I want to visit Father Christmas because…
Every girl would like to sit on Father Christmas's knee to say what they would like
I am forty three years old and I've never seen him in all these years
He is childhood's most magical and enchanting memory
I come from the Phillipines and have never seen him or snow before
Childhood fantasies only come true, for the House of Fraser fortunate few
I want to put the House of Frazer logo, above the entrance to Santa's grotto!
My little 'deer', with a starry gaze, asks every year, where Santa stays
Skidoo through the snow, where's Santa? Let's go, what a delight! Let's win that fight
I doubted his existence until I got my super special offer Hotpoint Autowasher from Rackhams
The spirit of Christmas is giving, so I hope he gives me first prize
The children would like to say thanks for all his kindness and see his homeland
Because I think he is a wonderful person, so kind and generous to all the children.
We would like to see the children's eyes light up before Christmas day
To see the joy on my grandson's face
He's the one who brings happiness to the whole world, even for a short time
I am a child at heart and it is every child's dream to visit Santa 
 A Fraser' card buys you time to pay, for the gifts you send from Santa's sleigh
 My children's glowing faces, glimpsing magical scenes, Santa, Snow and reindeer, please fulfill their dreams
 I would like to prove to my husband that Father Christmas really does exist
 He gives everyone so much pleasure it would be nice to thank him personally
 Like visiting Fraser's it would be bliss, a Santastic trip I hope I don't miss!
 Now I'm 35 he doesn't come to see me anymore
 He himself adds something to the spirit of Christmas
It would be an exciting place to see, also quite interesting 
 My big brother said that daddy's Father Christmas
 At last at Santa I can peep - he only visits me when I'm asleep.
 Now we've got a gas fire, he won't be coming to visit down my chimney.
 We could skedadal in a skidoo and See Father Christmas in an igloo
 To ask him to bring some lovely toys.
 D.H 'Evans above', we're off to 'film' Santa and send him our love
 Visiting Santa on skidoo, beats travelling by coach on the M62.
 The family Bruce are in the dumps and need a treat in Lapland at once
 Searching for Santa at the end of the year, beats sitting home in the reindeer
 With reindeer ready, his sleigh full of toys, Santa brings happiness to girls and boys
 He gives pleasure to children young and old and engrosses them enjoy and wonder
 Fraser's anti says 'Ivalo temperature Artic Kota you can borrow Ski-doo-n to Antilampi
 I could enjoy surprising him with a present
 I'd sit on the 'lap' of that wonderful chap and give him gifts to unwrap
I want to find out if he really exists and my dad does too 
 He has been visiting me for 37 years and it's my turn to visit him
My children have written him a letter and personal delivery is quicker - and better. 
 I'd see Santa face to face
 My children's dream is this Lapland trailblazer, with warm Christmas welcome like House of Fraser
 Of excitement in the land of snow and hugging Santa we love him so
 Every time he visits, I am asleep and I would like to say thank you
 He'll then see me in the land of lap and not in the land of nod
 We've waited 93 and 75 years to prove our real and fondest hopes
 I want to show him my credit card balance
 He travels fast just like a laser, he is quick like the House of Fraser
A family trip to Santa's home, would make Christmas Magic for young and old.
I would like to visit Santa Claus in Lapland because…
Family fantasies would come true, being one of Kwik Save's lucky two.
In Cheshire, Gloucester and Caerphilly too, it's everyone's childhood dream come true
I'd love to enjoy Kellogg's Rice Krispies in Lapland because…
Snap, crackle, pops, great Christmas box, is apart from ties and socks
I want to go to Lapland because…
Its magical ingredients are perfectly blended, keeping children believing as Santa intended
Visiting Santa in Lapland would be a magical experience because…
Itinerary and venue, 'Caerphilly' planned, 'grate' Christmas magic, a-'whey' in Lapland
Discovering the magic, experiencing the fun, is a 'wonderland' adventure for everyone

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