Fowl / foul
Full of flavour Gammon-teed quality Go the whole hog Gobble
Good grilling Grr-eatings Guaranteed great taste Ham it up
Ham High grade Humble pie In its prime
Joint Joint advantages Joint honours Keeps us perky
Knock the stuffing out Lam'baste the opposition Lamb Larder / Lada
Lean (er) Lean times Lean something new every day Lean towards
Lean Leg Less frying Marrow
Master butcher Matured on the bone Meat / Meet Meat the
Meats all expectations Medium Mighty meaty Miles per gammon
Mince the opposition Mint Mouthwatering flavour No bones about it
Nourishing Nutritious Once fried never forgotten Perfect porkies
Perfectly cured Pie Pigs in the pink Plump
Pork you pine for Pork Porkers Pork-fect
Porkful Pound Premium Pride of the nation
Quality Quality cuts Rare Rasher
Ready sliced Reared Reasons / seasons Rib
Ribs Rind Roast Roast the opposition
Roasting Roll Rump Saddle back
Sausage for all seasons Sausage Shopping never tough Silverside
Simmer with satisfaction Sirloin Sizzle siz it all Sizzling
Sizzling combination Skin Slice (s) Slice prices
Sliced Smile on your chops Sss Sizzle Standards
Steak Stew Stew a little Streaks ahead of
Streaky Stuffing Succulent Succulent slices
Superior flavour Take a butchers Take a gander at goose Talk turkey
Taste Taste divine Tasty T-bone
Tempting Tender Tender and juicy This little piggy went to market
Tops the table Topside Tough Traditional
Turkey Undercut Value Veal
Versatile Waste Well done What a carve up
Who's chicken Whole hog Wing Wishbone

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Beef / teeth / wreath / heath / sheath / reef / leaf / chief / belief / relief / grief / belief Best to eat / choicest meat
Can't beat / delicious meat Delicious / nutritious
Gastronomic / economic Hunches / lunches
Jointed / not disappointed Luscious leaner / grass greener
Meat / beat / sweet / neat / seat / cheat / defeat / feat / heat / repeat / treat / meet / sheet / feet / fleet / greet / street / eat / discreet / complete / deceit / petite / receipt / replete Money savers / marvellous flavours
Open air / beyond compare Pie / eye
Succulent slices / sizzling prices Slices / prices
Standards high / excellent buy Steak / wake / make / bake / fake / sake / shake / cake / take / break / hake / lake / flake / snake / awake
Stew / Cordon Blue Topside value / undercut prices
Tradition / reputation Try harder / your larder
Waste removed / taste improved Wasting / basting / tasting
Winners / dinners  

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