Why do you want to win a holiday for two to Mauritius? ...
Spirits low, finances chronic, Mauritius would be the perfect tonic
I would like to wine and dine ... courtesy of Marks and Spencer because ...
Michael Palin - Around the world in eighty days, he returns to enjoy the wine in many ways
My husband - he always says 'God bless St Michael' - a sentiment I fully endorse - timesaving and excellent
Mrs Bucket - She can bring out the real 'bouquet' in a wine
My husband - whatever dish I would present, he would surely agree was heaven scent
Michael Palin - He's fascinating and needs reminding what real food is after all those bugs and molluscs
Gary Rhodes - A spoonful of sugar helps the merriment go down
It's an oriental feast that really tastes a treat
I just love Peking at the dinner-sty
Experts perfect it, connoisseurs select it , good taste reflects it
Oodles of noodles mean super canoodles
You travel to the east with every feast
It's tasty and nice with plenty of spice
First class oriental fare-HongKong, I,m almost there
It beats a take-away in every way
Nothing could be fina except perhaps in China
  The authenticity was heavenly scent transporting us to the Orient
I would like to win a suit from the Marks and Spencer collection because ...
Beautifully cut, stylish and sleek, British quality plus Italian chic
I'd love to be a tailored maid
To be suitably enveloped by a very good looking Italian
Suits a roam round Hyde, or a hide in Rome
Specialists perfect them, perfectionists select them
Stylish lady, busy at work, seeks a little Italian perk
I'd love to feel a little Italian
Even I'd look good in an Italian suit - Pisa cake!
I'd have fabulous Italian styling without feeling the pinch
They show the kindest cut of all
Like Rome, I'm in good shape for my age
I feel the difference others see
As Caesar discovered too late, Italian cutting is great
To be seen and not one of the herd
Quality off the peg, for less than an Armani leg
Suitably classy, always looks great, never 'pasta' wear-by date
I'd like to try it on for 'sighs'
For designer flair and quality, plus M&S Suits-R-Us!
The perfectly simple way, to look simply perfect all day
M&S are only satisfied when you are

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