Carling and Kwik Save are the number one match because ...
Extraordinary lager, extraordinary store - lower prices means glasses raised more
Contented customers their aim, making a Kwik Save their game
Carling fans score with Kwik Saves galore
Substantial saves throughout their range - a strikingly refreshing change
For lowest prices and quenching thirst, connoisseurs put them first
Their standards never waver, first for value, first for flavour
Outstanding saves, tastes supreme, winning ways from a quality team
Tasteful tactics, savings galore, keep delighted fans returning for more
Each has striking appeal, pleasing crowds, no nonsense deals
Fabulous lager, little to pay, indisputably 'match of the day'
I've always wanted to visit Copenhagen because ...
The Little Mermaid has lost her head, is it in a Tivoli flower bed
Its reputation entices, like Carlsberg lager at Somerfield prices
The Carlsberg concert 97 - probably the best event in the world because…
With Carlsberg vision and Wembley pride, refreshing sounds are amplified
Sponsored by 'Special Brew', gathering together the 'Chosen Few'
'Lager' than life, all star cast, just the ticket - unsurpassed
No 1 is guaranteed, with Carlsberg Ice performing lead
'Fan'-tastic sound, 'number one' beer, guarantees the 'live'-liest atmosphere
Tennent's Lager and music make a hit combination because…
The Prodigy Are Really Kook And Lager Is Flipping Essential
With Tennent's you're always Number 1
They are both at the centre of parties
Tennent's lager - in tune with the nation, T in the park, national sensation
'disc'overed great atmosphere exploding, tuning rockers into party model
Latest sounds, artists galore, T in the park, open, pour
Together they make the best music event of the year
For a legendary do, just add 'rhythm and brew'
They'll rock in the park till well after dark
Nothing in bars beats the score of music and Tennents
I drink Heineken because…
Even Juan Carlos proclaims it nobly - sets tastebuds dancing the Paso Doble
Only one swallow, eurover the moon, basque-ing in 'summer fields' all afternoon
I drink Labatt Ice because…
N'ice'ly chilled, brewed with care, crisp and refreshing, like Canadian Air
Bored lager drinker, seeking thrills, loves the hugs, loves the chill
I would like to break the ice in Canada with Labbatt Ice because…
Super cool quenchers, Labbatt's Ice bounty, ice-breaking topic with Canadian Mountie
I'd like to be refreshed by Holsten Pils because…
Enjoying remixed Holsten Pils in Hamburg - Wunder 'Bar'
I drink DAB beer because...
Great taste prize winning quencher, pull the ring for a Munich adventure
I drink Stella because…
This delicious Belgian brew, has Whitbread star quality all the way through
Wherever I Rome, far or near, Stella's a 'Milan' dollar beer
I enjoy the taste of Foster's lager export strength (Australian Gold) because…
Its 24-carat flavour is a 'shore' prospect whether I'm coasting or 'mine hosting'
I would like to go on a walkabout around Oz with Foster's because…
Export or Ice, on Bondi would be nice! ‘Ayers to you’
Fosters Export is the original Aussie tinnie because…
Fostering relations home and away, encourages neighbours to have a gud’day
I would like to dash to Toronto with Sainsbury's because…
There I'll find my golden bounty - Toronto, Labbatt's and a Canadian mountie
I drink Labbatt's because…
I recommend Labatt's supercool bite, at forty two degrees fahrenheit
It's Canada's finest Moose Juice
Malcolm urges I obey, always drink a Can - A - Day
From my bargain trading post, Malcolm's favourite thrills me more
I would like to drink Staropramen in Prague because…
Staropramen quality and capital style, this historic combination wins by a mile
I would like to drink Staropramen in Prague because...
Beer exceptional, city exquisite - must Czech out Tesco to win this visit!
Sipping Staropramen a tasteful celebration, in picturesque Prague, my dream destination
With character and taste equally shared, Staropramen and Prague are perfectly paired
Staropramen is Prague's greatest treasure, a measure of pleasure taken at leisure 
Daytime touring, city lights, thirsty tourists viewing sights, Staropramen makes our night 
I drink Heineken because…
Even Juan Carlos proclaims it nobly - sets tastebuds dancing the Paso Doble
Only one swallow, eurover the moon, basque-ing in 'summer fields' all afternoon
I like San Miguel because…
For it reigns when it pours, thirst class honours to Co Op stores
In Co Op enthusing, San Miguel choosing, quietly musing, please send me cruising
Along with 'Ole' and flamenco on my list, it's something Spanish not to be missed
San Miguel is the toast of Spain because…
From trendy Muchachos to Steadfast Senor, its full bodied flavour's the one, por favor
It puts the beer into Iberia
Forget what all the phrase books books tell, Spain's word for beer is San Miguel
San Miguel is the Taste of the Real Spain because…
It makes life richer for the pourer, it's liquid gold for me signora
Juan is not enough
When vino is vinegar and sangria's sweet, that San Miguel flavour just cannot be beat
I like to put Budweiser in my shopping basket because…
It ain't heavy, it's my Buddy!
Releasing ring pull on a tin, tantamount to Bull's big win
For quality they score the best, head and shoulders above the rest
When I select this premier brew, excellence is teaming through
Hey Bud I'm no miser, with Budweiser, my nicer Safeway appetizer
Budweiser 'cheers' the winning way - sip, sip, hooray!
This double team always scores, king of beers, queen of stores
Safeway and Budweiser - a combination defence against any opposition
With Bud's syncopation, I dribble in anticipation, scoring with Safeway administration
Quality was the name, filling baskets the game, dream team buddies they became
Bud's pack of four is the winning score
My two 'Buddies' lead the pack, defending quality when under attack
When my taste buds talk, Safeway's where I walk
Delicious brew from a Weiser store, anywhere else a few pence more
Budweiser's nice on ice, Safeway's nice on price
Budweiser supplies what others lack, genuine flavour in every pack.
Bud from Safeway passes the test, head and shoulders above the rest
Other varieties meet my sneers, my team prefer the king of beers
Two lots of four - that's the Safeway to score
With Bud in my basket, I'm sure to have a ball
2,4,6,8 Budweiser beers... at Safeway prices I say 'cheers'
It boasts and toasts - Beer U Drink With Enthusiasm Is Ever Refreshing
America's finest brings satisfied smiles, at Safeway, best of British aisles.
I enjoy a little light refreshment, for 'time out' after shopping contentment
It's aged brewtifully!
This cre-8-tive wonder fills the world, with a taste to treasure
Budweiser four-pack, low Safeway bill, take home team: Won, competitors: Nil
The wife uses the trolley for hers!
It's the only 'Bud' that's never a bloomer!
Superior brew, refreshing and strong, at Safeway's price, can't be wrong
Like Harlem Globetrotters, they both go to great lengths for us shoppers
Consistent quality is what I seek, can after can, week after week
Tasteful and best call, offering 'free throws' to watch live basketball
At homebase, Bud and I think there's no Weiser drink!
It could lead the way to further baskets in Chicago
My supermarket trolley becoming a Dray, this American beer makes my day
It's the Safeway to have a nice day
Budweiser as my Cargo, is the Safeway to Chicago
Everybuddy loves somebuddys sometime
Bills are diminished, pleasure enlarged, for Buddy at Safeway's is never overcharged
Johnson's magic, Shaquille flies, but Safeway's Budweiser takes first prize
Bud's better Beechwood brew be best, baskets brimming with branded bargain buys
I'd like to drink Budweiser in my chosen state because…
Arizona - One quick draw from my eight pack - then it's on to the Grand Canyon with my 'Magnificent Seven' Buddies!
Pennsylvania - I'd widely receive this trip with a cheer, to see 'Pittsburgh Steelers' with my favourite beer
South Carolina-Nothing' could be finer than to be in Carolina, Bud and me, oh! and the wife makes three
Minnesota - I would like to drink my quota' in the state of Minnesota
Idaho - Budweiser's crisp, clean taste is quite unique -just like Idaho's mountain peaks
Delaware - Famous culture, fun galore, happy vacation, that's for sure, drinking
Bud "The King of Beers', time for home - shedding tears
South Dakota - I relish the 'prospect' of striking 'pure gold', (when a Budweiser four pack is opened ice cold.)
New Jersey - Budweiser for lunch, Budweiser for tea, the best in New Jersey for friends and me
North Carolina - Budweiser provides the American taste, for exploring North Carolina State
Indiana - Great lakes and rivers would be my hosts, and the world's best beer to drink my toasts
Texas - Riding tall in the saddle, feeling like an old cowhand, happy and contented 'coz Bud's my favourite brand
Oklahoma - Budweiser beer is full of cheer and Oklahoma's just great I hear.
Ohio - Only here in Ohio is everything clear, nice friendly people and excellent beer
New Hampshire - It's the flavour to savour as crisp as snow, in Old England or New England it keeps me aglow
California - I may leave my heart in San Francisco but I would not leave a drop of Budweiser
Virginia - The Blue Ridge mountains, a magnificent view, compliments Budweiser a spectacular brew
Florida - Budweiser takes my tastebuds on migration -Florida their destination
Nevada - Vegas with my favourite' beer - all I need is my gambling' gear
Illinois - In the city of Speakeasies, Dillinger and Al Capone - after prohibition the cool clear taste of Budweiser stands alone
Utah - It is good enough to quench even a Salt Lake desert thirst
Maryland - Sing a song of Maryland, a pocket full of fun, with four & twenty Buddies to cool me in the sun
Massachusetts - in Spring and Summer and the Fall, the delights of Boston and Budweiser call
Louisiana - I enjoyed it in London, Liverpool, Leeds and Leicester to drink it in Louisiana must add to that enjoyment
Nebraska - Cowboy country of legendary names, Buffalo Bill and Jesse James, 
Crazy Horse cemetery, Buffalo Stew, world-famous steaks and Budweiser too
Michigan - Sightseeing in Lansing with 'The King of Beers' would stay in my memory for the rest of my years
Connecticut - Flying to Connecticut is my dream, visiting relatives I haven't seen, drinking Budweiser with them would be supreme
Mississippi - Old world country but as new as today, in the 'show boat' bar going the easy southern way
Kansas - Exclusively brewed and deserving of fame, with Kansas good as Budweiser claim
Alabama - Whether in a trickle or in a flood, my favourite is always a cotton-picking Bud!
Montana - On crazy horse trail. Buddy in hand, for Custer country I make my stand
New Mexico - In the baking hot desert of almost barren sand, I'd need cool, fresh Budweiser close to hand
Alaska - Alaska and Bud make the perfect pair -'. beautifully cold and beyond compare
Iowa - I've had plenty of practice at my local pub, and I've acquired a taste for a quality beer
Tennessee - All states are wonderful, only one is worst it has no Budweiser when I'm in a state of thirst
Oregon - Spectacular coastline, characterful farms, handsome old buildings, rose festival's charms,
refreshing Buddy by forest stream, gentle Oregon. A wanderer's dream
West Virginia - White water rapids, forests and mountains, my Budweiser would flow like crystal fountains
Wisconsin- 'United' with my friend, feeling totally great - m a really excited 'state' we'd down some Bud to celebrate
Hawaii - Cool Bud refreshes best, relieving heat of the day, evening thirst needs quenching too, as we hula the night away
Rhode Island - A trip to Rhode Island would be great, to drink their biggest beer in the smallest state
Maine -'Buddy' and Maine, whatever the season, are always delightful - that's My reason
Kentucky - Like a Derby winner, Bud's perfectly bred, first past the post, it wins by a 'head'
North Dakota - Bud, my favourite US brew, North Dakota with skies so blue, I'll have a drink and enjoy the view
Wyoming - Sipping Budweiser and watching Old Faithful, there is no more roaming when in Yellowstone, Wyoming
Arkansas - Little Rock is in the centre of Arkansas - and Budweiser is always at the centre of any party
Vermont - The only limit to a Budweiser is your imagination and I can't imagine a better place to try one
New York - There was a young Scot in New York, enjoying flattering thought
Budweiser inspired, immensely admired, Highland flinging along the sidewalk
Georgia - 'Gone with the Wind' country, a thrill beyond measure, with Buddy in hand I'd be 'Scarlet' with pleasure
Missouri - Bud tastes good whatever state you're in - so why not go to the source
If I was in LA drinking Carlsberg I would…
Be singing I never felt more like swigging the booze
Buy a drink for two local girls, Beverley Hills and Holly Wood
If Holly wood
RE -45' D
Rock like Haley knowing Carlsberg had the bill
I would be up for a racy weekend because: 
Seat in stand, Fosters in hand, I'm in a Belgian Spa Wonderland
Because I love F1 nearly as much as I do Fosters
Because with Fosters in my bag I'll be first past the flag
Fostering dreams of better 'secs'  life, would Schumacher difference to my wife!
Spa-rkling atmosphere, cheers and booze, would overtake me, win or lose
When feeling really Grand - as my first Prix-requisite is Fosters at hand
Sun and San perfect blends means the summer never ends
So relaxing for sunny siesta's 'Co-opted' for nightly fiesta's
It's always the 'shore' brand to enjoy on the sand
When the weather get hot, San Miguel hits the spot  
A golden treasure for picnics barbecues sunshine and leisure  
The 'Sans' got his hat on sip-sip-sip-ole  
I'd like to be sipping Budweiser courtesy of Asda because...  
For a Kraken Good Time it Asda be Budweiser 
The best place in the world to enjoy Miller is...  
on Liberty Island: Great body, perfect head, forget the statue give me Miller instead! 

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